2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

With the Christmas season in full swing, it's best to get ahead of silly season shopping and surprise someone that you want to spoil with unique dog gifts for Christmas. Ideal for any occasion and any person, you are bound to find a number of Christmas gifts for dog lovers right here, saving you time and essentially saving you money! The best presents are the ones that stay with us forever. So if you are, or know any pet owners, these unique dog gifts for Christmas are just the thing to not only have under the Christmas tree but also ideal for next year’s events or a special occasion for a pet owner.

Tips and Tricks to Choosing Personalized Dog Gifts for Christmas

Before we take you down the path of endless possibilities with a comprehensive list of ideal Christmas gifts for dog lovers, we thought to shed some light on how to choose the best gifts.

1 - First, you must establish whether a colleague, friend, or family member is indeed a pet owner. Pet owners love gifts that revolve around their pets, making any event or special occasion the perfect opportunity to buy unique dog Christmas gifts, even if it’s not Christmas!

2 - Choose a present that is based on either the cat or the dog of the pet owner.

3 - Choose your own present, so you don’t miss out!

4 - Find out whether your friend or acquaintance owns a pet and then get shopping using this list to guide you to the best personalized dog gifts for Christmas.

Now onto the fun! Check out these best dog Christmas gifts below:

1. Custom Dog Blanket

Woof Blankets offers the best personalized Christmas gifts for dog owners or pets themselves. This is a high-quality fleece blanket that has your pet imprinted on it. What makes this one of our best dog Christmas gifts is that is customized to add further appeal to the print. Choose from a range of various holiday themes, collages, or combined more than 2 pets to create unique dog gifts for Christmas functions, events, or simply for yourself

2. Custom Dog Canvas

One of the best Christmas gifts for dog owners is a complete custom pet canvas featuring their most beloved fur children! This custom canvas is all the rage of Christmas 2022! A team of professional artists uploads images from pet owners onto a blank canvas that is transformed using high-quality products that do not fade or wear.

There are 12 themes to choose from, different portrait sizes to admire and then the prints can be purchased so that proud pet owners can brand as many items as they would like.

3. Woof Blankets Gift Card 

This is a great gift for any pet lover and especially if you know that your boss has a pet but you simply aren’t sure if it’s a cat or a dog. Woof Blankets has made it possible to still manage to put a bright smile in the heart of any pet owner by allowing any online user the advantage of purchasing an e-Gift Card that is directly emailed to the recipient of your choice. This allows dog owners the freedom to choose from canvas creations, blanket designs, or put the gift car amount toward combined dog Christmas gifts.

4. Merry Munchies

Make someone’s pet exceptionally happy with this ideal dog Christmas gift idea. Merry Munchies by Dope Dog is an innovative hemp product that is an organic CBD dog treat. Dope Dog is known for its medicinal remedies that have been aiding in the healthy lifestyles of happy pooches. Baked in small batches and super healthy thanks to being baked in turmeric and pumpkin, dog Christmas gifts have just become the ultimate 2022 Xmas spoil for fur babies.

5. Dog Journal

Not specifically for your dog, but for every dog lover, this dog Journal is a unique dog Christmas gift to a real pup lover. With 160 lined pages and exclusively designed by Peter Pauper Press, there is ample room to jot down any notes for the new year and everyone needs a journal when they have a fur kid!

6. Bath Tool Kit 

With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, this bath tool kit by Aquapaw is one of the best dog Christmas gift ideas if you know of or have a stressed-out pet that avoids those baths. This unique gift provides a stress-free bath time that soothes and relaxes your pooch. It also keeps your pet occupied with your focus on getting them nice and fresh for News Years' celebrations!

7. Anti-slip Dog Socks

A very innovative and thoughtful Christmas gift for your dog has been invented by Expawlorer. Ideal for paw protection or simply to keep your puppo from sliding on wooden floors as if he were doing the moonwalk, these anti-slip dog socks are a simply must-have Christmas gift for your best bud. There are various sizes to choose from and are easy to keep clean.

8. Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candles

If you know of or own a stressed-out pup, perhaps one that suffers from anxiety, Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candles by Gerrard Larriet is the best Christmas gift from dog owners as well as the dog in question. They have been designed to get rid of foul smells and simultaneously keep your dog relaxed and stress-free.

9. Puppy 3D Night Lamp

Really this is a Christmas gift for dog owners or little dog owners who have also fallen madly in love with their fur brothers or sisters. Send your little one to sleep with a great buy from Amazon that lights up any darkened room just enough to feel the warmth. Equipped with a USB, owners don’t need to fuss over batteries and can leave the LED night lamp to burn the midnight oil.

10. Doggo Silicone Ice Tray

Despite Christmas being about eggnog, there are still those relatives that reside in warmer parts of the world and what better way to celebrate with them than to order this Dachshund shaped ice cube tray. The silicone aids with getting the ice out easier and it’s a cute Christmas gift for dog owners 

11. Smart Tracker

We recommend this unique dog gift for Christmas to anyone that enjoys walking their pets or taking them for runs. It’s also an ideal Christmas present for those that say their pets are notorious escape artists. Dinofire has created a smart and innovative tracker that can be linked to any iOS device or Android phone by downloading the app. The idea is to track your mutt by activating the device. It tracks your fur kid up to 65 feet indoors and 164 feet outdoors.

12. Corgi Plush Pillow

If you have a friend, niece, or nephew that has ever watched The Queens Dog, this plush pillow is a 2022 Christmas gift Ace up the sleeve. Ideal for any room décor or simply as a soft plush toy to a baby, the Corgi plush pillow makes for a sentimental and stellar gift choice. Stuffed with cotton and soft to the touch, you could even buy this as your dog’s Christmas gift this year.

13. Dog Figurine

This is a beautifully crafted unique dog gift for Christmas to anyone with an appreciation of our furry friends. Created by Willow Tree, the figurine is available in 4 variations of color and different dog positions. The figurine is complete with a soft brush and cloth to keep it clean and well looked after.

14. Portable Paw Cleaner 

If you have a mud prone friend that simply makes everything little thing dirty in your house, this is one of the best Christmas gifts for your dog. The portable paw cleaner does as its name suggests, it cleans your buddy's paws on the move. Designed with soft silicone bristles the little component softly massages the dirt and grime from your puppo’s paws.

15. Robotic Vacuum

Anyone who has ever owned a long furred dog will tell you that this is the ultimate Christmas gift for your dog as well as for the owner of the culprit who doesn’t stop shedding! The iLife V3S robotic vacuum is all you will ever need to solve all your 2022 Christmas gift problems. Users are able to program it to begin its remote sweep of the house and or it can be operated by remote. 

16. Wine Glass Charms

You know the best dog Christmas gifts are the ones you can use all year round. These cute little wine glass charms come in the shape of different dogs are the ideal gift for friends and family, because who doesn’t love a little Christmas wine. They are magnetic which adds appeal to the gift as this is a modern way of labeling your wine glass.  

17. Paw Print Hanging Ornament 

This personal gift is a touching soulful present ideal for Christmas. Using the Pearhead Pet Ornament Kit the gift receiver can forever imprint his pet's paw on a clay hanging ornament. The gift comes with detailed instructions, making it a fun activity for anyone in the family.

18. Personalized Pet Story Book

One of our favorite and thoughtful Christmas gifts for dog lovers is this personalized pet storybook. Petventures Pet Book allows the owner to choose the name of the book, the images that are to go in the book, and how the adventure takes place. It’s a fun and entertaining Christmas gift ideal for pet owners.

19. Alpha Dog Pack

This is an eco-friendly means of disposing of your dog’s waste when on walks. The quality of these disposable bags allows for an easier way of collecting and disposing of your dog’s waste, making it the ideal present for dog walkers or joggers. Choose Alpha Dog Pack for those days that you need to take the little one out for a walk.

20. Dog-Shaped Paperclips

Know anyone in the office that has a paperclip obsession? Why not find out if they too are dog lovers and purchase these dog-shaped paperclips to win some affection at the office. This is also a great Secret Santa idea and people will be asking where you got these dog paperclips, a great personalized dog gift for Christmas or any other occasion of the year. 

The best Christmas gifts are the ones that come from the heart and what better way to surprise friends, families, and friends of families with a thoughtful gift that reminds them of their very own fur child. These Christmas gifts for dog lovers will most assuredly be adored by their pets as well, making it the ideal Christmas gift of 2022. Plus, who says you can’t stop and spoil yourself or your pet at home while you’re at it. 2022 was the year where we most appreciated our pets, so why not use this opportunity to show them just how much you care and use this guide for the best dog Christmas gifts around.

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