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article by Prasad Gupta

Personalized Pet Gifts - For a Gift They’re sure to Remember

personalized pet gifts idea

We’ve all been there, struggling to think what to buy as a gift for a friend or family member for their upcoming birthday, anniversary or wedding. Well here’s an idea for a present that’s sure to be well received - A custom pet gift!

Unique Pet Portraits

Top of the list of custom pet gifts are pet portraits. Pet portraits are available in a huge range of styles, so you aren’t limited to the image you have. If the soon-to-be recipient of your gift is a fan of royalty, then why not choose a royal pet portrait!? If they like a good laugh and don’t take themselves (or their pets) too seriously, then how about a cartoon pet portrait? You’re only really limited by your imagination and whichever style of portrait you choose, an artist will send you a preview before your custom pet gift is printed, so you can be sure your gift is just right before you hand it over to your loved one.

Personalized Pet Blankets

Another highly popular personalized pet gift is a custom blanket. All you need is a good quality photo of a pet, so that’s one that’s well lit with no intruding backgrounds, and that doesn’t crop-out any ears or part of their face. Once you’ve uploaded your chosen photo, you’ll be able to see onscreen exactly how the finished pet blanket will look. You can choose from a range of different sizes too, so you can choose one that’s large enough to use as a throw for a bed or sofa. 

Whether it's a pet blanket or pet portrait that you choose to give, whoever receives it will no doubt be overjoyed to be given such a thoughtful and personalized pet gift.

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Latest Review on Woof Blankets

To have such a masterpiece by my side every day is a gift for me and my memories with Rex. Thank you WoofBlankets for such an opportunity to recreate his image on a blanket.
Lara o’ Miguel US, California