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article by uday kadali

25 Best Ideas of Personalized Gifts for Your Pet

We love our pets and all they do for us so why not make someone's day and give one of the best gifts ever? These personalized pet gifts are ideal for any occasion and make the best presents, showing friends and family how thoughtful you can be. Here are 25 ideas to get you one step closer to making someone’s day that much brighter with personalized pet gifts.

1. Woof Blankets – Pet Canvas

Woof Blankets manufacture personalized canvases and blankets. These designs are made unique by the pets that are displayed on the quality material. There are many themes to choose from and they are available in different sizes. All you would need to do is upload an image of the lucky pet and choose your preferences from the customization list and the order is shipped!

Pet Canvas

2. Personalized Dog Bandanas

Three Spoiled Dogs create personalized dog bandanas that your dog can proudly wear out. The bandana will write a personal message and makes for a fun and creative personalized pet gift.

3. DIY Leash Hook

What better way of personalizing a gift than to create one. This DIY tutorial allows you the advantage of creating a personalized pet gift for a number of lucky pet owners!

4. Personalized Tags

A personalized pet tag is a great gift! All you need to do is go to the local pet shop and have a name engraved on a tag so that the owner never has to worry about their escape artists. It is a personal gift and one that is never unwanted.

5. Cat Journal

This is a winner for a cat lady! The pink and purple cat journal works for jotting down notes, grocery lists or personal thoughts.

6. Memorial Jewel Necklace

A beautiful gift for any lucky girl, the memorial jewel necklace sports a paw print and the name of the pet. It’s elegant and what every pet mom would love to receive. Alternatively, you could have one made.

7. Cotton Dog Pajamas

Dress someone's pet up for bed on those cold wintery nights. These cotton dog pj’s are adorably cute and you can choose from several options.

8. Cat Window Perch

A crafty way of getting some sunlight onto your cat is to purchase the cat window perch. It uses suction stickers to remain firm on the window and folds open to provide the perfect seat for your fur kid.

cat window perch

9. Thermo Heated Bed

A perfect gift for a pet owner with an older pet, the thermal heated bed warms pets to their bones and is a comfortable bed designed with plush material.

10. Catnip Toys

Available from any pet shop, catnip toys are a fun and entertaining present to gift a cat owner. Who knows how their kitty behaves on the natural herb, maybe it’s a wild cat or maybe it’s just chilled!

Make someone's day by thinking out of the box and invest in the best personalized pet gifts for friends, family, or even yourself.

11. Pet Treat Jar

A personalized pet treat jar is one of the most thoughtful custom pet gifts. You probably use a regular, uninteresting jar or container to store your furry friend’s treats. You can print your pet’s name on these custom pet treat jars and they come in different colors. In addition, they feature airtight lids that let you keep your pet’s treats fresh and edible. You can get this personalized pet treat jar from Doggie Delights.

12. Pet print hoodie

You can’t go wrong with a custom pet print hoodie. Featuring a photo or caricature of your pet, you can be sure the hoodie will look great on you or the person you plan to gift. You can get awesome pet print hoodies at Printy Pets.

13. Personalized face mask

By now, you are used to wearing face masks. Customizable face masks from Petsies come with adjustable straps and are easily washable. You can personalize these double-layered masks with photos of your pets.

14. Custom phone case

We all love our phones as much as we do our pets. Why not get yourself or a pet lover a custom pet phone case? MyPentPrints makes lovely customizable phone cases. All you need to do is provide a photo of your dog and select a background and the team will get back to you with a sample.

15. Customized dog collar

Orvis provides adorable customizable side-release buckle collars for your favorite pets. Each collar comes with a matching leash and you can choose from various patterns. Up to 24 characters can be printed on these collars. In addition, they are adjustable and washable.

16. Personalized stemless wine glass

A stemless wine glass makes one of the best personalized pet memorial gifts. UV cured ink is used to print your pet’s photo on the glass so you don’t have to worry about it fading over time. It’s best to have only one pet on one of these 15-ounce glasses, meaning you can order more glasses if you have several pets. These glasses are available on MyPetsDecor.

17. Pet pillow

A pet pillow should be one of the first items on your personalized pet memorial gifts list. Unfortuanklety, you can’t travel everywhere with your pet but you can remember them with the cuddlesome Petsies pet pillows that are shaped like your pet. You can have your pet’s picture printed on both sides of the pillow.

18. DivvyUp Socks

DivvyUp socks make great personalized pet gifts. All you need to do is upload a photo of your pet (or your loved ones) and DivvyUp will develop a design for the custom socks.

19. Pet portrait keychain

Keychains can also be great personalized pet memorial gifts. You can choose from gold, rose gold, and silver keychains and personalize them with your dog or cat’s name and portrait. You can find these unique custom pet keychains on Etsy.

20. Personalized pet sweatshirt

Do you have an attractive pet that you want to show off? A custom pet sweatshirt is an excellent way to do this. Go to Etsy, upload a photo of your pet and enter their name and the designers will create a beautiful illustration of your pet on a sweatshirt. The sweatshirts come in various sizes and you can select your size when personalizing.

21. Welcome mat

Most pet owners would never think of having a customized pet welcome mat. These special doormats can be customized with your pet’s photograph and name. If you have many pets, you can include all their photos on these durable and easy-to-clean doormats. You can check out MyPupSocks customized pet welcome mats on Amazon.

22. Photo stickers

Stickers aren’t just for children. You probably still love them and would love to stick a few around your house or on some of your possessions. These vinyl custom pet stickers are waterproof, meaning they are long-lasting. Check out My Sticker Face pet stickers on Amazon.

23. Food bowl

You will love the Frisco Doho Damask ceramic personalized cat or dog bowl. The custom food bowl features the pet’s picture and name and has attractive boho damask patterns. If you have many pets, you can order a custom food bowl for each. These special bowls can hold water, food, and other pet treats. Order the Frisco Doho Damask ceramic personalized pet food bowls on Chewy.

24. Coffee mug

Customized coffee mugs are awesome custom pet gifts. These 11-15 ounce coffee mugs are found on Chewy. To create a unique design, upload a couple of your pet’s best photos and choose from a wide range of hues. It’s a thoughtful gift idea for people who adore their pets.

25. ID tag

ID card tags also make excellent personalized pet gifts. It not only keeps your pet safe but also stylish. GoTags Personalized Stainless Steel Cat & Dog ID Tags have paw prints and are available in a wide variety of colors. What’s more, you can personalize the back of the tags with your dog’s name or nickname.

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