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article by Sumi Mukherjee

Wrinkly Dog Breeds

 Wrinkly Dog Breeds

Who doesn’t love a domestic dog with a cuddly, wrinkly body to hug? These puppies aren’t afraid to let their wrinkles shine. We’re happy to love and appreciate these wrinkly dog breeds simply how they are.

Wrinkly Dog Care

Whether these puppies have wrinkly faces or have a touch more skin all over, their scrunchy skin desires unique care. Veterinarians observe that those puppies must be washed with a mild canine-pleasant shampoo and that skin folds must be wiped clean and dried lightly.

With regular care and a nourishing eating regimen, a wrinkly canine’s pores and skin will be in excellent shape.

Skincare routines of wrinkly dogs

Breeds like Mastiffs, Shar-Peis, and Pugs are incredibly endearing because of all those wrinkles! But the ones with lovable wrinkles want more attention to ensure they stay smooth and wholesome. Here’s what you want to recognize about caring for a canine with wrinkles:

Common Wrinkle Dog Issues

It’s easy for dirt, particles, and moisture to accumulate in all those nooks and crannies, which could result in some trouble. These are three of the most common problems with wrinkles:


Wrinkled skin can get quite itchy if it’s no longer smooth and dry. Dogs could try to scratch that itch by biting or pawing at their skin or rubbing their faces alongside the carpet, which could cause cuts and abrasions.


Irritated pores and skin, which could appear pink, bumpy, or inflamed, can occur while debris of dirt or bits of food get caught in the wrinkles, or it could suggest that your canine has an infection.


Your dog can get pretty smelly if dirt or food isn’t wiped clean. Yeast or bacterial infections, which are predisposed to develop in wrinkly skin, can smell terrible.

You could ask your veterinarian for advice if you notice any of these problems. Your canine might want the wrinkles cleaned out, but those signs and symptoms can also suggest contamination or any other commonplace skin hassle that calls for remedy.

Treating Skin Issues

To effectively treat skin difficulties, you want to recognize what’s causing them. Your veterinarian can help diagnose the trouble by analyzing your dog and taking a sample from the affected area. They can determine whether or not it’s a yeast or bacterial contamination and what kind of antibiotic could clean it up. Your dog might need a topical or oral antibiotic and an ointment to soothe the itchy feeling. Infections typically leave in a week or two with proper care.

Basic Wrinkly Dog Care

Basic Wrinkly Dog Care

How do you avoid pores and skin issues with wrinkly puppies? The key is to make sure the wrinkles are clean and dry. Ask your veterinarian for a proper skincare regimen for your dog; however, most will want an everyday easy-up and routine bathing.

Daily Clean-Up

Smoothing your dog’s wrinkles at least once daily is good practice. This is also a perfect time to test your dog for problems like fleas, ticks, or signs and symptoms of an infection. You’ll want something to help wipe out the wrinkles, including:

Baby wipes:
    Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic wipes are made for a child’s sensitive pores and skin, making them a terrific preference for your canine. They’re handy and usually clean to dispense.
    Dog wipes:
      You should purchase special canine wipes at a pet delivery store. They’re mild and explicitly designed for puppies.
        You can use a soft washcloth to smooth your wrinkly dog. Be sure to scrub it often and dry the skin later in case you want to dampen the material to finish the process. Avoid rubbing alcohol, which can dry out the pores and skin.
        Cotton balls:
          They’re no longer only for getting rid of make-up and nail polish! Cotton balls are multipurpose wonders that can be used to clean wrinkles too quickly. Just be cautious, and don’t leave bits of fuzz behind as you go.
          Sterile gauze:
            The identical gauze you keep in your first-useful resource package for cuts can be used to clean wrinkles.
              Q-tips aren't ideal for a thorough cleaning, but they can help you remove stubborn dirt tucked in a wrinkle. Please be cautious and gentle if you use a Q-tip, as it can injure the pores and skin.

                To do the cleaning, lightly separate each fold. Check the skin for problems and clean out dirt or meals with a swiping motion. Do as many swipes as it takes to ease the vicinity; however, take care now not to cause any irritation. Once it’s clean, ensure it’s dry too. Then you may circulate onto the subsequent wrinkle.

                Regular Bathing

                In addition to each day of care, you should bathe your wrinkly dog as regularly as every one to four weeks. Your veterinarian can tell you how long you should wait between baths for your dog. You don’t need to over-shower your dog and purposely dry his skin; however, you may not need those wrinkles to harbor dust. 

                Choose a shampoo made for puppies—the gentler, the better, because wrinkly pores and skin tend to be sensitive to harsh soaps and fragrances. Talk to your vet or groomer if you need assistance deciding on merchandise that works properly for your canine. 

                Be certain to wash carefully among the wrinkles, lifting the canine skin folds as you move. Rinse away any cleaning soap residue to help prevent itching and irritation. Towel-dry your wrinkly dog well and bypass the hairdryer if you think it could dry out the skin.

                Wonderful Wrinkly Dog Breeds

                Wondering which breeds are recognized for their magnificent, stretchy pores and skin? Look no further; we’ve compiled a list of our favorite crumpled dogs.



                If you asked a person to think of a wrinkly dog, they'd choose a Pug.  Despite not having as many wrinkles as a Shar Pei, this Chinese breed has become well known for its wrinkly, compressed faces. In truth, legend has it that these dogs were at first bred to attempt to get those wrinkles on their heads to look like the Chinese man or woman for “Prince.”

                Pugs have been a famous pet since 400 BC, considering they’re small, fascinating, loving, and a little lazy! They are liable to be a bit podgy, so make certain you are taking your Pug on lots of walks and manipulating their grasping nature so that they don’t start getting too many rolls.

                Their long-haired cousin, the Pekingese, is also a true wrinkle face dog, but you couldn't see their wrinkles underneath all that fur!

                Breed stats

                • Height: 25-33cm
                • Weight: 6-8kg
                • Lifespan: 12–15 years
                • Energy Level: Sociable, loving, mischievous

                Shar Pei

                Shar Pei

                The Shar-Pei is the most wrinkly dog breed in the world! The Chinese Shar-Pei are famous for their wrinkles covering their entire body. They’re a historical breed with over 2000 years of records, and those puppies have been used for nearly every puppy task, including preventing, herding, and guarding, and now as a dog accomplice!

                Don’t be fooled by all the wrinkles; Shar Peis aren't any lazybones. These puppies are powerful, and they may be sturdy-willed. But even with their impartial streak, those noble puppies are extraordinarily dependable and clearly protective of their human beings.

                Breed stats

                • Height: 45-51cm
                • Weight: 20-27kg
                • Lifespan: 8–12 years
                • Energy Level: Independent, calm, loyal



                Bloodhounds are famous for two things: The first is their incredible-powered nose, and the second is their floppy face. They’re the creators of the hangdog appearance with their sunken eyes, wrinkly faces, and floppy jowls, complete with a string of drool.

                The bloodhound's excellent sense of odor has been used to find and follow human scents since Roman technology. Their nose is so good it may truly be used in court! But that does imply that those puppies may be stubborn if they catch a whiff of something exciting.

                However, these determined dogs are like a wholly exclusive domestic animal. They’ll laze around and put up with nearly anything with the persistence of a saint. They’re docile puppies and especially calm with youngsters.

                Breed stats

                • Height: 58-69cm
                • Weight: 36-50kg
                • Lifespan: 10–12 years
                • Energy Level: Curious, independent, calm

                Basset Hound

                Basset Hound

                If there’s any canine to compete with the Bloodhound for the floppiest face, it’s the Basset Hound. Bassets look completely specific, with wrinkles galore, an extended sausage frame, huge paws, and tiny legs that may slightly carry their stomachs off the floor!

                This wrinkly dog breed has tremendously elastic pores and skin that’s meant to protect them from thorns and bracken while they're out playing. But it also means they have lots of wrinkles and rolls to scrunch! And notwithstanding the Basset's sorrowful eyes and furrowed brow, they’re sweet and cheerful pups.

                Although notoriously lazy, Basset’s perk up after they’re out of doors and can comply with an interesting scent for miles and miles. They also tend to move a piece deaf to something after they’re sniffing, along with your protests to go domestic!

                Breed stats

                • Height: 33-38cm
                • Weight: 18-30kg
                • Lifespan: 12-13 years
                • Energy Level: Laid-back, social, patient

                French Bulldog

                French Bulldog

                The French Bulldog is the most well-known wrinkly canine breed, whose squishy face has made them the most observed dog breed on Instagram and one of the most popular breeds in the UK!

                The Frenchie traces its ancestry again to English Bulldogs, but the breed became refined in France and has become a popular companion with artists and aristocrats alike. They’re liked for their cheeky mindset and lovely look, and even the most mischievous Frenchie gets out of trouble by displaying their puppy eyes and bat ears.

                These little puppies match small homes and might stay almost everywhere, making them the epitome of an elegant city dog. But those huge ears and heavy wrinkles make them totally irresistible!

                Breed stats

                • Height: 28-33cm
                • Weight: 7-13kg
                • Lifespan: 10–13 years
                • Energy Level: Playful, impartial, affectionate



                The Bulldog is the larger, beefier cousin of the Frenchie, but they’re a similarly wrinkly dog breed. English Bulldogs are brawny pooches whose faces and bodies are famously blanketed in rolls and heavy wrinkles.

                These bruisers were once bred to combat bulls, but now they make calm family pets, which are more likely to score some zzzs than displaying off their power.

                Few dogs are as iconic as the Bulldog, which has become the image of Britain. 

                They also appear to be practicing their first-rate “stiff upper lip” expression with that sour mug face! Although they could appear grumpy, these dogs are large butterballs and pretty glad to curl up for a cuddle and make lazy but unswerving partners.

                Breed stats

                • Height: 30-40cm
                • Weight: 18-25kg
                • Lifespan: 8 - 10 years
                • Energy Level: Quiet, lazy, dependable

                Neapolitan Mastiff

                Neapolitan Mastiff

                Neapolitan Mastiffs are powerful dogs whose imposing looks are mellowed out by their loads of wrinkles. They’re likely the most wrinkly dog breed after the Shar Pei!

                This Italian breed was utilized by ancient civilizations just like the Romans as conflict puppies, guards, or even gladiators. Although these muscular Mastiffs appear bold, they’re gentle giants.

                These pooches are shielding and fearless, even though they are wary of strangers and willing to attempt to scare off any “intruder” with their massive bark and presence. Despite this, those Neapolitans are calm, sweet, domestic, and affectionate with their family.

                It’s also hard to find this mildly large dog breed too scary because this splendidly wrinkly dog breed has wrinkles and rolls throughout, hundreds of drool, and a perpetual at a loss for words expression!

                Breed stats

                • Height: 61-78cm
                • Weight: 49-64kg
                • Lifespan: 7-9 years
                • Energy Level: Quiet, courageous, watchful

                Dogue de Bordeaux

                Dogue de Bordeaux

                The Dogue de Bordeaux, or “French Mastiff”, is a huge canine with a massive head and an even larger heart. They have the largest head-to-body ratio in the domestic dog international, and their massive noggin seems a bit like a Bulldog’s, with an undershot jaw and lots of wobbly wrinkles!

                If you’ve ever seen the Tom Hanks movie “Turner & Hooch,” you’ll recognize that Hooch is a top instance of this dribbly, wrinkly canine breed. And similar to Hooch, the Dogue de Bordeaux is loving, a bit goofy but also courageous and deeply devoted to their human beings.

                Despite their beefcake look, Bordeaux are sweet and sensitive dogs. But even though they’re mild giants, they occasionally don’t comprehend their size and power! Which method you’ll want to use depends on whether you have kids. Also, assume this large hound will act like a lapdog despite being as massive as you!

                Breed stats

                • Height: 58-70cm
                • Weight: 45kg-50kg 
                • Lifespan: 5-8 years
                • Energy Level: Brave, loving, dependable


                English Mastiff

                English Mastiff

                Like their French cousins, the English Mastiff is some other bruiser with a heart of gold and a floppy face! Looking at them, it’s easy to see why they make our list of wrinkly canine breeds, with their wrinkly faces and rolls of pores and skin on their shoulders and neck. In truth, with their fawn shade, black muzzle, and smooshy face, they seem like extraordinary-sized Pugs!

                Despite their size and muscularity, Mastiffs don’t want a lot of exercise. They’re also quiet and calm at home and get along surprisingly well with youngsters. You still need to be careful, seeing that those large dogs can outweigh a person!

                These noble pooches were British-born and bred, and the Romans were so impressed with their bravery and strength that they sent them back to Rome to combat within the Coliseum. The breed almost went extinct after WW2, with the only most effective single female dog left in the UK, and they continue to be extraordinary but profitable pets to this day.

                Breed stats

                • Height: 70-91cm
                • Weight: 54-100kg
                • Lifespan: 8–12 years
                • Energy Level: Brave, consistent, and dependable



                Given how many Mastiffs made it onto the list of wrinkly dog breeds, it feels right to finish with another! The Bullmastiff looks like an English mastiff; they have a flatter face because they share some ancestry with the Bulldog. With two wrinkly canine breeds in their family, it’s no surprise that the Bullmastiff is well-known for its eight to ten legs and rolls!

                Like many Mastiffs, they were used to defend puppies, and their mind-blowing length and power acted as a deterrent for could-be poachers and burglars. Their fearless nature also made them ideal for protecting their homes and loved ones.

                Bullmastiffs breed starts with v are a dog with two aspects, although, with their own family, they’re quiet, calm, and affectionate. But they’re cautious of strangers and feature a robust guarding nature, which makes early socialization vital to carrying out the fine work of these strongly constructed softies.

                Breed stats

                • Height: 61-68cm
                • Weight: 45-60kg
                • Lifespan: 8–10 years
                • Energy Level: Brave, affectionate, dependable

                Frequently Asked Questions

                What breed of dog has a saggy face?

                The breed of dog recognized for having a saggy face is the Bloodhound. Bloodhounds are easily recognizable with their first-rate pores, skin, and droopy jowls. These talents beneficially aid their terrific sense of odor, permitting them to carry scents over lengthy distances. Bloodhounds are exquisite scent-tracking dogs. Their saggy facial skin facilitates the enticing fragrance debris and funnels it toward their rather sensitive noses. 

                What is the most wrinkly puppy?

                The Shar-pei is the world's most notorious wrinkly dog breed because its bodies are full of rolls. These puppies are also called the Chinese Shar-pei, and their second most substantive characteristic is their thick, huge snout.

                Why is my dog so wrinkly?

                Wrinkled dogs have a genetic condition called mucinosis. Discovered by scientists in 2008, mucinosis is a gene mutation that produces extra hyaluronic acid, a chemical that plays a vital role in keeping the pores and skin healthy.

                Are wrinkly dog breeds more prone to skin problems?

                Any breed with wrinkles, including English bulldogs, Pekingese, Shar Pei, pugs, Neopolitan Mastiffs, bloodhounds, and bullmastiffs, has a greater threat of developing pyoderma. Dogs of any breed that develop wrinkles or canine skin folds due to a weight advantage are also more likely to have pores and skin issues.

                How should I care for a wrinkly dog's skin?

                Wrinkly dogs require a little extra pampering than the common doggy. You must focus on keeping the skin among the wrinkles smooth and dry. Without ordinary cleansing, crevices between the wrinkles will quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria, leading to irritation, infection, and lengthy-term pores and skin problems. 

                A bathtub every two to four weeks should be enough, even though this is more challenging than it sounds for large breed owners. Instead, use infant wipes and cotton wool for a fast-fire, smooth cleaning at the vet rather than any wipes, such as the ones advertised as alcohol-free or hypoallergenic. Alternatively, you may buy unique dog wipes from puppy supply shops.

                Are wrinkly dog breeds good family pets?

                The English Bulldog is tough and muscular but commonly has a friendly, calm nature. Although they're beefier than a few on the outside, they can make true family pets and frequently have a laid-back nature.

                Can wrinkly dog breeds be prone to respiratory issues?

                Brachycephalic dog respiration syndrome is a situation that impacts many breeds of small dogs. This syndrome causes respiration difficulties due to too-small nostrils and a tender and too-long palate, which prevent the glottis from closing normally. The food therefore ingested may turn out to be in small portions within the lungs, degenerating into pneumonia. While not all people of the same breed are affected, be vigilant if you own a canine of one of the following breeds:

                • Boston Terriers;
                • French Bulldogs;
                • English Bulldogs;
                • Boxers;
                • Pugs;
                • Lhasa Apso;
                • Pekingese;
                • Shar Pei; 
                • Shihs tsu.

                Not all puppies of the breeds noted are susceptible to those illnesses; however, you must be vigilant. The first signs appear when the canine becomes an adult. If snoring is normal, especially within the Pug, a preventive visit to the veterinarian will allow you to determine if the canine is affected. It is essential to ensure the health of your treasured companion.

                Are wrinkly dog breeds high-maintenance in terms of health care?

                Wrinkly puppies are available in all sizes and styles. But there are some things they have in common: they are lovely, loving, and make extraordinary pets in the proper arms. Some of them are a little excessively preserved. But while you love something like this a great deal, an extra bath or grooming session is just another excuse to spend more time with your satisfactory buddy.


                Now that we’ve mentioned the traits and variations among dogs with lots of wrinkles, it’s important to mention the importance of daily skincare habits. Wrinkly dogs require more care in terms of grooming because dirt, oil, and microorganisms can build up between their skin flaps, inflicting skin irritation or rashes. Because of this, it’s essential to take a warm washcloth to clean out all their unexposed crevices. Make positive to dry their skin thoroughly later on, as leaving it damp can cause bacterial infections.

                Wrinkly dogs may be lovable lapdogs, mild giants, intimidating watchdogs, funny playmates, and general first-rate pets to have around your family and other pets. As long as you properly care for their skincare wishes, wrinkly dogs can be a great addition to your family.

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