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article by Pam Watson

5 Things to Do With Your Dog during a Pandemic

Who would have thought our generation would have ever seen the likes of such a bizarre pandemic. Despite the surreal nature of any pandemic, there wouldn’t be a better partner to have for support than your dog. Loyal till the end, there is no better rock, shoulder to cry on, or a confidant than the four-legged furry beast always beside you.

During this particular pandemic, we have experienced a number of realities, including lockdown. Here we take a look at 5 things to do with your dog during a pandemic. After all, he is deserving of some fun with mom or dad after all he has done for you!

1 - Cooking with Your Doggo

Growing up had its days, however, it also had mom’s cookies and homemade food scents that filled our bedrooms, living room’s and even the outhouse. If we had to show our favorite four pawed friends that same kind of aroma, then we would be succeeding at life.

Here we suggest that you take your bestie on an aromatic experience that is hard to beat. One that cultivates not just your senses, but your doggos too! Cook up a storm for yourself, but then invite your fur child to the table by unleashing the aromas most tantalizing for your pup. Use Woof Blankets to create an unforgettable moment and create a decedent picnic for yourself and your best bud!

2 - Dog Training Guides

If you have an unruly puppy or a boisterous dog, you could use the time you have with your pet to teach them how to calm down. This is achieved through professional guides that can be ordered online or downloaded from the internet. You will come to realize that your dog loves the discipline and it allows you both one on one time together.

3 - Playing Fetch

Not all of us have the luxury of a larger yard or open area for our dogs, regardless, they still enjoy a good game of fetch, even if it is to the other side of the room. Find places in your home that allow your pet the freedom of playing fetch with you, it can be very entertaining for both of you.

4 - Hiking, Running, or Walking

If you are allowed out and enjoy the outdoors, make a weekly routine of taking your doggo for a walk, jog, or a hike. Hiking can be especially adventurous for fur children. Be sure to pack a knapsack with water and bowl as your dog will be so excited, he may not be able to contain his drool!

5 - Cuddles

Between working from home, being in meetings all day and trying to keep the household together, you can often miss sight of the more important things in life, such as love. Show your woofles that you are appreciative of all their love by setting some cuddle time aside for your prized pet.

Soak up this time with your pet and enjoy the finer things in life. Do some activities, shower some cuddles and love on your dog, or simply wrap yourself in a Woof blanket with your pet for a movie night. No matter what you choose, your puppo will be glad to just bask in your presence, appreciate that.

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