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article by uday kadali

How to get Dog Hair out of Blankets : Step by Step Guide

 Isn't it wonderful cuddling up with your dogs in bed? The dogs love it. However, the truth of having fuzzy companions hits up when they get up. The sheets are covered in dog hair — ugh!

Now you might be wondering how to get dog hair out of a blanket. Well, there are many ways of isolating pet hair from your blanket, regardless of the amount it has stuck to it. Let's look at some of the best cleaning techniques for removing dog fur from blankets so you can return to caring for your pet and not worry about your laundry.

Various Methods to Remove Dogs Hair from Blankets:

1. Use a Garment Liner

If you don't have a liner now and are thinking about getting dog hair off blankets, you could profit from getting one. If you don't have a liner and don't want to get one, try using an inflatable - rubber or materials that readily absorb static electricity, like pet hair, are used to make these balloons. Using a balloon might be a good way to get rid of dog hair without harming your blanket's delicate fabric.

 2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner 

Use a Vacuum Cleaner  to clean dog hair from blanket

Although this may not work with a hair-covered or huge blanket, what do you mean? it is still worth a try! To protect your blanket's fabric, this method works best when used with a brush hose attachment.

Lay your sweeping on a level surface and vacuum up any pet fur with the brush hose. Easy!

 3. Use a Sponge

If you have a dry wipe with a rough side, take a stab at running it over the cover. It could catch the hair and pull it out. It ought to be a wipe you haven't used to wash dishes before, as you don't need little particles of food caught in your sweeping texture. Also, do this outside to avoid brushing the hair over the floor.

 4. Use Pipe Tape

If you don't have a build-up roller, you can make your own with pipe tape. Simply tape one end to the other and wrap it around your hand with the sticky side facing you. You can remove some dog furs from the blanket by pressing your hand against the sticky tape on every square inch. It is one of the best ways to get dog hair off blankets and also the best way to get cat hair off blankets.

 5. Try using a Lint Roller 

The lint roller is sufficiently tacky to pull all the hair straightforwardly off the sweeping. It can also remove any build-up or other garbage present on the sweeping. However, this can take a long time and, depending on the fabric of your blanket, may need to be increased to complete the task. Alternatively, a lint brush might be sufficient.

 6. Make Your Own Hair Loosening Mist 

To get rid of dog hair from a blanket, use a fabric softener and a spray bottle. Blend one section of cleanser and three sections of water in the jug, and turn your splash container to fog your sweeping with it perpetually. The hair should become more pliable, making removal more straightforward. This could be the best pet hair-resistant blanket. 

 7. Use of the Fur Zapper

Use of the Fur Zapper for Dog

The FurZapper was designed to stop this issue if the washer and dryer aren't enough. Simply inserting the silicone disc into your washer or dryer activates this system for removing pet hair. When used in the washing machine, this pet hair remover will help separate pet hair from clothing. This easy fur remover will quickly fill up your lint trap so that you can tackle even more fur in the dryer—just remember to empty it before your next cycle! 

 8. Use the Washer and Dryer

You can use the washing machine and dryer to get rid of dog hair or dog hair out of washer. Unlike standard wash cycles, you begin with the dryer, not the washer. Put the blanket in your dryer to "permanent press" or another low-heat setting for 10 minutes. The delicate intensity can release the hold of the sweeping strands' hold on the hairs, making sufficient tumble off that a speedy cycle in the clothes washer can deal with the rest.

A trip through your washing machine might be enough to free the worst of the stuck hair after the dryer has worked its magic. If you have a cleanser, just running the sweeping through a wash cycle with a cleanser could tackle your concern. Before beginning the load, you can try adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the fabric softener dispenser if you do not already have any. The vinegar's acetic acid, which acts like a fabric softener, will let go of the dog fur's grip on your blanket's fibres.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to eliminate canine hair before washing it?

The wet hair chunks may make it hard for water to drain from your house, straining the plumbing. Before putting your apparel in the washer, removing any pet hair from your bedding and clothing is important.

How quickly can dog hair be removed from clothing?

Using a laundry booster that loosens fur, like white vinegar, is another way to deal with pet hair in the laundry. Adding white vinegar to the flush pattern of the washer machine relaxes the water and assists with slackening fur from textures.

Special Tools or Products for Removing Dog Hair from Blankets

1. Chom chom Roller Pet Hair Removal 

Chom chom Roller Pet Hair Removal

It removes pet hair with brush bristles from your couch, bed, carpet, or any other surface. You simply roll the device back and forth in short strokes to trap pet hair and lint inside a chamber that opens at the touch of a button, allowing you to empty it easily. 

 2. Furminator short hair de-shedding tool 

The Furminator has a comb-like stainless steel edge that gets rid of dog hair. According to the brand, the advantage is slightly curved to prevent it from digging into your pet's skin and causing pain or discomfort. It also comes equipped with an ejector button that makes removing pet hair from the container simple. Deshedding tools from Furminator are available for dogs and cats of all sizes and hair lengths. 

3. Uproot Cleaner Pro Reusable Hair Removal 

Most vacuums can remove hair from the surface of carpets, but they cannot altogether remove hair deeply embedded in the fabric. However, this handheld scraping tool does: As you tenderly scratch it along the texture, it lifts build-up, hair and soil out and gathers it in a little ball, which you can either choose up and toss or vacuum up. Utilizes the Evacuate Cleaner Ace on floor coverings, clothing, bedding, furniture and, an undisputed top choice, on pet beds and feline trees. The tool can be used again and won't harm furniture's fabric.

 4. Maxpower Planet Pet Grooming Brush 

This grooming brush has sharpened, fine-rounded teeth that help de-shed and untangle your pet's coat if they have thick fur that easily gets matted.

The brush has two sides: According to the manufacturer, one side has nine teeth that will assist in removing tangles, while the other has 17 teeth that will capture them. The tool is extremely lightweight at 3.5 ounces and features a non-slip rubber handle for stability.

 5. Blue Pure 311i+ Max 

"An air purifier can do wonders for reducing the amount of airborne pet hair and dander that lands on your surfaces." why do we have quotes? One of our favourite air purifiers is the Blue Pure 311i+ Max, the most recent model in the Blueair series. According to various users, the air purifier is lighter, quieter, and simpler to operate than any other air purifier.  The 311i+ Max's pre-filter, an extensive fabric mesh cover that wraps around the machine, also collects a lot of pet hair.

The Blueair app shows you detailed stats about air monitoring and filter status and lets you schedule when you want the air purifier to turn on or enter night mode, or you can manually turn it on.

 6. Swiffer Sweeper Pet Dry Sweeping Cloths

These multi-surface dry materials are number one  — they interface with the brand's Swiffer Sweeper Residue Mop to gather pet hair, soil and flotsam and jetsam on hard floors like tile, vinyl and wood flooring. The fabrics have a soft, 3D fibre design that secures pet hair after getting it. "  

 7. Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

Delomo Pet Grooming Glove

If you are thinking how to get cat hair off blankets, knead this adaptable, slip-on prepping glove over your pet and the free hair and fluff stick straightforwardly onto it. One of our most specialized canine care apparatuses, the glove is made of delicate elastic, so your pet feels more great and loose while getting brushed. It comes in a single size and has an adjustable wrist strap for a more comfortable fit.

 8. Smart Design Large Lint Roller 

This enormous build-up roller's handle stretches from 12 crawls to 42 inches long, so you can use it as a handheld build-up roller to clean restricted spaces or assist with gathering pet hair from hard-to-arrive regions like under furnishings. You can also use it to lint roll other furniture, floors, car carpets, and more." The build-up roller accompanies 25 removable glue sheets.

How Can I Prevent Dog Hair From Sticking to Blankets in the First Place? 

1. Use Water to Get Rid of Dog Hair from Clothes

The simplest method to get rid of pet hair is to get your hands wet or lightly spray your clothes with water.

  • Spray the area with water from a spray bottle to remove stray hairs before getting dressed.
  • Run it across the texture in one course by utilizing your hand, dry or wet. The water makes pulling hair and build-up simple and assembles into little packages on the material, making evacuation speedy.

2. Use Rubber Gloves to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Clothes 

Use Rubber Gloves to Get Dog Hair Out of Your Clothes

Just like you would use water to get the hair out of your clothes, you can use a rubber glove to remove dog hair from your dresses, car, shirt, and pants. Rubber picks and rolls hair together effectively, and using a rubber glove makes cleaning a lot of your clothes simple.

  • Roll and collect pet hair on your clothes by sweeping in one direction. Little pieces of free hair adhere to the gloves as you get it across the texture, and bigger bunches of pet hair accumulate into balls, making it simple to take out your garments.
  • Before using the glove, spray water onto the fabric if you remove a lot of hair from your clothes. For furniture with fur, follow the same procedure. It works great for removing dog hair from couch cushions.

3. Cleansing agent Makes Canine Hair Simpler to Eliminate

Using a cleansing agent is an extraordinary method for getting static out of garments as it slackens textures and hair follicles. 

  • Utilized in blend with other hair removal strategies that explicitly pull canine hair from the material, applying a cleanser shower to your garments makes it simple to eliminate implanted hairs.
  • Before using the fabric softener on your clothes, dilute it in a spray bottle with water. Spray your clothes and any hair to cover them completely. Use a paper towel to remove any remaining hair and wipe up a lot of the loose hair.
  • You can also use a fabric softener spray to remove any lingering pet odours and refresh your clothes quickly.

 4. Use a Dryer Sheet

If you are wondering how to get rid of dog hair on blankets utilizing a dryer sheet in the dryer repels loose hair from your clothes, allowing it to collect in the lint trap of your machine and collect animal hair. Additionally, dryer sheets are helpful for quickly removing dog hair from clothing.

Holding the sheet close by, drag the sheet across your garments to get dog hair onto the dryer sheet.

When the sheet is complete, discard it, and utilize another dryer sheet on a case-by-case basis to eliminate more hair. As with fabric softener, rubbing dryer sheets across your clothes releases a pleasant scent. To do this, drag the sheet across your clothes to collect animal hair.

 5. Use a Non-Adhesive Lint Brush 

You can use a non-adhesive brush if you need to remove pet hair from clothing but don't want to use adhesive tape. When rubbed across the fabric, lint brushes gather hair using a cushion on the handle.

If you're removing a lot of pet hair, lint brushes may need to be cleaned frequently due to their smaller size. Using a lint brush, you can quickly get rid of cat hair, dog hair, and other pet fur from clothes. Reverse the direction you are brushing to clean your brush quickly.


If you have practical solutions, dealing with dog fur on your blankets can be easy. We hope the instructions and store-bought alternatives have given you the information to keep your blankets clean, fresh-smelling, and free of dog hair! 


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