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article by Pam Watson

5 Eco-Friendly Dog Products in 2021

When it comes to caring for your pooch, there is no healthier way than the eco way. The year 2021 is upon us and in this new age, we are inspired by economic ways to protect both the environment and our best friends. So what is it we can do to make our way of life more eco-friendly and simultaneously protect our dogs?

We take a look at some eco-friendly dog products, how they are beneficial to your health, the environment, your dog, and your budget. If you want to change the world and your dog's world, you can begin by looking at these 5 eco-friendly dog products in 2021 as listed below.

Eco-Friendly Dog Products

Humans are fussy about the products they use on their hair or skin, so why shouldn’t we be concerned with what we put on our beloved pooches. Luckily, 2021 is the year for innovation and the number of eco-friendly dog products you have readily available to you is unbelievable.

To give you a better idea as to what to look out for check out these eco-friendly products that could be at your local grocer as well as your vet:

Dog Shampoo
Dog Conditioner
Dog Food
Dog Leashes

Eco-Friendly Dog Bags

We all know that walking your dog isn’t necessarily a walk in the park so to speak, especially if your dog makes a poop on the sidewalk.

Thankfully there is a vast range of eco-friendly biodegradable dog bags so when you drop it off at headquarters, you know that it will safely find its way to the earth once again. Eco-friendly dog bags gives you that peace of mind.

Eco-Friendly Dog Bed

Your fur baby needs all the love and comfort they can get, and if they aren’t allowed to cuddle with you on the bed, why not consider getting them the best eco-friendly dog bed.

What’s better is you can even decorate their new spot with a Woof Blankets present, a superior quality fleece blanket customized by you and featuring your pet as the face of the artwork! Eco-friendly dog beds aren’t difficult to come by, in fact, they are trending in 2021.

The materials used to produce these soft creations are organic, not only helping the environment and your home but also protecting your dog’s skin. These are essential for dogs with problematic or sensitive skin.

custom pet blanket eco friendly

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys

Eco-Friendly Dog Toys are not just safe for the environment but they are safe for your prized pooch. Many eco-friendly dog toys are made from essential products such as recycled cotton yarn, ideal for sensitive gums and skin, lambswool, or even organic cotton.

Read the label to determine which of these products have created your chosen eco-friendly dog toys.

Eco-Friendly Dog Collars

This is probably one of the most important products to consider on your shopping list. Eco-friendly dog collars don’t agitate your dog’s skin, nor does it harm the environment when you discard it.

Recycled, vegan, and hemp collars are trending in 2021 and can be ordered online or even at your local vet. There are some pretty boy and girl ones to choose from so you can always accessorize your pup to the occasion.

Make the most of this green earth we live on and make it a safer haven for your dog, buy the best eco-friendly dog products in 2021 and change the world for your pet pooch!

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