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article by uday kadali

Do Dogs Really Like Blankets?

Do Dogs Really Like Blankets?

Generally, most dogs love being wrapped up in their warm blankets and cuddling up with their loved ones. In many cases, dogs just don’t seem to do well without their snuggle blankets nearby. So, do dogs like to sleep with blankets?  

Well, just as human usage varies from one person to another, blanket usage by dogs also varies from dog to dog. Some may like it over them while sleeping while some may see it as a toy or comfort item. Anyhow, blanket usage remains common among them. 

The following section tells us some of the reasons why every dog is so fond of their blanket. Let’s begin! 

Why Does Every Dog Need a Blanket?

A blanket is a dog’s safe space, whether inside or outside. Families with a hectic work schedule can make your pet’s life quite chaotic. They might be your daily life activities but they might be a source of stress for your fluffball. 

Do Dogs Really Like Blankets?

This situation calls for a spot that can be called own by your dog. When chaos crosses its limits, dogs need something they can rely on for comfort and assurance. This is where warm dog blankets come into action. So, let’s look at some of the reasons which make dog blankets essential for a dog’s survival: 

  • Comfort On the Run
  • Traveling can be very overwhelming and stressful for some dogs. Sometimes, things become so serious that they might need the help of a vet. However, a warm dog blanket might be the thing that can make their trip a bit less stressful.  

    Keeps Your Dog Warm

    Keeps Your Dog Warm

    You might wonder why dogs get cold at night. Well, not to the same extent but yes they do feel cold at night. Curling up on a warm blanket on a cold winter night instead of a hardwood floor might prove to be a source of warmth and comfort for your fur baby. 

    This is more needed if your dog doesn’t share the room as you or they are not allowed to crash on your living room furniture. Getting a cozy warm blanket for your dog might just be the right option. 

    Helps the Dogs Calm Down In Thunderstorms 

    Helps the Dogs Calm Down In Thunderstorms

    Thunderstorms always freak out dogs, whether a puppy or a grown-up dog. The loud noise can send your dog into panic mode within a minute. Just like we said before, a blanket can be their safe spot in a chaotic environment. 

    A Natural Instinct to Nest

    A Natural Instinct to Nest

    Dogs have certain natural instincts that have been with them since time immemorial. For example, you will always find dogs circling and scratching around their sleeping place in a sense to build their comfortable nest. 

    A blanket gives your fluffball a place to rest their head in your home and they don’t need to go searching every night for their perfect spot to sleep. 

    Why Do Dogs Like Fluffy Blankets? 

    According to studies, it has been seen that dogs love fluffy blankets over anything. So let’s go through some reasons behind this choice:

    They Provide Warmth

    Fluffy blankets provide better warmth than any other blanket which is useful during cold nights. So, what are you waiting for? Get your dog a custom blanket as soon as possible! 

    They Have a Familiar Feeling

    Fluffy Blankets tend to give away the feeling of being cuddled up in a mother dog’s lap. So, being under a fluffy blanket gives them a sense of security. 

    How To Encourage Dog Blanket Behavior?

    If you catch your fur baby roaming around the house with its cute little blanket, try to encourage this behavior because the little thing is just following its instincts. Suppose, you have just adopted this tiny little pup who is too little to get separated from his mother, ask the shopkeeper to season it's blanket with the smell of his mother. This will make the puppy feel safe in his new home environment. 

    How To Encourage Dog Blanket Behavior?

    Now, if you want to inculcate blanket behavior in your grown-up dog, try to use the reward theory. Every time you find your dog playing with its blanket, offer them treats or a bowl of cereal. This way he will correlate his blanket to getting treats and eventually make it a habit.  

    How To Choose the Right Blanket For Your Dog? 

    By now, you must have been acquainted with all benefits associated with a dog blanket. Well then, now is the time to get that perfect cute blanket for your dog. So, let’s dive in! 

    Choose the Right Material 

    So, the first thing is to choose the right material for the blanket. A dog blanket should be such that it is gentle on their skin and safe for them to carry around in their mouth. So, what counts as that perfect material? It is 100% organic cotton which is free from all chemicals. Also, the fabric or the blanket might be light enough which provides comfort for the whole year. 

    Choose the Right Design

    The blanket should be designed to avoid any kind of danger that might be encountered by your pup. Always avoid those kinds of designs that have loose fringes or any kind of tassels that might get chewed by the dog. They might even ingest it which ultimately leads to choking or any other kind of complication. 

    Follow the rule “The simpler the design, the better it is for your canine.” 



    Animals also crave a safe space when they feel vulnerable, like humans. Gifting them a blanket not only shows your affectionate side but also provides them a space where they can feel relaxed whenever he is stressed or anxious or just need a bit of comfort. So, if you want your dog to feel that safe space, dog blankets work wonders! 


    Do squeaky toys provide any benefits to dogs?

    Yes, apart from being a source of joy to your dogs, the squeaky toy also has some benefits that help in the growth and development of your dog: 

    • Improves Dental Health
    • Improves Mental Stimulation

    Why do dogs destroy squeaky toys sometimes?

    As said in the above section, sometimes the squeaky toys might switch on your dog's aggressive behavior, and because of their prey drive, they might attack and destroy the squeaky toys.  

    Are there any alternatives to squeaky toys for dogs? 

    If you are not well-acquainted with squeaky toys, there are some alternatives that you can use to improve mental stimulation and promote dental health in your dogs. Let’s look at them: 

    • Puzzles and Interactive Toys: These will enhance your dog's problem-solving skills. 
    • Chew Toys: Many dogs suffer from teething discomfort and have difficulty chewing their food. For them, the chew toys work like wonder. The chew toys promote healthy chewing habits in dogs to help them overcome their discomfort. 

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