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article by Sumi Mukherjee

Key Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Stare at the Wall?

Key Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Stare at the Wall?

Why Does My Dog Stare at the Wall: Reasons and Solutions Explained

Why Does My Dog Stare at the Wall: Reasons and Solutions Explained

Dog owners may become baffled or confused at seeing their beloved fur babies constantly staring at the wall for no apparent reason. Sometimes canines may exhibit weird behavior, like intently staring at the blank wall, which may lead to several questions popping into your mind, like, Is there a ghost? Is my dog sick? Or is there something mysterious on the wall that my dog has found? 

Just like every action of our beloved canine is due to some reason, blankly staring at the wall also occurs due to some reasons. In this blog, we shall be taking a keen look at the reasons why my dog is staring at the wall. 

Key Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Stare at the Wall?

Key Reasons Behind Why Does My Dog Stare at the Wall?

Firstly, no ghosts are the reason dogs stare at the wall. So you can keep calm and remove the ghost hunter's number from your emergency dial. Given below are some of the major reasons why dogs stare at the wall:

Powerful Senses 

Nature has also equipped dogs with five senses, just like us. Some of their senses are even superior to humans. Dogs have very powerful smelling senses, as they have the ability to detect explosives, drugs, blood, etc. The hearing senses of dogs are also quite superior to humans. Furthermore, dogs have better eyesight in dim lights. Hence, the dog stares at the wall, as they may 

detect a mouse or insect infestation or something else that we have missed out on. 

Compulsive Behavior 

    Dogs may develop some cute and weird habits. Just as barking, chewing, tail spinning, and biting, staring at the wall may be a habit picked up by dogs. If your canine has picked up this habit, it may not be the last time that you have caught him blankly staring at the wall. Don’t panic the behavior of your dog staring at the wall may worsen over time. Although harmless, you can also contact your veterinarian for assistance. 

    Focal Point Seizures 

    When we are talking about seizures, some of the most common symptoms are shaking, loss of bladder control, and collapse, among others. However, some symptoms may not be easily noticeable. This type of seizure is called focal point seizures. When your dog stares at the wall for days, you should take the bits of a veterinarian.

    Cognitive Dysfunction

    Another reason behind your daily glare at the wall could be a cognitive problem. This situation is also called doggy dementia, and it will force your loving fur baby to do weird things without any logical basis. The exact reason behind doggy dementia has not been derived, but it becomes more common as your dog ages. There are several supplements and dietary habits that can help in mitigating this condition. It is always advisable to call your veterinarian before giving any supplement to your dogs. 

    Attention behavior 

    You are really busy in your work life and have been unable to give your children time. Your kids may be doing unusual things to grab your attention in that scenario. Like your kids, dogs also tend to do things to gain attention. Staring at a wall is something that dogs may undertake to divert your attention toward them. In this case, you don’t have to panic; just take some time from your hectic life and spend it with your canine.

     Metabolic Problems 

    Sometimes dogs stare at the wall due to their issues with their metabolism. This condition requires immediate veterinary supervision. Standing and watching the wall may indicate low sugar in the dog’s body. Moreover, these could be signs of toxins building up in the body and indicate liver or kidney diseases. Low oxygen supply to the blood can also play a role in metabolic disorders, which compels dogs to stare at the wall.   

    What to Do If Your Dog Is Staring at the Wall

    What to Do If Your Dog Is Staring at the Wall

    There are different reasons behind a dog constantly staring at the wall; every reason has its own solution. Given below are some solutions that you can use to tackle your dog’s behavior of looking at the wall:

    • If your dog is staring at the wall because he has spotted or sensed insects or pests, you owe your dog a big, healthy treat because his detective senses have gained your attention towards this infestation. You should immediately call an exterminator who will take care of the pests safely. 
    • If your dog is old and has developed this habit, it is to some cognitive dysfunction. Visit your nearby veterinarian and get some supplements and a healthy diet chart for your canine. 
    • Now, if your dog is staring at the wall as an attention-seeking tactic because you have not been giving him time in recent days, you can keep everything aside and spend some good fun time with your dog. This will make him feel less insecure, and he will stop the weird habit of looking at the wall. 
    • Finally, if the above things do not apply, your dog may suffer from some medical condition, and you should take him immediately to the nearby vet’s clinic and get him thoroughly checked. 

    How to Stop Your Dog from Staring at the Wall

    How to Stop Your Dog from Staring at the Wall

    If you are really concerned about “why my dog is staring at the wall”, it is advisable to make a visit to the nearby veterinarian and have him checked. You should not panic and get your facts right that this unwanted behavior is due to some medical condition. 



    All dog owners may get worried at the signs of their best friend or love of their life indulging in erratic or unusual behavior like wall staring. First, don't freak out at the sight, as it is normal behavior due to medical or non-medical reasons. By reading this article, you can understand why my dog stares at the wall and its effective solutions. 


    Is it normal for dogs to stare at the wall?

    Yes, staring at the wall can be a normal behavior of dogs, as they may sense something or do it due to their compulsive behavior. However, it can also be due to a medical condition. Hence, you must analyze your dog’s behavior carefully before jumping to any conclusions. 

    Is there any medical reason for my dog’s staring at the wall?   

     Yes, there could be a medical reason behind the dog staring at the wall. It could be due to dementia, metabolic diseases, or eyesight issues. If you sense any of these things, immediately consult your doctor. 

    Can anxiety and stress be a reason for my dog staring at the wall?

    Just like humans, dogs may also suffer from stress or anxiety-related issues. Sometimes they may behave unusually and indulge in wall staring for no reason due to stress. 

    Is there any way by which I can redirect my dog’s wall-staring behavior?

    You can divert your dog’s attention from wall staring in several ways. This includes taking them out for a walk in the park, playing their favorite game in your garden, and playing their favorite music. All these things will go a long way in diverting their attention from staring at the wall to other fun activities.

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