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Why Are Dogs Better Than Cats?


Everyone is well aware of the age-old debate of dogs vs cats. Some people consider dogs to be better while some people love cats to the moon and back. It has been the burning question of all time why dogs are better than cats. In this post, we will cover all the points that have logically proven dogs to be better than cats. Let’s begin! 

 12 Reasons Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

There are countless reasons which tell us that dogs are better than cats. In the following section, we have talked about 12 reasons which prove the same. 

1. Dogs are More Loyal

. Dogs are More Loyal

Dogs will stay with you in your toughest times. Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal animals on the face of Earth. Owing to the fact that dogs are less independent and needy, it makes them hugely attached to their owners which instills a sense of loyalty in them. 

Cats, on the other hand, behave more independently and stay aloof while dogs always stay close to their owners which makes them more loving and loyal. All these make dogs the man’s best friend. 

2. Dogs are More Supportive

Dogs are More Supportive

The loving nature of dogs helps them to provide the best emotional support to human beings. People who stay alone get a great companion in dogs that also drives away their loneliness. On the contrary, cats are much more focused on themselves and don’t care much about their owners. Hence, in this field also, dogs are better than cats. 

3. Dogs are Enthusiastic in Games

Dogs are Enthusiastic in Games

Dogs always have the upper hand when it comes to games. Well, cats are athletic as well but dogs are the best when we talk about playing organized games. The majority of the dogs enjoy frisbee and tug of war. Also, how can we forget about fetch? Fetch has been the most iconic dog game of all time! 

Playing fetch also builds team spirit and athleticism. However, the cats seem to never master this ability because of their nature. This ability of dogs to play with others makes them more lovable. 

4. Dogs Adapt Better to Surroundings

Dogs Adapt Better to Surroundings

Apart from being cheerful, loyal, and active, dogs are also known for their adaptability. Humans have domesticated dogs since time immemorial which has taught them to adjust to changing environments and situations. 

This is another reason why dogs are great pets for people with 

5. Dogs have an Amazing Sense of Smell

Dogs have an Amazing Sense of Smell

The olfactory senses of a dog work 10,000 times more efficiently at smelling human beings. Their incredible sense of smell comes from their 300 million olfactory receptors compared to only 6 million present in humans. 

This special feature makes them fit to work with the police department where the dogs are used to sniff out drugs and other needed evidence. Dogs are not just cute faces but also play very important roles in various spheres of our society. 

Just like humans, cats also don’t have such a strong sense of smell which makes them lose a point in the dog vs cat fight! 

6. Friendlier Than Cats 

Friendlier Than Cats

Japanese researchers showed that dogs had a more positive outlook towards society than cats which makes them friendlier than cats. The study also revealed that dogs are more likely to greet and make eye contact with strangers while cats just run away from that situation as soon as possible. 

Dogs are better than cats for another reason as well. They are more responsive to human feelings and also care about them. This is the reason behind them being great at being part of a human family. 

 7. Great Buddies for Exercise 

Great Buddies for Exercise

Dogs are always ready to go outside and have fun. So, if you are thinking to go for a jog or a run, don’t forget to take tha babies with boundless energy. Their energy always motivates their owners to go the extra mile and stay fit and active. Dogs are always keen to meet new people and socialize with them. 

Cats, on the other hand, don’t like to socialize much and would rather enjoy staring outside from the comfort of their houses. They are completely against staying active and can be found relaxing on a bed or couch for most of the time. This again proves that dogs are better than cats 

8. Dogs Can Be Trained Easily

Dogs Can Be Trained Easily

Dogs are very much reliant on human beings which makes them easier to train. Dogs have a natural tendency to follow their master’s order and please them which makes it convenient to train. If the owners are patient enough and approach the pet dogs with positive reinforcement, the fur babies can be trained to perform some of the simplest tricks and behaviors. 

However, because of the independent nature of the cats, they become very difficult to train. Hence, in this dog vs cat fight, again the dog is the clear winner.  

9. Protective

Dogs are Protective

Dogs are very popular for being excellent guard dogs. Being loyal to their owners, they will protect their owners from any kind of danger or if someone is breaking into their house. Some of the best guard dogs are Doberman, German Shepherd, and Greyhound. Their fierce appearance gives them a much more intimidating look than the tiny cats. 

You should definitely go for a dog if you want to protect your household from the above-mentioned dangers. 

 10. Respond Very Quickly to Any Situation

Dogs Respond Very Quickly to Any Situation

Dogs are very alert, even when they are sleeping. When their owners call for them, they will respond to them as soon as possible. However, cats always think before doing anything and therefore respond much later, even when their master is in danger.  

11. Best Friends for Old Age

Dogs are Best Friends for Old Age

Aging is difficult when people feel that they are losing their structured lives. Dogs can help them retain their structured lives as they need their meals and walks on time. Taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility and this can definitely help to bridge that gap. 

Old age can be lonely. So, keeping a dog can help you to stay cheerful and happy. 

12. Dogs have More Potential 

Dogs have More Potential

Dogs have been there to help mankind for ages whereas cats are not adapted to different types of work. Dogs are witnessed helping the farmers as herders and drovers for a very long time. There are some special dogs that have the ability to sniff out cancer and detect seizures. Well, this is why we should again consider that dogs are better than cats. 


So, the final verdict is, dogs are absolutely better than cats (well, for the most part)! There are innumerable reasons why a dog is better than a cat. Cats may be great companions for cuddling but they cannot come close to the benefits of owning a dog. Dogs are loyal and love to spend their time with family. So, let us tell everyone and put an end to this long-standing debate that dogs are better than cats! 

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