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article by uday kadali

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys ?

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys ?

Toys are the favorite things of a dog. They go gaga when someone gifts them a toy. However, their joy doubles up when the toy is a squeaky toy. To humans, they might come out as annoying, but for dogs, it is the ultimate happiness. They might even make it squeak like crazy within an hour! 

This article covers everything you need to know about squeaky toys and their purposes. Let’s begin! 

Why Do Dogs Like Squeaky Toys: Reasons

 If your dogs could play all day, they might never stop playing with their squeaky toys! It just takes a little glimpse of their favorite toy to get them all jumping and happy. So, if you are wondering about what might be the reasons behind this behavior, you need to scroll a little bit and go through all the reasons that are listed below: 

It Helps to Unleash the Inner Wolf of your Dog:

Dogs are known to have wolf-like creatures like their ancestors, who had impeccable hearing ability. So, the squeaky toys release their inner wolf with their high-pitched squealing sounds. Even though they live in modern society, their canine instincts get activated whenever they hear such high-pitched sounds, and they might even start looking for prey! 

It also Benefits your Dog Psychologically:

Remember how your favorite things put a smile on your face? The same happens with the dogs. They feel that same joy whenever they press on their squeaky toy and hear it squeak. They are wired in such a manner that it makes them think that they caught hold of their prey. Because of the rodent-like like squeals, they think they have been rewarded for catching their toys. 

Satiates the Chewing Urge of your Dog:

A squeaky toy can be very much engaging and interactive. Being so interactive, they are also very good at enhancing their problem-solving abilities. Also, it is a great companion to your teething pup who often suffer from teething discomfort.  

For Getting Attention:

We feel that there is nothing that can be the cuteness and adorable nature of a dog. Also, they do know how to get the attention of their owners when they crave some, and squeaky toys just made this all the way better. 

      If they are playing beside you and want you to join them, they might just use their squeaky toy to signal and tell you that they crave your attention. So, if you find  your  dog making noises with their squeaky toy when sitting right beside you, chances are very high that they want you to play with them! 

    How To Use Squeaky Toys For Training? 

    People who claim to know all the dog training tips might be proved wrong with the squeaky toys! The squeaky toys are a great way to train your dogs. You can hide a squeaky toy and call your dog with the help of it. If your dog comes to at the sound of it, you can praise him by rewarding your dog with your favorite treat. Also, capturing your dog’s attention during a photoshoot is the most effective way to use it.  

    What are the Safety Tips Associated With Squeaky Toys for Dogs?

    What are the Safety Tips Associated With Squeaky Toys for Dogs?

    Toys make up a very important part of a dog’s life. The squeaky toys are a great source of exercise for your fur baby, and that too in a fun way! However, your dogs might ingest them and bring potential injuries. So, let’s look at some of the safety tips that should be kept in mind while buying squeaky toys for your dog: 

    • You should inspect every new toy before handing it over to your dog. Ensure that it has no loose parts or any other kind of part that could be worn off easily. 
    • Keep a look at your dog while it is playing with your squeaky toy. 
    • Discard the toys as soon as they start to wear off. 
    • Make sure that the size you have bought is the correct one for your dog. Small toys might pose a threat to choking. 
    • To prevent the growth of microorganisms, you should also wash the toys with soap and water between proper time intervals.
    • Avoid toys with bells, as dogs tend to get triggered by the sound of the bells and might swallow them.  

    What are the Disadvantages of Squeaky Toys?

    Squeaky toys are a great companion for your fur babies. However, apart from bringing joy and happiness to our four-legged friends, they are also known for some of their potential dangers and disadvantages. This part focuses on the hazards your dog might encounter while playing with their squeaky toys. So, let’s have a look at them: 

    Encourages Destructive Behaviour: 

    Sometimes, the squeaky toys might pose as prey for your dogs, and they might get triggered. The squeaky noises made by the toys may be perceived as some kind of danger by your dog and may trigger your dog's destructive behavior

    This kind of behavior comes out as chewing on various household items such as furniture or other items. In this case, the main thing to do is to keep a watch on your dog while it is playing with a squeaky toy, and as soon as it shows signs of aggression, engage your dog in some other activity. 

    Risk of Getting Choked:

    The main problem that comes with squeaky toys is the risk of getting choked by the tiny worn-off parts. Choking can also occur from the tiny toys that might be ingested by your dog unknowingly. 

      So, while buying squeaky toys for your pet, you should keep certain things in your head, such as the size of your dog and his habits as well. If your dog has the habit of chewing every little thing, you might want to avoid the tiny toys or those with small parts incorporated. Also, you should monitor your dog whenever your fur baby is playing with his squeaky toys to prevent anything unwanted. 

      Therefore you should always look out for your pets wherever they are playing with squeaky toys. Also, the toys should be replaced as soon as possible if they have been damaged or there are some issues. 

      How To Choose Safe Squeaky Toys for Dogs?

      How To Choose Safe Squeaky Toys for Dogs?

      You cannot just buy any toy for your dog that looks attractive to you. You should consider several things while getting a squeaky toy for your dog, as there are several potential hazards that might occur if not paid attention. Go through the following criteria and keep them in mind whenever you are getting a toy for your fur baby: 


      Just like us, all the dogs do not love the same kind of game; some may love to run around while some may love fun games like tug of war. So, you should choose a squeaky toy that matches your dog's play style. The toy should keep your dog engaged and not bore them out. 


      The dogs and pups tend to love different activities at different stages of growing. An adult dog might like some toys that are completely different from the teething dogs. Therefore go for a toy that interests your dog.  
      Size: Now, size is a big factor when choosing a squeaky toy for your dog. Small dogs cannot make it work with big toys, so you need to get toys of an appropriate size for them, whereas big dogs may present the potential risks of choking hazards if given the small toys. 

      Surrounding Environment:

      If your dog is an indoor games enthusiast, he will have different choices from the one enjoying outdoor games. So, make sure you are getting a toy that resonates with the surrounding environment that your dog is living in. 

        Even though the squeaky toys might be a great source of joy for your fur baby, you might not feel the same. At times the high-squealing sounds are the reason for your headaches. Therefore, you might switch to silent squeaky toys that can only be heard by the dogs as they can hear ultra-high-pitched noises. 

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Do squeaky toys provide any benefits to dogs?

          Yes, apart from being a source of joy to your dogs, the squeaky toy also has some benefits that help in the growth and development of your dog: 

          • Improves Dental Health
          • Improves Mental Stimulation

          Why do dogs destroy squeaky toys sometimes?

            As said in the above section, sometimes the squeaky toys might switch on your dog's aggressive behavior, and because of their prey drive, they might attack and destroy the squeaky toys.  

            Are there any alternatives to squeaky toys for dogs? 

              If you are not well-acquainted with squeaky toys, there are some alternatives that you can use to improve mental stimulation and promote dental health in your dogs. Let’s look at them: 

              • Puzzles and Interactive Toys: These will enhance your dog's problem-solving skills. 
              • Chew Toys: Many dogs suffer from teething discomfort and have difficulty chewing their food. For them, the chew toys work like wonder. The chew toys promote healthy chewing habits in dogs to help them overcome their discomfort. 


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