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Take Your Furry Friend Wherever You Go!

We acknowledge that a lot of people have pets and they have a special bond with their pets. Strengthen the bond with your pet with exclusive blankets from us. Whether it is for you or a friend or a loved one, a lovely blanket with your pet's image would be something to cherish.

Skillfully Crafted By Hand

Each blanked is carefully and beautifully designed by our skilled artists. We pay attention to little details and make sure we capture everything about your pet. We love our customers to be satisfied with the work we do which is why we put in the effort to a smooth and perfect finish.

Replacement/Refund are Available

Although our customers have never had to complain about our products, we guarantee you a 100% replacement or refund if your blanket don't meet your expectations. This ensures that we are a trustworthy brand to reckon with.

Fast Delivery

We deliver products within 7-10 days after you've made a request. We bring it right to your doorstep and make sure it is as you want it.

Yes! We are the right brand to contact if you need a furry blanket. We have a lot of reviews from people who purchase our products. We use only high-quality materials to make our blankets and the artwork is superb. It can last you for a long time and is easy to carry about too. You can easily put it in a backpack and take it with you on a tour or all your travels. In this way, you're indirectly taking your furry friend wherever you go.

No matter how much you wash or dry clean our pet blankets, the art remains and this is the standard of excellence we have set.

Reach out to us today and let's make the perfect blanket for you.

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