Top 5 active pet lovers forum 2021

Pet lovers are everywhere around the world and are always willing to share information, provide advice and give tips to fellow animal lovers in order to make life easier for a dog, cat, or any other living being.

Or they just want to share pictures of their pets and show how cute they are. 

No matter which category you fall into and what you want to discuss, internet forums are a great place for that. A huge variety of topics, topics dedicated to particular breeds, health problems, training tips… whichever pet-related issue you can think of, it’s probably already been discussed on a forum somewhere.

5 active pet lover forums

In order to truly become a part of a community and get answers reasonably quickly, you need to join an active forum. Not only that, but some forum communities organize regular meetups, so you could easily make new friends this way.

But if you don’t know where to look, finding the right pet forum can be a chore. To save you time and effort, here are the top five active forums you should visit!


If we’re talking about forums, Reddit will probably be the first place you think of. Indeed, this is a fantastic place to browse if you want to read what pet owners and lovers from all over the world have to say.

reddit pet forum

There is a wide variety of topics covering everything from training to vet tips and health issues. Naturally, since this is Reddit we’re talking about, pretty much all types of pets are well covered.

Definitely, if you’re looking for a pet forum, you can’t go wrong with Reddit.

Pet Forums Community

Pet Forums Community is the most popular meeting place for pet owners in the UK. The topics range from classic dog and cat forums to forums dedicated to horses, reptiles, fish, small animals like rabbits, rodents or ferrets, and even poultry.

Pet Forums Community

News and Lost and Found are also sections you might be interested in, but what’s really awesome is the fact that you can see which animal-related jobs are available and even get some gardening tips.

And if you’ve recently lost your pet, the Rainbow Bridge section is a great place to get support from people who’ve gone through the same thing and can share your pain.

In short, this forum is a great place every animal lover will want to visit.

Dog Training 101

The name of this community says it all, but what may surprise you is how many people are a part of this dog forum. Dog Training 101: Community Forum has about 180k followers on Facebook!

Anything you need to ask, any advice about training your pup, any tip about correcting unwanted behavior - you will be able to find answers here.

The goal is to help everyone build a great relationship with their dog, a relationship that is full of happiness and fun. That way, both you and your dog will be able to share a deep bond and serve as an example of what can be accomplished when you invest enough effort in training your dog.

Or you can just share photos and brag about how cute your pup is.

The Facebook community has also created a nice website which has an interesting blog you can check out. In short, everything you need for educating your dog is right here.

Paw Talk Forum

Paw Talk Pet Forum is another place where all pet lovers are more than welcome to share whatever questions they have. Health, breeding, adopting, behavior, and even classifieds are all here.

Paw Talk Pet Forums

Cats, dogs, exotic pets, gerbils, mice and many other species are all represented here, plus you can participate in various contests organized by the community. 

A nice touch is the gallery where you can easily browse all the pictures that the members of this forum put up. In addition to that, some forum members are helping with various legal issues, and there are some helpful product reviews you can read if you’re looking to make a purchase of some kind.

All in all, this place allows you to dive into a pretty broad scope of topics, which definitely makes it worthy of your time. It’s not just your basic cat or dog forum, and a very helpful community will always be there for you.

Maddie’s Pet Forum

Need advice from a professional? Or maybe you’re an Animal Welfare Professional and want to get in touch with colleagues? Maddie’s Pet Forum is the place to visit.

Maddie's Pet Forum

It’s interesting to note that there’s a list of notable events, plus you can create your own personalized feed and shortcuts to make navigating this website easier. There’s even a resource library with hundreds of entries that can provide a whole lot of valuable data.

Oh, and here too you can check job opportunities if you’re looking to start a career that’s dedicated to animal welfare. 

The bottom line is that this is a slightly different pet forum but still a great source of information, especially if you’re a welfare professional.

Related Topics

Apart from forums, social networks are also a great place to look for support from a community of animal lovers. We’ve already mentioned an example of a Facebook group that has grown so much that it got its own website, but there are many other examples like that.

A good place to check out is some great blog, such as Woof Diaries, which have loads of intriguing insights and provide many very handy tips.

Whichever community you join, it’s a great way to spread awareness about a particular issue such as adoption, some illness our pets can have, or even gift ideas for your pet, and it really doesn’t take much effort to reach a fair number of people. Definitely, when it comes to learning about animals and promoting their rights and health, the internet is an amazing tool to have.

Join an online community and start meeting new friends today!

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