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article by Pam Watson

The ultimate list of pet holidays

We all love our pets and try to show them that every single day. They are a vital part of every family without which our lives definitely wouldn’t be the same. 

But did you know that there are actually pet holidays scattered throughout the year? Yes, some people and communities have taken things up a notch and dedicated special days solely to celebrating the bonds we share with animals that live with us. 

It’s quite possible that you haven’t heard of many such holidays, so here’s a handy guide of the most important pet-dedicated days throughout the year. Mark your calendars! 

January Pet Holidays 2021

January of this year was a month dedicated to things like walking your dogs, training them properly, and keeping them off the chain. 

However, the first pet holiday of the year was dedicated to birds - January 5 is National Bird Day in the US. January 14 is loads of fun because that’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Just four days later is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This day also has a lot of meaning for pet owners, too. You see, on one occasion Dr. King was arrested and put in a police car where a German Shepherd was waiting for him. The dog was meant to scare him but was instead incredibly gentle and friendly towards the prisoner.

Another important day is January 24 because this is Change a Pet’s Life Day, a day dedicated to promoting adopting pets.

You may also be interested to know that January 20 is Penguin Awareness Day, whereas January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. So, even some animals that are usually not considered pets get to have five minutes in the spotlight.

February Pet Holidays 2021

The month of February is dedicated to our pets’ dental health, but it’s also dedicated to the overall health of cats. Furthermore, neuter awareness is promoted here as is the responsibility pet owners have towards their animals.

On top of that, we have two special weeks that need to be mentioned - Have a Heart For Chained Dogs Week and National Justice For Animals Week. 

And while Groundhog Day on February 2 is famous around the world, the day after that is National Golden Retriever Day. So, if your pooch is of this amazing breed, this is the time to celebrate it.

February 22 is Walking the Dog Day, while the day after that is also International Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day. Yes, dogs have it pretty good in the second month of the year, that’s for sure.

As for non-pet animals, February 27 is Polar Bear Day. 

March Pet Holidays 2021

March is dedicated to rescued Guinea Pigs and preventing our pets from getting poisoned on their daily walks. As a matter of fact, the last part of the month is also National Poison Prevention Week.

What’s interesting is that professional pet sitters have their week at the beginning of March. So, if you happen to be using the services of such an individual, do a little something for them if you can. They’ll appreciate it very much.

As for individual pet holidays, National Pig Day is on the very first day of the month and on March 13, we honor K-9 veterans. 

national pig day

But did you know that cats have their patron saint? Yes, it’s true - Saint Gertrude of Nivelles is celebrated on March 17 and every cat lover should be ready to celebrate on that day.

March 23 is both National Puppy Day and Cuddly Kitten Day, so there’s bound to be an overflow of cuteness around you, while March 28 brings us Respect Your Cats Day.

World Sparrow Day takes place on March 20, just a day after Poultry Day.

April Pet Holidays 2021

April is the month dedicated to dogs’ health and fitness. It draws attention to things such as heartworms, Lyme Disease and pet first aid, plus it promotes active and fit dogs. Oh, and greyhound adoption is also in the spotlight.

Many important week-long celebrations also take place, and the most important among them are National Dog Bite Prevention Week and Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week.

However, the first and the last week are dedicated to reminding people to scoop their pets’ poop when they walk them. Keep your environment nice and clean!

There are also plenty of individual pet holidays here, but we absolutely must mention April 11 because that’s National Pet Day. No matter which animal you have, this is their day, so try to make it a special one.

If you have a dog, start by giving them lots of hugs the day before because April 10 is National Hug Your Dog Day.

Furthermore, World Veterinary Day is celebrated every last Saturday in April (April 24 this year), which is a great opportunity to tell your pet’s doctor how much you appreciate all their hard work.

Siamese Cats have their day on April 6, while on April 21 we celebrate Bulldogs are Beautiful Day. National Kids and Pets Day is on April 26, whereas National Therapy Animal Day is four days later.

International Guide Dog Day is celebrated every last Wednesday in April, while penguins get another day all to themselves - World Penguin Day on April 25. Aren’t they lucky?

May Pet Holidays 2021

May is National Pet Month, plus the first full week of the month is also National Pet Week, which makes this time of the year very special indeed when it comes to pet holidays.

Lyme Disease is in focus for the second month in a row, and this is also Pet Cancer Awareness Month warning you to check your pets’ health regularly.

From May 2 to May 8, however, we also have Dog Anxiety Awareness Week. Yes, pups can have a whole lot of anxiety issues, so do your best to alleviate them and give these animals all the love in the world.

May 1 is National Purebred Dog Day, but May 14 is reserved just for chihuahuas. May 20, on the other hand, is National Rescue Dog Day dedicated to thanking all those brave pups for their selfless help.

May 1 is also Save the Rhino Day, whereas May 16 is National Sea Monkeys Day. And if you have a turtle at home, May 23, i.e. World Turtle Day is the day you should be celebrating.

June Pet Holidays 2021

In June, cats get a more prominent role because this month is dedicated to adopting these wonderful animals and fostering pets in general.

Moreover, Take Your Pet to Work Week is in June, from June 21 to June 25, and in the middle of the month, we should all promote Animal Rights Awareness Week.

But to get back to the cats, June 4 is Hug Your Cat Day, and June 19 is dedicated to one of the most famous fictional cats of them all - Garfield.

national cat hug day

And if you ever have the feeling cats will take over the world one day, you’re not alone - June 24 is Cat World Domination Day!

Dogs have something to look forward to this month because June 21 is National Dog Party Day. 

And just for good measure, it should be mentioned that June 15 is National Lobster Day.

July Pet Holidays 2021

July is National Lost Pet Prevention Month, but on a lighter note, it’s Dog House Repair Month, too.

As for the week-long celebrations, National Feed a Rescue Pet Week takes place at the end of this month and the beginning of August.

July 11 is a fun date in the US because it’s All-American Pet Photo Day and July 26 is pretty much on the same track because that’s National Dog Photography Day.

July 31 is Mutt’s Day, dedicated to celebrating all those mixed breeds all over the world. Ten days earlier is No Pet Store Puppies Day, a pet holiday focusing on an issue that is sure to resonate with many pet owners all over the world.

Other notable animal-related days fall on July 9 (Cow Appreciation Day) and July 16 (World Snake Day).

August Pet Holidays 2021

In August, we focus on the way our pets are fed, more precisely on raw feeding. 

The first week is International Assistance Dog Week, while after that we have Give The Dog A Bone Week.

August 8 brings another reason to celebrate to cat lovers because this is International Cat Day, but just two days later dogs get a chance to get pampered on Spoil Your Dog Day. But let’s face it, every day is Spoil Your Dog Day for many of us.

Just like cats, dogs have their patron saint too and that’s Saint Roch, who we celebrate on August 16. Just a day later, though, is National Black Cat Appreciation Day.

August 21 is quite an important date because this is International Homeless Animals Day. If you’re thinking of adopting a pet, you just can’t pick a better date for it.

National Dog Day falls on August 26, four days after National Take Your Cat to Vet Day.

Don’t worry, other animals are represented this month, as well. National Honey Bee Day falls on August 21, so if you enjoy this incredibly healthy food with your tea, pancakes, or something else entirely, use this day to think about the importance honey bees play in our environment.

September Pet Holidays 2021

With the advent of fall comes a whole variety of interesting topics. September is National Service Dog Month, Pet Sitter Education Month, Animal Pain Awareness Month and even National Pet Insurance Month.

The last full week in September serves two different purposes: this is National Dog Week and National Deaf Dog Awareness Week. The week before that is Adopt a Less Adoptable Week which helps all pets find a loving home.

The month starts out with Ginger Cat Appreciation Day, and on September 8, we celebrate National Dog Walker Appreciation Day. Yes, it’s not dedicated to pets per se, but if you have a dog walker, you’ll know how valuable they can be, so show them a token of appreciation today.

September 11 is National Pet Memorial Day, which is actually celebrated every second Sunday this month, and two days later you’ve got National Pet Bird Day.

September 18 is important because this is Responsible Dog Ownership Day (every third Saturday in the month) and the day later is quite hilarious seeing as National Meow Like a Pirate Day. 

September 23 will touch many people’s hearts because on this day, on Remember Me Thursday, we remember all pets who never had a true home and think of those who can still be provided one. #RememberMeThursday will help you find the topic on social networks.

You may also be interested to know that September 22 is Elephant Appreciation Day, while three days later we celebrate International Rabbit Day.

international rabbit day

October Pet Holidays 2021

We are coming into Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, which is also National Animal Safety and Protection Month, as well as Pitbull Awareness Month. Additionally, National Pitbull Awareness Day falls on October 30.

Animal Welfare Week takes place from October 3 to October 9, and during this time (on October 4), we will also celebrate World Animal Day.

Have a black dog? October 1 is National Black Dog Day! And on October 17, you should really get a frisbee or a ball or something else you can throw to your pooch because it’s National Fetch Day.

National Black Cat Day is on October 27, and just two days later is National Cat Day, so cat owners will really have something to celebrate here. 

If you don’t have an animal of your own but are still a fan, Plush Animal Lovers Day on October 28 may be the pet holiday for you.

November Pet Holidays 2021

Senior pets are in the focus in November as it’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month and National Senior Pet Month. Additionally, we take care of our pets’ health because this is also Pet Diabetes Month and Pet Cancer Month.

The first week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, which ties in nicely to the senior pet theme of the month.

An important cause is the theme of November 7, National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day, and on November 20 is National Adoption Day, another great opportunity to save a pet and provide them with a loving new home. 

And since this is the month of Thanksgiving (November 25), pet lovers in the US will traditionally be able to watch the National Dog Show on that day.

December Pet Holidays 2021

The last month of the year is National Cat Lovers Month, so all you feline fans - enjoy. 

There aren’t that many notable pet holidays this month, although we do have Monkey Day on December 15. International Volunteer Day is ten days before that, and that’s the perfect opportunity to show someone who donates their time to help animals how much their effort is appreciated.

Apart from that, spend your Christmas holidays with your family and pets, and try to make sure they are not scared too much of fireworks on New Year’s Eve. Be thankful you’ve spent another year with your furry friends, and love them and take care of them in the days ahead.

christmas pets

The love you get that way will be a reward that is impossible to beat.

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As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to throw a party for your pet throughout the year, especially if you have a cat or a dog. National Pet Day is definitely one such occasion, and if you’re not sure how to approach this holiday, just check out these 5 Ways to Celebrate National Pet Day 2021.

Obviously, many of you will want to surprise your pets with a gift on their special day. And a special day deserves a very special gift, something unique and personalized. If this is something you’re going for, check out 10 Best Ideas of Personalized Gifts for Your Pets and you are sure to find something cool that both you and your pet will love.

Or you can just get a toy if you have a dog. Sure, there are many dog toys out there, but these 7 Best Dog Toys in 2021 are sure to provide your pet with hours and hours of fun. Not to mention that you can get some quality me-time while they’re busy playing with their new stuff, or you can just join them and strengthen the bond between you by showing them you’ll always be their playmate.


Why do we celebrate dog day?

Sure, there are many dog holidays throughout the year, and they all focus on celebrating dogs in a different way. One day we’re focusing on pure breeds, the other on mutts; one day on rescue dogs, the other on guide dogs, and so on.

But the main event falls on August 26, which is National Dog Day, a day when we celebrate all dogs, no matter what breed they are, what they do or where they come from. It’s just about spreading the message that all dogs need our love, but during this time, we also emphasize the importance of rescuing dogs from various shelters and other similar places.

National Pet Day is also something to consider (April 11).

But if you have a chance to rescue a dog, just do it, no matter which date it is. That dog will be eternally grateful to you.

What dog holiday is this year?

Every year, there are many dog holidays you can celebrate. So much so that we really couldn’t fit all of them in this relatively short answer. But let’s just say that National Dog Day is celebrated on August 26.

Apart from that, you have holidays dedicated to walking your dogs and professional dog walkers, to black dogs, rescue dogs, guide dogs, weeks dedicated to your dog’s health and raising awareness of a certain breed like pitbulls or greyhounds, and much, much more. 

Just go through the article we’ve prepared for you here, and you will find something to celebrate almost every month. But, to be honest, every day is a holiday when you have a loving pet as a part of your family!

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