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Why does your dog sleep on your clothes?

Have you ever entered a room and seen your dog curled up on your favorite hoodie in the most beautiful ball? If your dog has done something once, she will most likely repeat it 100 more times. Therefore, you could wonder, "Why does my dog always sleep on my clothes?"

Keep reading to learn why your dog prefers to sleep on most of your clothes and how to get over it! 

3 Top Reasons For Your Dog Sleeping On Your Clothes 

Your dog prefers to sleep on your clothes instead of a dog bed for 3 primary reasons, which are as follows:

  • Separation anxiety
  • The smell of your scent
  • You got really comfy clothes to lay on! 

    1. Separation anxiety

    You'll understand how much your dog loves you as a dog parent. When you return from work, social engagements, or shopping, they are ecstatic and like going for walks and playing with you. 

    This implies that they love you equally when you're not around, and it manifests itself whenever they need a nap.

    If your dog sleeps on your clothes while you're away from the house during the day at work, it may be due to separation anxiety. 

    In case your dog sleeps on your clothes while you're away from the house during the day at work, it may be due to separation anxiety. 

    Finding your personal item, like clothing, is a terrific method to soothe them because they love you and want to be close to you. It can aid in reducing their tension and anxiety so they can drift off to a paw-fact sleep.

    This can also be seen in infants who cry out for their parents when they leave an area. poor puppies Another reason your dog might fall asleep on your clothes is related to their separation anxiety.

    2. Your scent

    Your dog's ability to relax when they miss you and are frightened greatly depends on your fragrance. Your dog may quickly detect your personal aroma from your clothing, which is definitely present.

    Like a young child who misses their mother and wants to be with her, a dog suffering from separation anxiety will search for your smell. Finding your clothes or a blanket, you use frequently is usually required. 

    They frequently curl up and take a nap there once they've discovered the aroma on your clothing.

    3. You got really comfy clothes to lay on! 

    The final explanation for why your dog sleeps on your clothes is that they are incredibly cozy. When they could snuggle up on a pile of recently cleaned clothes, why would your dog sleep on the same old monotonous bed (which is undoubtedly extremely comfortable)?

    If you've discovered that you're returning home to crumpled-up garments covered with dog hair, try to divert your puppy's interest with another object they can cuddle with. Consider using a pillow or a blanket. 

    Leave the item out in the open for your dog to find whenever you leave the house without them. In this manner, your dog and your clothes will continue to wear clean, fresh clothing from you.


    Tips for Encouraging Your Dogs to Return to Their Bed

    Tips for Encouraging Your Dogs to Return to Their Bed

    You may attempt to get your dog back on their bed during nap and bedtime if you'd rather they weren't dependent on something like a cushion, piece of clothing, or blanket.

    You may start by getting them a blanket they can call their very own and use to cuddle up with while you're inside and outside the house. Investing in a soft, comfy bed with elevated edges is another smart move that will allow them to properly tuck their heads in and have a good night's sleep. This will significantly contribute to them overcoming any nervousness they experience whenever you leave your house.

    Alternatively, try putting clean things away right away and making a commitment to never leave any filthy clothes out. Instead, keep their small paws away by placing anything that requires cleaning in an enclosed laundry basket!

    The Root Of The Problem

    Every time you wash the laundry, your dog always ends up resting on top of the pile of filthy clothing or, even worse, leaps up onto the sofa to lay on the clean clothes as you just bring them out of the dryer.

    There are several factors that contribute to this strange behavior. 

    1. The scent is the main cause of this behavior. One of a dog's keenest senses is the smell. No matter how unclean the garments are, he can still detect your scent on them. Or, to put it another way, the aroma your dog recognizes as the "pack scent." 

    2. Dogs, you know, have impulses that are similar to those of their wild predecessors. Their pack (or, as of late, your family) smells peculiar. This smell evokes a sense of home or family. 

    3. Your dog may occasionally roll on your bed, your clothes, or your bedding. He is doing this in an effort to reflect the "pack" or "family" fragrance back onto himself. Your pet associates the smell of you with safety. 

    4. Your dog's love of soft objects could be another factor contributing to this habit. Whether they are clean or soiled, clothes provide your dog with a plush, comfortable surface to rest on. Your aroma and softness create the ideal calming environment for your dog. 

    5. You may have also observed that your dog may sometimes steal items of clothing from your closet and hide them in odd places when you leave the house. 

     Other Solutions and Considerations

    Other Solutions and Considerations : Dog sleeping on clothes

    If your dog's actions are a result of separation anxiety, you might want to find a means to reduce that worry. By investing more time in teaching your dog, crate training your dog, or even just altering your schedule, you can reduce this anxiety issue. 

    The behavior of your dog won't necessarily alter unless you do. It will assist if your dog has his own blanket or other item bearing your fragrance. Having something with his mother's scent on it has been observed to reduce separation anxiety and fear of unfamiliar surroundings in young puppies.

    If you are looking for even simpler ways to fix this problem, here we go:

    1. Make it such that you can't easily access your laundry. If they are always found on top of the items in your laundry basket, you might want to look into purchasing a basket that has a lid. If they enjoy lounging in your laundry room, you should make sure the door is constantly locked.

    2. Put a warm and plush blanket on their bed to make it more comfortable. You may include something that is out of style on your person, such as an old T-shirt. This will encourage your friend to stay off of your clothes and spend more time curled up with their comforter or your t-shirt instead of wearing their own.

    3. It is best not to leave your garments lying around in areas frequented by your animal companion, such as on your sofa or in your bedroom. Always ensure that your clean clothes are safely stored away in the closet.

    4. Discourage the activity and shift their focus in a different direction. Issue a cue such as "leave it" if you notice them on the front of your garments when you call them over to you, and they will come to you. Throw a toy reasonably far away from the clothing so that they can occupy themselves by playing with it.


    Lastly, if you enjoy training dogs, why not teach your dog to gather your clothes and place them in a washing basket simply for fun? However, since your dog will be working, you must be ready to pay them a wage (a tasty treat) for their labor. The next time your dog lies on your clothes, simply remember that she probably just needs to be near you or is reminding you to clear up your room because she misses you.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should I do if my dog licks my clothing after sleeping on it?

    To preserve cleanliness and hygiene, it is best to wash the garments if your dog lays on them and licks them. Even while the act of licking isn't always dangerous, washing the garments will get rid of any saliva, mud, or smell that might have come from your dog.

    What if my dog snoozes on my clothing, getting them soiled in the process?

    You should wash the garments as directed on the care label if your dog soils them while sleeping on them. To restore the cleanliness of the clothing and eliminate any dirt, hair, or stains brought on by your dog's touch, use the proper detergents and stain removers.

    What if I get allergies as a result of my dog sleeping on my clothes?

    It's possible that you are sensitive to pet hair or other allergens found on your dog's fur if they sleep on your clothes and you get allergies. To reduce allergy exposure, think about keeping your dog off of your clothes and cleaning them frequently. For a correct diagnosis and recommendations, consult an allergist.

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