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article by Sumi Mukherjee

10 Swedish Dog Breeds with Enchanting Features

10 Bewitching Swedish Dog Breeds with Enchanting Features

There is a connection between dogs and Sweden in ancient times before the coming of the Vikings. Dogs were used as working animals at that time. In that time, high-status men were buried right beside their canine companions, which has been found in several instances and archeological diggings. This shows how close and loyal they were to their owners and how they were treated with honor and dignity. 

They were a prized possession for their masters, who used to protect, obey, and accompany them in almost everything. The Swedish dog breeds were also preferably used for hunting purposes in the ancient ages. 

Take a quick glance into the 10 enchanting Swedish dog breeds that will enrich your soul. 

Top 10 appealing Swedish dog breeds

1. Smaland hound

Smaland hound

Smaland hounds are said to be one of the oldest Swedish dogs that originated from the 16th century. These dogs were preferably used for scenting and hunting purposes. They are tiny in size and are found rarely. Altogether, 60 puppies are annually registered all across the country. They can grow intimate and strong bonds with their owners. These Swedish dog breeds also require a lot of exercise to keep them going. 

2.  Swedish Vallhund

Swedish Vallhund

The Swedish Vallhund is one of the most ancient and popular Swedish hunting dogs mainly used to hunt castles. They have a sweet nickname, “Swedish Cow Dog.” They were earlier used for droving cattle. They are the most amazing and lovable family pets in today's era. These tiny and robust breeds are often used for agility and obedience trials. 


3. Norrbottenspets


These Swedish dog breeds are Nordic and generally found in the Northern parts of Sweden. They are born with agile strength, stamina, and endurance to endure in the coldest terrain. Norrbottenspets originated as hunting dogs. These dogs are generally tough and fearless. Norrbottenspets are hunters of huge woodland grouse, black grouse, and capercaillie. 


4.  Drever


Drever are short-legged scent hounds and are one of the most popular Swedish dog breeds. Drevers are generally scenting dogs and tracking and hunting dogs, but they can also be good family pets. They are generally firm-headed and stubborn; they need proper training to become a family pet. They make a good watchdog because of their loyal nature. The Swedish dog is also very energetic and needs full exercise to be in form. 


5. Jämthund (Swedish Elkhound)

Jämthund (Swedish Elkhound)

The Swedish Elkhound, or Jämthund, is one of the most popular Swedish breeds that were used for sled pulling and hunting. They are spitz-type dogs that live in Northern Europe. These Swedish dog breeds require hard exercise to keep them out of mischief as they are highly energetic. They display dominance with other dogs or prey. Otherwise, they are mostly calm and friendly. 


6.  Schiller Hound

Schiller Hound

This Swedish dog is popularly known as schillerstovare in native Sweden. These are scenting dogs that are primarily used for hunting activities. Schiller Hound can also become your ideal family pet as they are extremely loyal to their owners, and they are one-person dogs. This quality makes them temperamental around their other family members and dogs. 


7.  Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Hound

Hamilton Hound has a very strict work ethic. These dogs were mainly bred for scenting and hunting purposes. Also, these Swedish dog breeds are very friendly, gentle, and loyal to their owners. This Swedish hound is also quite stubborn and headstrong. It takes a good and experienced trainer who can be a dog owner, too, to train them well. 


8.  Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Lapphund

Swedish Lapphund is a hunting breed that is popularly known as the ‘Black Beauty of Norrland’. Their body is spread with a thick, dense overcoat. These Swedish dog breeds were traditionally used as loyal guards and hunting. The Swedish Lapphund is known for its energetic and resilient nature. 


9.  Gotland Hound

Gotland Hound

The Gotland Hound is among the oldest and most versatile hunting and scenting swedish dogs. These Swedish dog breeds are rare in existence today because they were reduced in numbers in the 1920s by The Swedish Kennel Club. This has led to their extinction in numbers, with around 20 remaining in the 1980’ s. Today, they are almost fewer in number (less than 200) and rarely seen. 


10.  Danish-Swedish Farm dog

Danish-Swedish Farm dog

This Swedish dog breed is a powerhouse of energy and needs proper training. They were traditionally bred for hunting and ratter dogs. The breed was identified in 1987 in Danish and Sweden. Both countries agreed to the same name of the dog and continued breeding them. If properly trained by the hose owner, this dignified dog can also become your lovable pet.



Swedish dogs are anciently bred for hunting, scenting, and ratting purposes. They have high endurance so that they can survive in the coldest temperatures. They are mostly playful, highly energetic, strong, and acquire hunting qualities. They can be stubborn and headstrong, but they can be amazing house pets if properly trained. The dogs of Sweden need active owners to do specific exercises such as running, hiking, and long walking to keep them in form. They make a good watchdog and a loyal canine companion. 

Frequently Asked Questionss

Are Swedish dog breeds safe for families with children?

Swedish dog breeds possess hunting skills. They have all athletic skills and are fit for active family members. However, their stubborn, headstrong nature, and highly active nature can be a threat to the children. 

How to take care of a Swedish Vallhund's coat?

Shower them nicely and brush their furs and long coats to protect them from dirt. Twice a year, they will shed their hair, and at that time bath, dry your dog, which will benefit from daily brushing to remove hair and distribute oils. Extra brushing of Swedish Vallhund's coat during the time of shedding helps to keep the hair under control.

What temperament does the Swedish Lapphund possess?

The Swedish Lapphund is energetic with large round eyes, bushy tails, and a muscular back. They are independent thinkers, headstrong, and stubborn. But they are also kind, affectionate, playful, and have a lovable personality. 

Can you train Swedish dog breeds?

The Swedish dog breeds were anciently used as ratter and hunter dogs. They are very intelligent and trainable. They are extremely energetic creatures and can endure very cold temperatures. Surprisingly, they are also very gentle and loyal if trained properly. 

Which specific exercises do Swedish dog breeds prefer?

The Swedish dog breeds are extremely energetic and temperamental. They need special attention and care from their house owners. To keep them under control, their body needs to undergo specific exercises such as running, hiking, long walking, etc. 

Do Swedish dog breeds face any health-related issues?

As per recent research, there are no generic issues or health concerns related to Swedish dog breeds. They are born of agile strength and endurance quality. They can survive in extremely cold temperatures. 

What are the sources to find reputable breeders of Swedish dog breeds?
You can contact breed-specific clubs and organizations of Swedish dog breeds to find a reputable breeder. Also, you can attend several dog shows and contact any organization or club members in person to find one. Lastly, you can search online for dog-specific clubs and organizations that can help you.

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