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article by Pam Watson

5 Genius Gift Ideas for Pets

Our furry friends deserve amazing presents because they are our best friends! Even though our cats love to sleep in a cardboard box more than anything else, it doesn't mean they won't appreciate a nice, new bed for a present.

Our pets deserve to be spoiled and today we are bringing you the top 5 best gift ideas for your pet.

1. Custom pet portrait on canvas

The Internet is an amazing thing we have today because we can find everything we need in seconds. What would be a better present for you and your pet (or for your animal-loving friend) than a printed canvas with a photo of your furry friend?

Custom pet portraits are a very trendy gift in 2021.

You have multiple options, the print can be a regular photo of your puppy or a funny edit of him as a Napoleon.

This is definitely a unique present that will bring out a smile to whoever gets it.

2. Custom blanket with a photo of your pet

Another great gift idea for your pet is a warm fuzzy blanket with photos of your furry best friend on it.

A popular choice is a custom pet collage blanket where you can add multiple photos and who wouldn't want to see that adorable furry face over and over again. Sounds good, right?

3. A box full of treats

Did somebody say… treats?!

No pet on this planet wouldn't be so excited when getting a box full of their favourite snacks. And you can make this gift by yourself.

Use a regular cardboard box you can decorate or find a cute one with a print. Buy a whole lot of delicious treats and fill up the box.

It doesn't need to be treats only, you can buy different brands of soft and dry food and include it in the treat box.

4. Pet sofa

Who doesn't love sleeping? Especially on a warm, cosy bed with a fluffy blanket.

Our pets sure do love to nap and getting them a new bed or even a sofa could be the perfect gift for your pet.

And if you include a custom pet blanket we mentioned before you surely will have one really happy puppy or kitten.

5. Grooming set

If the pet you are buying a gift for has long, thick fur, you might want to buy a grooming set. These sets usually include a shampoo and a brush but you can pick whatever you want, as there are multiple grooming products for pets. Nail clippers, paw balm, hair conditioner, … the options are endless.

You can buy a prepared set or create your own. There are a lot more natural products today, which is amazing as we want our pets to be as healthy as they can be


Whatever you choose for your pet, we're sure they will be ultimately grateful. They are such innocent creatures that are capable of giving unconditional love, and we as humans have only one job: to make them happy!

And these gift ideas will surely help you do just that.

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