Photo Guide

How do you get the right photo for your Woof Blankets product? We have some advice! 

Get Close

Don’t be afraid to get close to your pet, we recommend including the head and upper body. Preferably, take a shot with your pet either standing up or sitting.

Use Natural Lighting

To help our artists get all the detail, go outside to get the right shot (or choose a picture that uses natural lighting). If this isn’t possible, use a room with plenty of artificial lighting. The more lighting, the easier it is to get the right coloring and detail.

Find Focus

Even on a smartphone these days, it’s possible to get a sharp, clear photo. If using a phone, tap on the subject before taking the picture and allow the camera to focus. Again, this will improve the detail for our artists.

We’re Here for You

It’s very rare that we’re unable to use a photo, so be free with your camera or smartphone and enjoy taking pictures of your fluffy friend. If we need a different photo, one of our brilliant team members will contact you to request a replacement (and we’ll explain why we couldn’t use the first picture!).

If you have any concerns or need help, we’re always here for you. With the live chat feature on our website, you can talk to our team immediately and get advice for your photo!