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article by Sumi Mukherjee

10 Adorable Dog Breeds With Long Snouts

Check Out the Top 10 Adorable Dog Breeds with Longer Snouts!

A dog's snout is one of the most precious and attractive things, whether smooshed in or elongated like a sausage. They are mostly sighthound, with amazing hunting skills, and can roam around all day without any clue. They have a big heart and can be your canine companion with their big schnoz. 

In ancient days, it is said that most of these breeds were done to make hunting easier. The long snouts can easily detect objects with their strong sense of smell. The targeted breeding was mainly done at that time to enhance tracking and hunting. However, all the breeds were not specifically done for the same purpose. Let's dig into 10 charming and bewitching dog personalities that will surely fill your heart with joy.

Top 10 Adorable Dog Breeds with Long Snouts

1. Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is a gorgeous creature with long hair, curly tales, and a dog with a long nose. These dogs also have luxurious coats over their body, which need to be maintained. Afghan Hound is a free-spirited dog that loves to hunt. They possess certain dignity and are generally aloof from strangers. Their favorite pastime includes walking, running, and spending time with their loved ones. 

2.  Saluki


Saluki is an ancient and rare dog breed with a long-nosed dog, feathered ears, and strongly built features. This dog was one of the favorite pets of the kings, nobles, and pharaohs at that time. These dogs are mostly athletic and enjoy playing with interactive toys, running, walking, and hiking. You can blindly trust them. They are very loyal, wise, and independent. They can easily mingle with any family because they have easygoing personalities. 

3. Borzoi


Borzoi is popularly known as Russian wolfhounds. The main attraction of the dogs is their long and elongated snouts. The most elongated snouts of Borzoi recorded till now are 12.2 inches. This breed belongs to the ancient ages and was once prized companions of Russia’s elite socialites and noblemen. The dog with a long snout is very gentle fun-loving, has a cat-like temperament, is warm, and has an easygoing personality. They can be your ideal family pet. On the other hand, no one can beat them in speed. They can run all around your room and love cuddling on the couch and jumping over somebody. 

4. Whippet


Whippet is a familiar breed like that of the Greyhound and the Italian Greyhound. They are said to be the descendants of the Greyhound, and they also long snout dogs. Whippet weighs around 20-30 pounds. It can be your adorable pet at home because it possesses qualities like friendliness, caring, affection, and loyalty, and its basic needs are also very simple. They are popularly known as “Goldilocks” because of these qualities. They can run smoothly, and a short walk would be nice for their daily exercise. 

5.  Dachshund 


 Dachshunds are also known as Weiner dogs and have a long faces. They are long-nosed dogs, with floppy ears. They are tiny but mighty and sausage-shaped. They make an absolute pet buddy because of their friendly nature. Sometimes, Dachshunds can get a little loud and aggressive, but proper training can prevent this from happening. 

Two short walks a day are enough for them, and their spine must be delicately handled because they are prone to intervertebral disc diseases. Otherwise, they are called “doxies” because of their cute shape, playful, and independent nature. 

6. Collie


Collies are very attractive and possess furry long coats all over their body. They are intelligent, caring, and exceptional pet dogs with adorable long snouts. They also love running, hunting, and cuddling around you on the couch. Collies are empathetic and beautiful creatures. They can be your best furry playmate that can uplift your mood swings. 


7.  Ibizan Hound

Ibizan Hound

 Ibizan Hound is quite similar to Pharaoh Hound, with a timid personality. It loves running around and chasing something movable. Ibizan Hound features long noses and long ears.

They are not so friendly to strangers but can be your amazing pet buddy. 

8.  Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

 Pharaoh Hound is an ancient dog breed consisting of long noses and distinct ears with various colors and patterns. They are very playful and energetic. They are very intelligent dogs. They love running, walking, and playing with interactive toys. They can be a good pet buddy because of their friendly, loyal, caring nature. Pharaoh Hound also loves relaxing and snoozing in their comfiest zones.

9.  Greyhound


Greyhounds are one of the most popular breeds in rich history that were bred for hunting. Greyhounds have cute, long noses. These dogs are also known as racing dogs. They have very thin skin that must not be exposed to extreme hot and cold temperatures. Although Greyhound loves running and hunting, they are surprisingly calm and love cuddling with their loved ones. It loves socializing and can be the best furry mate that you can adopt. 

10. Bloodhound


 The Bloodhound's nose is also quite long, with facial wrinkles all over the body. They have an incredible sense of smell, so that they can identify anything from the smell of it. Bloodhounds are a little drooling in nature but can be your ultimate pet buddy if loved and cared for properly. They get involved with any kind of interactive mind games and also physical games. Bloodhounds are playful, love running and hiking, and can be your best buddy on a day tour. 


This piece introduced us to 10 distinctive and adorable long-snouted dogs. Most of them have friendly, playful, lovable, caring, wise, loyal, and easy-going personalities. They make an amazing buddy to their pet parents. Their long snouts have a lot of benefits as they help them to be a sighthound and be more prone to detect anything by its smell and can act as a good watchdog. 

The long snout also makes them look prettier. Also, there are some disadvantages related to these long snouts. The longer the snouts, the dogs become more prominent to respiratory diseases, which need to be properly taken care of. They make amazing home dogs for their easygoing personalities and can win your heart with their long noses and cute gazes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dogs with big noses more prone to certain health issues?

Dog breeds with long snouts need more love and care from their pet parents as they are prone to several respiratory problems. Other health issues like infections, allergies, etc can also happen to these dogs. So, they need a certain degree of care, attention, and proper treatment at the right time. 

Do long-snouted breeds can be a friend of your kid?

Most of the dog breeds with long snouts are very social, empathetic, friendly, interactive, caring, and lovable. Not only children, your furry buddy can be any age group’s friend. Dogs can be your ultimate mood lifter, soul-soother, and wise buddy. There is no doubt about it. 

Do dog breeds with long snouts have better senses of smell?

Dogs with long snouts have more senses of smell compared to other dogs. The bigger the nose, the more active their senses. They can hold more scent-detecting cells. This further helps them to identify anything by smelling with their wide noses. Whatever the dog's size, they can detect anything with their smell if they have elongated noses. 

Are special grooming required for dog breeds with long snouts?

Some of the long-snouted dogs require special grooming, such as Dachshund, Bloodhound, Pharaoh Hound, etc. They are very playful and interactive but can be aggressive at times. They need proper training, care, love, and attention to become more empathetic and lovable buddies. Otherwise, they are super cool and smart with all their features. 

Do all long-snouted dogs make good watchdogs?

Most of the long-snouted dogs, like Bloodhound, Greyhound, Pharaoh Hound, Ibizan Hound, Collie, etc., were mainly bred for hunting in ancient times. The long nose and their playful nature make them more of a watchdog. They can detect anything by smelling it. Though they are calm and lovable with their pet parents, they can sometimes get aggressive if they see any mishap happening.

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