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10 Quick Hacks to Get Dog Smell Out of Your Couch

How To Get Dog Smell Out of Couch.

It is a no-brainer that we’ll do anything for our beloved fur babies, and we like about everything they do. From that cute little head tilt to how their toe beans smell, pet parents are of the same opinion - it is the best feeling in the world. However, if your dog smells a tad too bad, you might consider taking a closer look as this odor will find its way into your furniture and latch onto it. This common odor problem happens especially when you potty-train your pooch inside your home or when your pup really has to go! Regardless, you want your house to smell nice to ensure a comfortable environment for yourself as well as your fur-kid.

We’ll get to the different reasons why your dog probably smells, later. But first, check out these easy tips for getting dog smell out of your couch.

What to Do if Your Couch Smells Like Dogs - 10 Easy Solutions

To make things easier for you, the following dog odor removal tips include ingredients and tools which are either already present in your house or are pretty easily available.

Solution 1: Use Some Baking Soda

Baking soda happens to be a powerful natural odor remover, and you can use it effectively to clean a couch that smells like dogs. Try sprinkling some baking soda on your couch and let it sit overnight. The following morning, all you need to do is vacuum clean the couch thoroughly. You will need to repeat this cleaning routine for a few days before you notice the smell completely.

Solution 2: Wash all the Couch Covers

If the dog smell in your couch is too overpowering, it is a good idea to wash it all - comforters, pillowcases, cushion covers, and any other piece of cushion garment that you use.
In case your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, it is possible that your couch will smell more. Use a strong laundry detergent to machine wash/hand wash all the couch covers. Again, you need to conduct this cleaning activity periodically to keep the dog odor from seeping deep into the couch layers.

Solution 3: Steam-clean the Couch

You can try this solution especially if your pup has soiled the couch. Use an upholstery steam cleaner, wherein the steam will help to loosen up the soiled spots on the couch fabric. The process is rather easy. Once you vacuum the couch, you need an upholstery conditioner on the couch and then use an upholstery shampoo and brush it after a few minutes. Finally, use an upholstery steamer to gently clean the couch in sections. Be sure, however, to check your couch tag to see if it is steam-clean-proof.

Solution 4: Use a Fabric Freshener

Fabric fresheners are easily available and are a great way to remove dog smell from your couch in a very short span of time. You can use this hack if you have someone coming over to your house on a short notice, and you won’t have to worry about a bad odor greeting your guests. Fabric fresheners work fast and eliminate the odor right at the source, leaving behind a fresh smell within just a few minutes.

Solution 5: Vacuum-clean Your Couch

At times, it could be pet hairs, nails, dander and debris on your couch, leaving an unpleasant odor. In such cases, all you need to do is vacuum your couch thoroughly. You will get the best results if you use a vacuum with a powerful suction. It will be able to remove most of the pet hair and dirt from the couch. You can finish the process by spraying some freshener on the sofa to ensure it smells nice afterwards.

Solution 6: Air Out Your Couch Cushions

This is possibly the easiest way to get pet smell out of couches. It’s all natural and doesn’t need any equipment or material. Sunshine and fresh air are extremely effective at removing unpleasant odors. It’s just that it takes some time compared to the other tips mentioned here.
On a bright sunny day, take all the couch cushions and covers and place them outside in the sun for several hours. The ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can eliminate most of the odor-causing bacteria naturally, thereby allowing your cushion covers to smell nice and fresh.

Solution 7: Use an Enzymatic Cleaner

Mostly, dog odors are associated with their pee and pee stains. It is particularly difficult to remove dog urine smell from your couch unless you are able to clean the urine completely. In such cases, use a strong enzymatic cleaner that can actually break down the uric acid molecules in the urine stain and remove the particles, thereby relieving the couch of the odor.

Solution 8: Create a Pet-specific Essential Oil Deodorizer

Essential oils offer a range of benefits, and removing bad odor from surfaces is one of the most crucial ones. You can create an essential-oil based couch deodorizer after checking with your vet for a safe formula. Once you get the go ahead, mix water, apple cider vinegar, salt, baking soda, and the approved essential oils in a large spray bottle. You will have to figure out the amount of each of these ingredients with your vet for the best and safest results.

Once the solution is ready, let it sit for about 5 minutes and spray it on a small area of the couch for a spot-test. If it works without causing any damage to the couch, use it lightly all over the couch and let that seep in overnight. As an additional step, you can vacuum the couch the following morning to remove any baking soda residue.

Solution 9: Of course, Bathe Your Dog!

It is paramount that the source of the smell is clean - your dog! You should regularly bathe and groom your dog to ensure it remains healthy and smells fresh. The bathing and grooming routine varies across dog breeds. Also, dogs with thick coats might require additional grooming attention as dirt and ticks are likely to remain stuck in their fur. So, you can check with your vet and draw up a routine for your four-legged friend and be sure to follow it.

Solution 10: Hire Professional Cleaning Service

If things get out of hand and nothing seems to work, you can hire a professional to clean your couch for sure-fire results. There are several carpet cleaning service providers available who will use the appropriate mix of cleaning liquids, equipment and other materials to get that unpleasant dog smell out of your couch. They also use commercial-grade deodorizing sprays and materials to remove even the toughest of dog odors and a pleasant long-lasting smell.
Now that you are aware of these easy tips to remove dog smell out of your couch, know why your dog smells in the first place.

Why Do Dogs Smell?

Every animal smells - it’s natural. When you bathe your dog, you will perceive that musty wet-dog smell, which is absolutely fine. What’s unnatural is the bad odour that lingers. If your dog smells too bad, it could be due to a number of reasons - urine and poop stuck to its body, poor dental health, undiagnosed illness, skin infections, etc. The odour primarily comes from bacteria and yeast found in all the reasons established here.

How to Keep Your House From Smelling Like Dogs?

If you want your indoors to smell clean and fresh all the time, you will have to do a little more than get dog smell out of couches.

  1. Make sure all the surfaces in your house are clean
  2. Install an air purifier
  3. Ensure your dog is on a proper diet
  4. Prevent pee and poop accidents inside the house
  5. Keep all your dog’s toys clean
  6. Mop the floors clean and hard
  7. Remove any stains as soon as possible
  8. Clean all your dog’s bedding and clothing


    Your dog is possibly your best friend, companion and one of the greatest loves of your life. And like anyone else you love, it needs well-rounded care - emotional and physical. Follow the easy tips shared here to keep your couch clean and free from bad odor, take active steps if your dog smells too bad as it might be due to health concerns, and ensure a nurturing environment for them to thrive.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does vinegar get dog smell out of couches?

    Although vinegar has deodorizing properties, it is not really an ideal choice to get dog odor out of couches. Plus, dogs do not like the smell of vinegar and vinegar products. You can instead try baking powder, essential oils and fabric fresheners.


    What types of smells can block dog odors?

    The smell of citrus products, rubbing alcohol, fresh herbs, hot pepper, moth balls, and perfume can help block dog odors.

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