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article by Pam Watson

7 Best Dog Toys in 2024

2020 was a year for the books and while there was a global pandemic, many of us were homebound and grounded with our best pals. This was also the year that many online sales occurred and people took to the internet for activities and things to do. This is why the sale of toys for pet’s sky rocketed and 2020 had some of the best buys. Here we take a look at what several of the hottest sellers were and 7 best dog toys for 2023.

1 - Dog Blankets

As much as a baby loves a blanky, so does a fur babe. This is why we recommend getting a special blankie for your baby that not only comforts them but also depicts them. Woof Blankets is the ideal fleece blanky for you and your baby to share while rolling about and having cuddle fun together.

2 - Kong Stuffer

Akin to a Boredom Buster, the Kong stuffer is used as both a toy and a treat. You simply fill it up with peanut butter or soft treats and watch it work its magic, keeping your dog entertained for quite some time.

3 - Rope Toy

A top selling item is the rope toy that has been designed to be thrown around, allowing you to play with your dog. The series of knots that have been tied into it allows your pet to latch onto the rope firmly without losing his grip or injuring yourself. What adds appeal to this toy is that it can be made at home!

4 - Snuffle Mat

Used as a toy and a training mat, the Snuffle Mat is fun and entertaining. Hide toys or treats in to get your pet to seek out the rewards. It is also compact, making it ideal for vacations. This toy is available at Amazon.

5 - PetSafe Bolt Interactive Laser

This is the perfect toy for your kitty. The Bolt Laser machine has an automatic feature which allows the user to stand it up and walk away while the Bolt does the rest of the job. The laser pointer can be set up to 15 minutes of automatic laser pointing, keeping your kitty bouncing all over the place in fierce anticipation of catching the beam.

6 - Chuckit! Ultra Ball

As the name suggests, this dog toy is a ball made from rubber. The quality material allows for an easy catch and protects your pup’s teeth. The balls are available in packs so you can choose an option best suited to your dog.

7 - The Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel Dog Toy

The best dog toys are the ones you get to experience your pet enjoying and nothing is funnier than watching your best friend play hide and seek. This plush toy sports 3 squirrels in a tree trunk that can be moved, playing the ultimate guessing game with your pet.

Spoil your pet with any one of the above pet toys and you wont find yourself in the dog box any time soon!

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Latest Review on Woof Blankets

To have such a masterpiece by my side every day is a gift for me and my memories with Rex. Thank you WoofBlankets for such an opportunity to recreate his image on a blanket.
Lara o’ Miguel US, California