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article by Pam Watson

2022 Birthday Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

Start someone’s born day with the best birthday gifts for cat lovers! Whether it’s for you, a friend, or a work colleague that cannot stop speaking about all 12 cats at home, don’t worry, our list of ideas are simply too purrfect for any occasion, but also specifically for birthday gifts for cat lovers.

According to cat lover sources, what has made this list so appealing is that the observed receivers of these items look like the cat that got the cream, especially after unwrapping these moments in time. So we thought to steal the ideas and create a very distinctive and exceptional list of birthday gifts for cat lovers. And who knows, you could slip in an item or two for you and Mr. Puffin because as we know, cats love birthday presents just as much as their hooman servants!

Tips and Tricks to Buy Purposefully for the Ideal Occasion

We know it’s never as satisfying shopping for someone else other than yourself or your cat, especially if you have no idea what to get! But now imagine making someone’s birthday so special that it brought you joy. Or that you bought their cat something that they play with rather than just giving you the evil eye whilst casually continuing with their cleaning ritual. If you want to win someone overuse these tips:

1 - Find out when their birthdays are and diarize it

2 - Find out how many pets they own and if they are pet lovers (who isn’t)

3 - If you are ordering online, order extra’s to fill those occasions that simply slip your mind!

4 - Always think of what they might like and stick with what reminds you of them.

Now time to shop for those incredible birthday gifts for cat lovers!

1. Custom Woof Blanket

One of the most unique designs to have caught the attention of cat lovers around the world last year was Woof Blankets Custom Blankets for cat lovers. These are high-quality images of your cat, recreated by flamboyant artists on superior quality fleece material and customized by you.

Simply upload the image of the pet you wish to print and have a team of talented experts get to work on recreating your image in such a stylish and modern manner. A personal gift for any good friend, family, or colleague.

2. Custom Cat Canvas

Having made such an impact on a few friends already, this custom Woof Blanket Canvas is the ideal gift to show the majestic brilliance of your cat or someone that would want to be a ‘copycat’ and have the same as you. This is a painting that captures the image you want of your pet onto a high-grade canvas, allowing you the opportunity to bless someone you know with a true piece of art.

Customize your design by choosing different background themes and sizes, making it the perfect fit for any display wall. What could be more majestic than a prized kitty or gazing upon a forever moment?

3. Woof Blankets Gift Card

Gift cards are often frowned upon with people saying they are impersonal. But what could be more personal than you getting someone you know who worships and adores their cat a gift card from Woof Blankets. Here they are gifted with the best birthday gift for cat lovers as they are able to customize their fur kids to their satisfaction. There are two options from Woof Blankets, redesigning your pet on either a fleece blanket or a work of art on a canvas. Leave it up to the team of professionals to make either or look incredibly moving.

4. Cat Socks

Ideal for a work colleague’s birthday, this birthday gift for cat lovers isn’t too personal but is still a catch. Affordable and you could double up by getting yourself a pair!

5. I Could Pee On This (Book)

We just had to point out there that I Could Pee On This: And Other Poems by Cats, is actually a book and a hilarious one at that. For anyone with a sense of humor, a cat for the humor and the patience that is needed upon raising a fur child, this book is the ideal gift.

6. Personalized Cat Necklace

Get your girlfriend, sister, aunt or mom the ideal birthday present for cat lovers by ordering a personalized necklace of their cats. A small face is engraved on the metal and they can wear it around their necks forever.

cat necklace

7. Cat Cookie Cutter

Got a baker in the family? Someone that is having a cat-themed birthday in 2022? Grab this kitty cookie cutter as quick as you can so your grandmother can get baking! Unless if you are the baker, then grab extra for you as these little cookie cutters are the cutest of the year!

8. Personalized Pet Book

Create your own story with this personalized cat book that tells the story of what your pet would say to you if they can talk. The book goes by the name; If My Pet Could Talk, and you make up the ending to your own story.

9. Cat Bingo

Available on Amazon, this unique game of Bingo highlights different characters of 64 different breeds of cats and you can play against any other player, making it an ideal 2022 birthday gift for cat owners.

bingo cat

10. Cats by Walter Chandoha

The story behind the illustrator and photographer, Walter Chandoha, is a warm and sensitive one. The entire book showcases his most beautiful images of cats. The book is available on Amazon.

11. Cat Mom Mug

You don’t need much to go on here, anyone who owns a cat deserves this classy Cat Mom mug. Make anyone’s day by buying this perfect present for cat moms.

12. Gold Cat Bracelet

A fine golden cat bracelet is perfect for anyone with a birthday in 2022 and who owns a cat. The fine craftsmanship shows warmth and affection, especially sentimental to anyone close to your heart.

gold cat bracelet

13. Outdoor Kitty Tent

This is more of a gift for your kitty and ideal for cats that are skittish and try to flee. The Kitty tent is an obstacle course and they cannot get out but can get all the exercise they need while enjoying their freedom.

14. Cat Embossed Rolling Pin

Another fine design ideal for any person with talent in the kitchen, this cat embossed rolling pin makes out cute kitty shapes while cooking. Bake or create unique pastries for someone's 2022 cat birthday and keep the pin for yourself, which is our tip of the day!

15. Pineapple Cat Bed

Modern, cute, and bright. This little pineapple cat bed is uniquely created for comfort and elegance, just as your cat has been created!

cat pineapple bed

16. Crocheted Cat Baskets

Hand made with love care and for the ultimate cat birthday girl or guy in 2022. These little handmade bowls are ideal for trinkets, earrings, or other small objects as they hold them safely and securely.

17. Catnip Toys

Ideal birthday gifts for cat lovers are toys filled with catnip. Why? Nothing brings a cat owner more joy on their birthday or any other day for that matter than seeing their little sharpened claws piercing and playing wondrously. Nothing achieves this better than catnip toys!

18. Cactus Cat Scratcher

This hilarious cat scratcher is purrfect for family entertainment and even better as a birthday gift for someone that finds the humor in dad jokes. Imagine your kitty scratching a cactus! It is the ultimate 2022 birthday gift for cat lovers and cats themselves.

cactus cat scratcher

19. Interactive Cat Laser Toy

Buy your friend or family member a modern laser toy that allows you the freedom of watching your kitty play without having to do any of the work. The setting can be adjusted to 15 minutes of automatic playtime.

20. Automatic Cat Fountain

For the kitty that loves the water, the automatic cat fountain allows your pet hours of endless play and water, so you can go off for the night to enjoy your birthday party just as your cat loves to gallivant!

Make someone’s 2022’s birthday as memorable as possible. With the year up ahead and with 2021 past us, it's time to celebrate, and what better way to have fun than to be a part of a cat lover's birthday celebration! It's bound to be a roaring great time for everyone included! 

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