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article by uday kadali

How to Dry Your Dog After a Bath?

Giving a good shampoo and a nice scrub does not make you a good pet parent. What makes you good is a nice drying as well, after you have given a fun bath to your pet. Well, you cannot just apply the same method for each of your dogs. There are various things and methods that help in drying dogs of different sizes and coats.  

Also, there are some dogs that don’t like to be dried using artificial methods, but you should never leave them to dry on their own. This could lead to several dangerous skin infections if the dog coat does not get dried properly. 

How To Dry Dog After Bath: Easy Methods Discussed 

There are several methods that are applied to dogs of different breeds. So, the following sections contain some of the methods that will help you to dry off your dog effectively: 

1. Air Drying:

Before you hop on to this method being the first one, we’d suggest you first take a look at your dog. Does it have a short coat or a large coat? Well, if your dog has got a large coat, then this method is not for you. However, if your dog has a short coat, you can give it a try. 

How To Dry Dog After Bath: Easy Methods Discussed

Air drying is the oldest and most traditional way of drying your dog. All you need is your pup to give you a hard shake and a walk on the romp. However, it has certain problems associated with it. One of the most common complaints is of the pup rolling on the carpet or leaving a wet smell on your expensive wooden furniture.  Another problem is that air drying increases the chances of matting to a very high level. 

2. Hairdryer:

Hairdryers really come in handy whenever you are in a hurry. They are known to save a considerable amount of time. However, you need to follow a certain set of instructions to prevent your dog from getting burns: 

  • Keep the settings in the mildest form. Your dog might not be accustomed to the dryer and might run around the whole house out of fear. 
  • To prevent your dog from getting burns, keep the nozzle of the blow dryer a few inches away from your dog’s fur
  • Keep the dryer in motion to avoid concentrating in a single place that might irritate their coat and skin. 

 You should gradually introduce your dog to a dryer so that he gets used to the noise and sensation. Also, you might find your fluffball putting up a fight with you because of the dryer. 

3. Quick-Drying Spray:

These chemical products contain certain ingredients which are responsible for drying water from your dog’s coat. These also are fast-acting, which makes them time-saving products. Some people may say that they feel no difference concerning the drying time. 

However, before moving forward with this product, apply it on a small area over your dog’s coat to make sure that it doesn’t affect the coat health

4. Towels:

Drying your pup with a towel is the easiest and most effective way. A thick absorbent towel absorbs the excess moisture present on your dog and keeps your dog dry, preventing all skin issues.

Drying your pup with a towel

However, some pet owners use a towel in the wrong way by vigorously rubbing it over their soft coats. Pets having thick and long coats may face tangles and knots in their fur, which might prove to be uncomfortable for them. Instead of this, you can just dab the towel over your pet, and voila, you are done. Repeat this until your canine is completely dried off.  

How To Avoid Matting?

The best way to avoid matting is to brush and comb your fur baby on a regular basis. However, don’t forget about the belly and chest. Dogs having long hair and thicker coat will need more frequent brushing and shampooing rather than a short-haired dog.

How To Avoid Matting Dog

Give a nice bath to your dog and make sure that he is dried properly. Wet hairs lead to high chances of matting which may result in several other problems if not kept under check regularly. Brushing and removing loose hair is a very nice way to avoid matting in your canines. 


Drying your fur baby is a very important aspect of keeping them safe. Not drying your dog properly leads to dampness which consequently leads to several skin issues. So, observe your dog and find out the best way possible to dry him out, which would leave no space for matting. You can also take help from a professional expert in case you are too confused as to which one is better for your dog breed. Also, you can save this page for future reference. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a regular towel to dry my dog? 

Yes, we can use a regular towel as long as it is an absorbent towel. Pick a towel that has microfibers in it to help you with the drying process. Using such towels would not require you to rub vigorously and hurt your little fluff ball. 

Can I use a blow dryer to dry my dog? 

Yes. You can definitely use a blow dryer to dry your dog. A blow dryer is most probably one of the best things to dry your dog, which is quite efficient. Apart from being safe, it also prevents your fur baby from staying safe from hot spots and unsightly cowlicks. 

What should I do if my dog dislikes being dried? 

Sometimes, your dog might not like getting dried up or is scared of it. In that situation, all you need to do is, get a towel in front of your dog and then offer him a treat. This way, he will associate the towel with a treat, and then you can gradually progress with time. Positive reinforcement has worked in the majority of the cases. 

How long does it take for a dog to dry naturally? 

All the dogs don’t have the same thickness of coat or the same size. The drying time of a dog completely depends on these two factors. So, the thicker the coat, the longer the time it takes to dry up. The same goes for the size. The big dogs will take up more time to dry up naturally. However, the time duration generally ranges from 30 mins to even 2 hours.

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