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article by uday kadali

Why Does My Dog Walk and Poop: Key Reasons & Remedies Explained!

Why Does My Dog Walk and Poop: Key Reasons & Remedies Explained!

 Taking your dog for a stroll in the park or nearby streets is always a pleasant experience. Fresh air, exercise and playing time with your beloved canine can help you relieve some stress from your hectic daily life. But don’t forget to carry poop bags with you every time you go out because it is quite common for dogs to poop while walking. Now, an obvious question that may  come to your mind is: why does my dog walk and poop? Is it because he/she is experiencing some medical condition? 

Well the answer is no. Do not worry but it is completely normal for canines to poop while out for a walk. In this article, we shall be discussing some important aspects related to why dogs poop while walking and effective remedies for the same. 

Top Reasons Behind Why Dogs Walk and Poop 

Here are some key reasons that can answer your question of why do dogs walk and poop: 

Scent Marking 

If your dog poops while walking, it can mean that he/she is leaving behind a trail of poops on the pathways to mark their territory. Dogs also empty their anal glands while pooping and the foul smell from their anal gland deposits is left behind as a marking. 

With this smell, your dog might be conveying to other canines that he/she was at this place. Not only poop walking, but dogs also indulge in urinating while walking as a sign of marking their territory. 


Dogs can also indulge in poop walking if they are having a bad stomach. If your dog is pooping while in motion, it allows him to get his bowels moving and lessen the bloating process. Walking and pooping helps him to smoothly flush out the excreta. You would notice that sometimes your dog moves around a circle before pooping; this means that he is constipated and the different maneuvers are for the efficient discharge of the poop. 

Weakness or Muscle Pain 

This reason is quite common among senior citizen dogs. Older dogs suffer from muscle weakness or atrophy. They make fewer movements or are less active and it further weakens their muscles. 

The normal squatting poop position of dogs is quite strenuous and is very difficult for old dogs with weakened bodies. Therefore, old dogs poop while walking as an easy way of discharging their excreta. Once old dogs get into the habit of pooping while walking, they rarely change it. 


Dogs also suffer from anxiety issues just like humans. Your fur baby may experience a mild anxiety attack if they are in new surroundings and they may get agitated leading to poop walking. Your dog may not be content to quietly squat and poop in newer surroundings and instead, he may opt for walking and pooping. In this scenario, it is important that you calm down your dog and make him familiar with the newer surroundings. 

Bad Habit That Persists 

For some dogs, this weird behavior may be a result of habits from their younger days. When growing up, some puppies find it difficult to hold onto their bowels and bladders and start pooping when they are walking. With proper training, you can allow your puppies to be more disciplined and make them poop in a squatting position. 

Excitement or Distraction

Some canines may find it a bit challenging to remain still. They are fidgety and always in a state of excitement and due to this they are unable to excrete in a conventional dog pooping pose. Apart from this some dogs may walk and poop if they are distracted at the sight of other dogs and start to move towards their friends in the middle of pooping. Just like humans, dogs also lose concentration and have a strong inclination to move while pooping and peeing. 

This can be taken care of easily with the help of normal training and habit-building processes. 

Droopy or Long Stool 

If you see your dog or puppy poop while walking, it may not be entirely his fault. Sometimes the poop itself is to be blamed. Dogs tend to do more walking if their stool is super long or if the stool itself gets entangled in fur on its way out. Both these reasons hold true when your dog is licking too much or chows down on the grass during a stomach infection. 

Warning Signal for Dangers 

This can be one of the most fascinating reasons why a dog poops while walking. All canines communicate with their fellow beings through the smell emanating from their poop. They alert other dogs about a predator in nearby areas by leaving behind a trail of smell from their anal glands through pooping. 

What are Some of the Remedies to Stop This Behavior? What are Some of the Remedies to Stop This Behavior?

Fortunately, this behavior of walking while pooping is not dangerous to you or your beloved fur baby. If your dog is not experiencing any difficulty in moving around or going to any place, you need not worry about this habit. 

Although these habits may cause embarrassment or annoyance to you, for your dog, it is an important communication tool. The smell from their scent glands allows them to communicate with other dogs. It helps them to get information about other dogs entering and moving in the area. 

You must remember that if you try to overcontrol your dog’s potty habits, it may end up developing some health issues as it may get frightened and confused. Therefore, this habit is not something you need to worry about unless your dog is facing some serious health issues. 



We hope that by reading this article you have got answers to the question “why does my dog walk and poop?” You need not fuss too much about this habit of your beloved furry family members as it is completely normal. However, if this habit is causing too much annoyance and embarrassment, you can try to modify his behavior by providing the dog some light training. Moreover, if your dog is facing some medical conditions, you can make an appointment with a vet and seek assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does my dog move in a circle before pooping?

One reason behind dogs moving in circles before pooping is that they intend to spread the scent from their anal glands in every direction. This trail of scent is a way of communication with other canines. Another reason could be that dogs want to get a good footing and ensure who’s around when they are pooping. 

What does unhealthy dog poop look like?

A dog’s poop which is completely orange or yellow in color may indicate some health condition for the dog. If your dog is excreting poop which is truly orange or yellow, it means he/she might be suffering from liver illness or digestive problems. 

What does healthy dog poop look like?

A dog poop having a pure brown with a yellowish tinge in a segmented caterpillar shape indicates normalcy in health condition. However, stools without any particular form or shape indicate improper functioning of the large intestine. 

Why doesn’t my dog poop all at once?

The simple answer to this question is that your dog may be suffering from constipation. It is one of the most common digestive issues faced by canines and it happens due to dietary changes, increased passivity, side effects of medications and sometimes internal blockage. 

Why did my dog poop on the bed while I was sleeping?

It may be a common sight for you - seeing your dog pooping on the bed while you are asleep. This happens due to some metabolism conditions faced by the dog. Other reasons for this are anxiety, lack of proper sleep and depression due to long periods of being left alone at home.

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