Why is My Dog So Clingy?

Do you often end up thinking, “Why my dog follows me everywhere?” Well, sometimes it might be for some random reasons, and at other times, it might indicate certain serious underlying health problems. This article explains all the probable reasons that leads to a clingy dog. Let’s begin! 

What Are the Reasons Behind Your Dog Being Clingy Suddenly? 

There are several reasons behind your dog being clingy, sometimes it is physical and sometimes it may be mental. If you are unable to make out the cause behind this behavior, it will be best for you to visit your vet as soon as possible and narrow down the causes. This will eventually help in searching for a solution much faster. 

However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle of seeing a vet, you can take a look at the following parts and determine the cause of your dog being clingy: 

1. Separation Anxiety:

If you are a working pet parent, your pet is most likely to suffer from separation anxiety. The dogs are most likely to develop separation anxiety when their owners leave them in their kennels or go out for work. Being clingy suddenly can be a pretty good manifestation of separation anxiety. 

2. Change in Environment: 

A change in the environment can really mess up a dog’s emotions and they tend to become clingy to their owners. They might feel vulnerable and will always try to follow you around for their protection in a foreign environment. 

3. Whenever They Encounter a Stranger:

The moment your dog spots a stranger or an unfamiliar person, they will suddenly become clingy in order to have a sense of safety. 

4. Illness:

Dogs suffering from cognitive decline might become clingy as their world becomes unfamiliar to them gradually.  

5. Human Pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a very special and sensitive event and as known to everyone, dogs are much more sensitive than humans. It is a proven fact that dogs have the unique ability to detect hormonal changes. 
So, as pregnancy induces a hell of a lot of changes in a woman, especially hormonal, dogs detect that and try to protect their owners. This is why they become clingier and stay by their owners every time. Even though it appears to be strange, it is true! 

How to Help Your Dog Be Less Clingy?

Now, if your dog is clingy, you must take certain measures to correct this behavior and help him lead a normal life. The following section has some tips that will help you with your needy dog:   

1. Exercise:

Engage your dog in various physical activities that will exhaust him and drain out most of his energy. This will keep your dog from following you around the whole time. 

However, keep certain things in mind while choosing exercises for your dog, such as his age and health conditions. The exercises shall in no way interfere with the health status of your canine

2. Mind Stimulation:

As discussed earlier, boredom leads to clinginess. So, whenever you spot your dog sitting idle and searching for you, try to stimulate his mind by doing something interesting. Avail some interactive toys that will keep him engaged mentally and encourage him to play independently, without bothering you. 

3. Come up with their playing area:

Select a space in your house that is less prone to human interaction. Set up a special corner with your dog’s cozy bed and his favorite toys. Whenever you find your dog following you, just order him to go to his special area. As soon as he does that, offer him a treat as a reward so that he associates this behavior with getting a treat

4. Be unpredictable to your dog:

If your dog has been staying with you for a very long time, he has probably associated certain daily activities with each other. Suppose, they have associated you going to the kitchen with giving them a treat or you wearing shoes to go out. 

So, to alter this situation, try doing something different. For instance, go to the kitchen and have a glass of water or wear your shoes and sit down to watch TV. This will lead them to think that your movements don’t grab much attention and are daily chores.

However, if your dog has separation anxiety, you might try out the following tricks: 

  • Leave the house with your scent on something that your dog plays with. 
  • Practice a calm routine whenever you get home. 
  • Approach dog sitters or walkers whenever your dog needs to stay alone. 
  • Talk it out with an experienced vet in case of extreme separation anxiety. 

How To Help Clingy Senior Dogs?  

Senior dogs often become the victim of aging and with aging comes a lot of problems. We tend to notice several life changes along with deteriorating medical conditions. Vision loss is a common problem in several aging dogs, so you might add some night lights in the dark areas of your house to help your fur baby walk around comfortably. 

  • You should also try to keep the setup of your house the same as senior dogs might have a hard time figuring their way around. They generally get confused even when you move the smallest thing out of its place. 
  • Try to incorporate foods rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in their daily diet to improve their cognitive functions. 
  • Lastly, engage your dog with mental stimulation games that will help to stimulate the neurons in the central nervous system consequently supporting the cognitive functions. 
  • However, if these tips do not help you, you should definitely see a vet for further guidance. 


In the end, all we want to say is that there can be innumerable reasons why your dog is being clingy all of a sudden. You just need to identify the cause and try to provide a solution pertaining to that. We hope that our post has been able to give you some knowledge about this behavior but ultimately, it's your dog, and no one can understand your dog better than you. 

So, whenever you find your dog to be clingy, rather than pushing them away, try to find out the cause and provide comfort to your canine. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Could my dog’s clinginess be a sign of illness? 

Everyone is aware of the fact that dogs are more sensitive to things than humans. So, whenever they fall sick or are not feeling themselves, they generally cling to their owners hoping to get some extra love and care. 

Is it possible for my dog’s clinginess to be a temporary phase?

Sometimes your dog might get clingy for a temporary phase to comfort themselves in certain situations. After the situation fades away, dogs again return back to their normal routine.   

How can I address my dog’s sudden clinginess?

Having a clingy dog is good but not all the time. You need to make sure that your dog should stop the sudden clingy behavior. There are several ways along with some tips that could help you to take the mind of your dog off you and fix this behavior. 

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