2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Cat Lovers

If you understand the saying; “You can keep a dog, but it is a cat that keeps a person”, you would immediately appreciate the value of Christmas gifts for cats. There is no better way to show your cat your appreciation of their very existence through 2022, a year that is most deserving of Christmas gifts for cats. Perhaps you aren’t owned by a furry feline yourself, maybe you know of someone that is in slavery to a cat of their own. Either way, Christmas gifts for cat lovers are the new trend taking over the remainder of 2022. Check out some fascinating Christmas ideas for cat owners and perhaps you too shall fall under the spell of these magical familiars!

Tips and Tricks to Pick the Ultimate Christmas Gifts for Cat Owners

Before going through our 2022 Christmas Gift Guide for Cat Lovers, we thought we would share some pro tips to help you choose the ideal gift for yourself, a friend, colleague, or family. Here are some ideas to help you choose the perfect gifts for cat lovers and end this year with a memorable moment.

1. Know your receiver's preference – Find out if your friend or favored gift receiver enjoys wine, coffee, loves décor, or perhaps just wants their cats on display for all the world to see. This will help you choose the right Christmas gifts for your favorite people.

2. Choose something unique – Choose something unique like a pet canvas to create excitement for months to come in 2022.

3. Couldn’t find anything you like – Buy a gift card that lasts 365 days, enough time to create a masterpiece courtesy of you!

    1. Woof Blankets - Custom Pet Blanket

    This is a unique and sentimental Christmas gift for cat owners and ideal for you or anyone that loves their kitty. This festive pet blanket combines your cat and Christmas in the most unique way possible. Take a snap of the model in question, upload it to Woof Blankets and receive your print once the unique design has received just the right amount of love and affection from the Woof Blankets team. Choose up to 3 faces to be featured on this personal gift, allowing for the most adorable picture purr-fect display for all to see. The brand uses quality fleece material just so your cat’s beauty is forever immortalized on a custom blanket. Made by professional artists with a specific adoration of our feline friends, we have to vote this as THE best Christmas gift of 2022.

    Buy a Christmas Custom Pet Blanket 

    2. Woof Blankets - Canvas

    One of our favorite Christmas gifts for cat owners is a special personalized piece of art designed according to your specification. The idea is to upload an image of the pet, choose a theme and the size of the desired canvas, and have it sent to your friend or yourself. The themes range from princes, princesses and dukes to astronauts, Captain America, and Uncle Sam, all sporting your prized kitty as the main piece of art. The canvas is available in 4 different sizes and all you need to do is upload the artwork while the rest is taken care of. It’s a pretty personal gift and one we adore!

    Buy a Custom Pet Portrait Canvas

    3. Woof Blankets - Gift Card

    Save on postage and shipping this Christmas and invest in one of the best Christmas gifts for cat owners. This gift card, unlike any other, holds more value than a card with money. This is the key to reinventing a loved cat on any one of Woof Blankets products. Woof Blankets is a brand that is dedicated to redesigning your loved fur kid on superior quality materials so that your custom made gift is a furr-ever gift! The card is immediately sent to a cat lover’s email and they can begin their custom design immediately, saving you time and money but making someone’s Christmas a spectacular affair.

    4. Cat Welcome Mat

    Your cat may give your friends the cold shoulder, but you know they want the attention! The ideal Christmas gift for cat owners or as a housewarming gift over the festive season is this “Hello There” cat-themed welcome mat. The colorful design of the mat adds warmth to the welcome and shows your appreciation of the feline colony.

    5. Measuring Mugs

    Got a baker in the family? Check out these cool Christmas gifts for cat lovers and bakers. The set of cat-themed measuring cups each have a different color to distinguish the various measurements. The measurements range from 1 cup, ½ a cup, 1/3 cup, and finally ¼ cup making the set complete with 4 measuring cups, each as cute as the next one!

    6. Laptop Cat Scratch Post

    2022 was a year for working from home and any cat owner will tell you how much their felines are envious of their laptops! This creation is the ideal Christmas gift for cats as they feel just as important as your hangout groups online. The multifunctional cat gift works as a cute themed laptop while giving your kitty the satisfaction of sharpening those claws. It’s a win-win for both you and your indefinite house guest.

    7. Laser Pointer for Cats

    Buy one or a few of these Christmas gifts for cats and make your friend's holidays complete. Not only are laser pointers a fun way to keep your kitty active, but it’s a great show for friends and family. The laser has 3 different color settings, red, blue, or green, giving your cat variety because you know you want to!

    8. Pocket Cat T-Shirt

    Designed for the fashionista but worn by the parent mommy, Christmas gifts for cat owners are ideal when they are clothes with pretty images. This pocket cat tee depicts a cute image of a cat hiding in the drawn on the pocket of the shirt. Ears, eyes, and nose are all that can be seen and you can choose from 5 colors.

    9. Laptop Sticker – Cat Dad

    If you or a friend fancy yourselves the best cat dad ever, why not show the world and invest in this Christmas gift for cat lovers who happen to be of the male persuasion?! This laptop sticker depicts the cutest cat high-fiving her daddy while stating; “Best Cat Dad EVER!” The Sentimental gift is ideal for a group of cat daddies or you can simply buy yourself one this very merry Christmas.

    10. Cats on Catnip Book

    Why haven’t we thought about this sooner?! Andrew Marttila beat us to it and decided to make a top seller book out of photographs on, yes you guessed it…cats literally on catnip. Naturally, we see this as an entertaining Christmas present for cat lovers and with 128 pages in the book, it’s bound to keep cat owners as happy as a cat on catnip. Maybe go ahead and buy yourself one too!

    11. Customized Cat Food Service Delivery

    One of the truly unique Christmas gifts for cat owners we’ve encountered this year was a personalized service that takes care of your loved ones' loved ones! This is a customized service that allows you to place orders for cat food as well as cat litter. What makes this service an appealing one is that one of the team members from Small.com is an animal behaviorist and a part of AAVN (American Association of Veterinary Nutritionists.

    12. Cat Butt Coloring In Book for Cat Lovers

    A comical coloring book for adults is a great gift this Christmas for a friend that loves arts and crafts. The “Off-Color” Coloring Book has been a popular hit and with 2022 on the way, there is no better way to pass time than to get creative with kitties, crayons, and adult juice. Order from Amazon.com

    13. Engraved ‘Personalized’ Necklace

    This kitty shaped necklace is the perfect Christmas gift for your girlfriend, mom, or sister. It is available from GIGIMEY and is the adored face shape of your kitty with its name engraved on the front for all animal lovers to see and admire.

    14. Fat Cat Coasters

    Created by RawanArt, these Fat Cat Coasters are the cutest Christmas gifts for cat owners. They are hand crocheted, showing pure brilliance in the attention to detail. The gift comes in a set of four, just in time for Christmas eggnog or those warm cups of cocoa.

    15. Cat Pod

    Nothing quite like an iPod, the Cat Pod offers warmth and comfort rather than rock ‘n roll. Ideal for cold winter nights, these Christmas gifts for cats will be most appreciated by your cuddly partners. The pod has been designed with wicker and is portable so you can take your fur child away with you this Christmas in comfort and style by Urban Outfitters.

    16. Cat Pyjama Set by DIDK

    These summer-loving cat print pajama sets for women has the cutest kitty design, which is why we feel in love with the Christmas gift idea. Available from DIDK, you can order this Christmas gift for cat lovers and show them just how much you notice their unbridled love for their lazy days and kitty cats. The design is black cute shorts with cats on them as well as a match PJ top with a peek-a-boo cat peeping over the pocket.

    17. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

    We all have that one friend who loves cats as much as wine, that is if we aren’t that ‘vino’ friend. Either way, buy this gift for you or get all your wine buddies a set of these useful stainless steel wine tumblers with a cute cat image on. The black and silver tumbler from MIP states “Need Wine Right Meow”, a cute combination of cat and wine!

    18. Cat Tea Diffuser Set

    It's kitty tea time! Enjoy a warm cup of tea over Christmas with these Christmas gifts for cat owners. Designed for a tea lover and created for a cat owner, this ceramic cup acts as a diffuser in the shape of a fish as well! The design is what makes it the perfect Christmas gift for fun-loving cat parents, a must-have for any tea-time occasion.

    19. Pet’s Favorite Candles

    Get rid of odors with this ideal candle hand-poured designed specifically to eliminate foul smells. Available in 5 different scents, the candle burns for up to 70 hours, long enough to make this a thoughtful Christmas gift for any pet lover with a new kitty litter box or a house full of cats! The design is in a glass jar with a steel lid, simply twist and light up to rid the room of harsh smells and fill it with aromatic smells.

    20. Faux Fur Orthopaedic Cat Bed

    The perfect Christmas gift for cat lovers with an older cat showing signs of discomfort. This orthopedic bed is soft and lush, made with faux fur for elegance as well as comfort. The design is so sleek that it compliments one’s home, making your cat look just as majestic as you know it to be.

    Be the best Christmas gift-giver in 2022 and make a cat lover’s day even more festive by celebrating their love of their precious cats on one of the most important days of the year. Alternatively, you could keep this 2022 Christmas gift guide for cat lovers all to yourself and spoil your cats as well as friends or family on every special occasion. No one needs to know you have this guide in your arsenal of fabulous gifts, it’s a secret weapon of fabulous gift ideas that could make any cat owner as happy as their furry familiars!


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