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Do Golden Retrievers Shed? Know Why & Tips to Reduce Shedding

Do Golden Retrievers Shed?


There are a lot of things that are lovable about a golden retriever but shedding is definitely not one of them. It can be very annoying when you find fuzzy hair strands in every nook and corner of your house, starting from your couches to your clothes. In some rare cases, you might find one or two in your food too!

Golden retrievers shed throughout the year but it is during fall and spring that they shed the absolute most. However, there are several ways as to how you can keep the shedding to a minimum level. Sometimes, in order to decrease the shedding, pet parents tend to ruin the coats of their dogs. Here, we will tell you about those mistakes as well and the ways to avoid them. But before that, you need to know why golden retrievers shed. Let’s begin! 

Why Do Golden Retrievers Shed? 

Everyone is well aware of the fact that golden retrievers shed a lot. Golden owners often find themselves peeling fuzzy hair off their clothes, especially the black ones. There is a lot more to the fur of golden retrievers than their beautiful, soft, and shiny appearance. 

Golden retrievers basically have two coats over their body. The undercoat is soft and fluffy while the outer coat is smooth and long. Both coats have distinct functions. The outer coat protects them from all the dust and dirt, and the undercoat is responsible for protecting them from severe temperature fluctuations.

If we talk about shedding, the undercoat sheds the most. However, the presence of a double coat is self-explanatory as to why golden retrievers shed a lot.   

Every animal shed body hair to some extent, which makes it a totally natural process. Now, the best part about retrievers is that their sheds are quite easy to get rid of.

When Do Golden Retrievers Shed? 

As mentioned before, spring and fall are their time to blow their coats and hence it is known as “golden retriever shedding season”. This happens because of the transitional seasons as their bodies try to cope with the changing surroundings.

The reason behind golden retrievers shedding during the fall is that their coats thicken up and get rid of the summer coat. On the other hand, golden retrievers shed off the excess fur they get during winter to keep themselves cool throughout the hot and humid summer. However, they shed for most of the time but in a moderate amount.

Golden retrievers do not shed much in their puppy stage till they are one and a half years old. By then, they develop their coats fully and reach the maximum shedding potential. 

13 Tips For Managing Your Golden Retrievers Shedding

You can never stop the shedding of golden retrievers, but there are certain tricks and tips that are known to keep the amount of shedding under check. The following section has 13 tips to help you control the shedding of golden retrievers:

Brush Your Golden on a Regular Basis 

    Brush Your Golden on a Regular Basis

    Just like dead cells, furry dogs have dead furs on their body. With regular brushing, you can bring down your golden retriever’s shedding level. Also, you can prevent it from spreading around your house. The combination of the following three brushes used at least thrice a week has proven to be effective in decreasing the shed: 

    • Feathers need a metal comb
    • Topcoats are combed by a slicker brush 
    • Special undercoat rake for the undercoat

    Rub Them Down after Brushing 

    After brushing, rub the furs down in their direction. This will help you to get rid of the excess loose fur that remains stuck to the coat and would otherwise spread all over the house when the golden retriever shakes itself. 

    They Need to Bathe Every Alternate Month 

      Your Dog  Need to Bathe Every Alternate Month

      Running your fingers through wet fur gets off the dead fur very easily. Don’t bathe them too often and rinse them properly to wash off any residual soap. Also, dry them properly to prevent future complications.

      Always Try to Use High Quality Dog Shampoos 

        Using cheap and poor-quality shampoos can dry out your golden retrievers' skin and leave it flaky. This may also make them prone to parasite infestation. Therefore, always use shampoos that are exclusively made for dogs. 

        Make them Go for a Swim Sometimes 

          Make your dog Go for a Swim Sometimes

           As said before, water helps to get rid of excess fur that brushes cannot. So, taking them for a swim from time to time might ease up your work of brushing them. Also, remember to dry them properly to keep them healthy. 

          Always Seek Help from a Grooming Specialist

          If you are unable to brush them properly and need assistance, you can always take them to a grooming specialist who will take care of their nails and paws as well along with trimming the fur. 

          Nourish Them with the Best Quality Dog Food 

            Nourish your dog with the Best Quality Dog Food

             Good quality dog foods keep your retriever healthy and maintain normal shedding rate while unhealthy foods can increase the rate of shedding abnormally. 

            Never Stress Them Out 

              Dogs, when put under stress, shed more than usual. Likewise, golden retrievers shed in a large quantity when stressed and anxious. Therefore, try to keep them happy and cheerful and prevent them from stressing out.  

              Conduct Regular Checks for Signs of Allergies

              Food and the environment can sometimes cause allergies which consequently increases the shedding rate. Therefore, check your golden retriever regularly for signs of allergies and if found, rush to the vet and seek possible solutions.

              Look Out for Any Kind of Infestation 

                Dogs are very much prone to fleas and tick infestation which causes severe skin irritation, itchiness, rashes, and excessive shedding. Dogs should be provided with medication for such infestation, but if the problem appears to be increasing, they must be rushed to the vet as soon as possible.

                Watch Out During Neutering or Spaying (increases shedding) 

                  Neutering or spaying induces hormonal changes, which can influence shedding habits significantly. So, they may shed a bit more just after the procedure but will soon return back to their normal shedding rate. 

                  Don’t use Chemical Agents or Pills to Reduce Shedding 

                    Chemical agents or pills contain several harmful compounds that are proven to be unhealthy for your golden retriever. Therefore, instead of going for these harmful methods, try out one of the above-mentioned tips.

                    Make Yourself Used to This Furry Life 

                      Having fur all over your house is inevitable if you own a dog. However, the satisfaction you get after hugging your dog cannot be matched with anything else in this world. So, maybe shedding is a very small price to pay for such great happiness. 

                      Can You Shave Your Golden Retriever to Decrease Shedding?

                        Shaving might appear as the easiest option to deal with excessive shedding, but this may not be the right solution. It can damage their coat which will thereby lose its function to protect the dog’s skin. 


                        Even though golden retrievers shed a lot, the happiness or joy that comes from being with them remains unmatched. This post covered everything that you need to know to keep your golden retrievers safe and minimize their shedding. As pet parents, the best thing you can do is keep a watchful eye on your pup. In case anything out of the ordinary grabs your attention, take a call on what’s best for your golden retriever. Which one of the above tips will you try? 

                        Frequently Asked Questions

                        How often should I brush my Golden Retriever? 

                        A golden retriever should be brushed two to three times daily. You can brush them even more if you have got a huge amount of time to take care of them.

                        Do Golden Retrievers shed more than other dog breeds?

                        While every dog breed has a certain degree of shed, as per reports, golden retrievers shed the most.

                        Is there a way to stop Golden Retrievers from shedding altogether?

                        It is not possible to stop your golden retriever from shedding completely. But you can reduce the degree of the shedding by following a dedicated grooming routine, regular brushing and using high quality dog food and dog shampoo.

                        Why does my golden retriever shed so much during winters?

                        It is perfectly normal to shed more during winters. However, if you think your golden is shedding way too excessively, consider visiting a vet for the same. Excessive shedding might happen due to poor choice of food, grooming products and underlying health issues.

                        Do golden retrievers shed as much as labradors?

                        Although labradors have shorter hair length compared to golden retrievers, they have almost the same degree of shedding. That said, it is not a common rule for every dog belonging to a certain breed. Factors associated with individual dogs have the most direct impact on shedding and other such issues.

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