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Unveiling the Enigmatic Garfield Cat: Origin, Characteristics, and Real-Life Resemblances

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Garfield the Cat, a timeless heartthrob of the jungle, has gained the respect and love of millions of people all around the globe since its first appearance. The Italian-American cat, who is adored for its sarcasm, love for lasagna, and utterly cannot-be-tamed attitude, has become a cultural phenomenon. 

People of all ages around the world love this cat dearly. The Garfield breed, famous for its distinctive appearance and larger-than-life persona, doesn’t exist. The only difference is that the cartoon's character has attracted the movie makers' attention. In this all-rounded guide, you will see the adoption, features, and some natural alternatives of the cartoon cat called Garfield – unlocking the secret of his popularity. 

Origin of Garfield Cat Breed

Garfield was invented from the imagination of the comic artist Jim Davis, who created a relatable and comical cat image. This character is based on the author's firsthand encounter with cats and his ability to relate to the mischievous behaviour of his long-dead family pet. 

He soon wins everybody's hearts with his dry humor, witty banter, and never-satisfied piece of lasagna. Even though a real Garfield is a creature of fiction, his incredible success among fans makes them curious, and one may not but inquire if there is a cat who looks exactly like him, with his round face, orange fur, and cheerful mood. 

Various internet communities have fuelled the discussion on whether the Garfield cat breed exists. In addition, the Garfield cat idea has provoked breeders' and cat lovers' curiosity; therefore, there are a lot of questions about its real-life counterpart.

Characteristics of Garfield Cat Breed

Garfield is characterized by several distinctive traits that have endeared him to audiences for decades. Let’s discuss them:

  • Orange Fur: Garfield may be the most popular because he has very vivacious orange fur. Garfield's unique orange tone certainly came out in the comic strips. However, one can find several domestic cat breeds, such as American Shorthairs and Scottish Folds, which would match with similar coat colors hilariously.
  • Round Face: Round Garfield, alongside a chubby face, makes, like the other feature of his appearance, one more endearing and entertaining aspect. This adds to the characterís cuteness and amusing facial expressions. Even though the facial structures differ among individual cats, breeds like British Shorthairs and Persians are influentially known to have rounder looks resembling Garfield's loveable look.
  • Playful Personality: Garfield's playful tricks and mischievous acts aren't just personalities; they are the icing on the cake and make him one of the most loved characters from any age group. Personality traits may differ from cat race to cat race. Still, famous breeds like Maine Coons and Ragdolls are highlighted for their rambunctious temperament and loving demeanor, and as extra, those who are Garfield enthusiasts.
  • Affectionate Disposition: Garfield's unequivocal loyalty and undying love for his all-inclusive owner, Jon Arbuckle, guarantee his character portrayal. Also, similarly, domesticated cats develop deep caring towards their human mates or simply companions, with such breeds as Ragdolls and Siamese being famous for their caring disposition and admission to cuddle.
  • Appetite for Food: In line with Garfield's specific snack preferences, cats like Garfield run to their meals quite often and may show off and slobber their hearts out for their favorite treats, reflecting Garfield's vigorous eating rate uniquely.

The Future of the Garfield Cat Breed 

While no breed of cat specifically is tried to imitate the classic Garfield, some Garfield real cats may indeed have similar features. These felines with orange tabby coats, round faces, and cheerful personalities tend to resemble Garfield from the cartoons that add the time-tested charm to his fictional self. Along with this, along with the cats with orange color and friendly nature, a lot like Garfield, cat lovers worldwide will appreciate cats that depict this trait.

Cats That Look Like Garfield

Many species of individual cats have their peculiarities with Garfield´s features, but they vary in the color of the coat and shape of the face. Looking for a real-life Garfield? Check out these cat breeds with similar features and personalities:

Exotic Shorthair

Also known as "Fat Cat's Persian" because of its rounded face, expressive eyes, and plush coat that it shares with Garfield. They carry out themselves with an easygoing attitude and are popular because they are also soft-spoken.

British Shorthair

Their chubby cheeks, rounded eyes, and abundant woolen coat designate them like a Garfield. They are characterized by their pleasantly sweet nature and ability to be quite flexible, if one may say so. 

American Shorthair

American Shorthairs may not always be orange, but they can have a plump structure and an almost Feminine face like Garfield's. They are big, plump felines with good tempers, which allows them to be friendly and get along with anyone. 

Scottish Fold

By no means are Scottish Folds defined by their bright orange coloring, but they have a reputation for being a face with a round shape and expressive eyes resembling Garfield. They have folded ears that make them easily identifiable.


These cats, with short legs and sturdy bodies, can look similar to the cartoon character Garfield because of their physique. The orange skin color that the Munchkins share is indeed not an existential requirement, yet they frequently embody the same spirited and tricky nature that endears the Garfield character to the fans.

Maine Coon

In a way, though color-wise, the Maine Coon cats differ from Garfield, they are big, and they have large tufted ears and horizontal tails, which give them kind of the same look as Garfield does. They are one of the most affectionate, gregarious cats with great characters who also enjoy playing.


Ragdolls are well-known for the plushness or fullness of their coat and sizeable blue eyes. At times, all these attributes might just make them appear like a bigger version of Garfield, the lazy cat in the cartoon. While they might not be the usual orange color, they exemplify this personality trait as chilled and friendlier.



    Today, thanks to Garfield’s global recognition, the cat with an expressive face and colorful surface is no longer a simple comic figure. "Garfield breed" may be a different fictional cat, but the soul of the famed feline remains strong in the hearts of the people who love him dearly. 

    The last legacy of the Garfield humourous comic strip lives on through the lives of the cats that resemble this character.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. How much does a Garfield cat cost?
  2. Since Garfield is not a recognized cat breed, there isn't a specific market for purchasing cats bred to resemble him. However, if you're interested in adopting a cat with similar characteristics, you can find domestic short-haired cats at animal shelters or through breeders specializing in mixed-breed cats.

  3. How did the Garfield cat breed get its name?
  4. The "Garfield cat breed" phrase is an idiom used to describe cats similar to the character Garfield. The latter comes from the famous comic strip by Jim Davis, having a cat called Garfield, a well-known character thanks to his distinctive attributes.

  5. How long is the average lifespan of a Garfield cat?
  6. Whether your cat looks like Garfield or not, the cat's lifespan can be determined based on different factors such as genetics, environment, and overall well-being. Household cats can generally live between 12 and 15 years; however, a few may live longer with proper care and attention.

  7. Are there specific breed standards for Garfield cats?
  8. Since Garfield is not a recognized breed, no specific breed standards exist for "Garfield cats." Instead, they are often described based on their resemblance to the fictional character Garfield, including traits such as orange tabby markings, a laid-back personality, and a love for food.

  9. How often should a Garfield cat receive veterinary check-ups?
  10. Like all cats, Garfield cats should receive regular veterinary check-ups to maintain their health and well-being. Typically, annual check-ups are recommended for adult cats, while senior cats may benefit from more frequent visits to address age-related health concerns.

  11. Do Garfield cats require a lot of exercise?
  12. While individual exercise needs may vary, domestic cats, including those resembling Garfield, benefit from regular physical activity to maintain a healthy weight and mental stimulation. Providing opportunities for play, such as interactive toys and scratching posts, can help meet their exercise needs.

  13. Are there any famous Garfield cats in popular culture?
  14. Yes, there are several famous Garfield cats in popular culture, including those featured in adaptations of the "Garfield" comic strip, such as animated TV shows, movies, and merchandise. Additionally, many real-life cats have gained fame on social media platforms for resembling Garfield or being named after the iconic character.


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