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Meet the Smartest Cat Breed

Delve into the world of smart cat...

Cats, in general, are considered highly intelligent felines. The way they respond to their surroundings and interact expresses their intelligence. Cats that can easily adapt to new surroundings and quickly respond to training are considered smart. 

Other commonalities that can be seen in witty cat breeds are their mischievous streak and playful nature. They can even get used to household routines easily. 

Delve into the world of smart cats and get ready to be mesmerized by their playful traits! 

How is the Intelligence of the Cat Measured?

Aren’t cats one of the most delightfully complex creatures? Almost all cats are highly intelligent, as they have approximately 300 million neurons in their cerebral cortex. This helps them decode emotions, solve problems, and manipulate their surroundings. 

Furthermore, the brains of the cats are divided into many specialized areas, which are interconnected, allowing cats to frame a complex perception of their environment and react accordingly. 

Traits That Define Smart Cat Breeds

Here are a couple of traits that define smart cats: 

  • High Emotional Intelligence: Smart cat breeds are known to have high-level emotional intelligence. They are known to have a lot of energy and a mischievous streak. Intelligent pet cats enjoy challenges and playing interactive games. 
  • Differentiating Voices & Recognising Names: Another sign that will show that your cat is intelligent is that they will be able to differentiate between a familiar voice and that of a stranger. Also, smart cat breeds will learn and give responses when their name has been called out. 

Cats can easily learn new information and recall it when needed. They can even apply it to the current situation. 

Top 10 Smartest Cat Breeds 

Here are the ten smartest cat breeds that will mesmerize you with their inquisitive nature and energy: 

Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cat breed is one of the smartest cats. It is their inquisitive nature and prompt responsiveness to training that makes them unique. You will also be in awe of their detective skills and the way they interact with their owners. These felines will leave no stones unturned. Further, they do great in multi-cat households owing to their social nature. 

This sleek-looking cat is extremely agile and affectionate. This breed quickly learns tricks and can easily adjust to any kind of living arrangement. 

Balinese Cat

Another cat that is popular for its curious and intelligent nature is the Balinese. When trained in a positive reinforcement manner, they can easily learn new tricks. Besides, they are known for their social and acrobatic nature. They have the reputation of having the highest intelligence among long-haired cat breeds. 

Their playful nature and uncanny ability to comfort their owner make Balinese unique. These felines are also adored for their good nature and good humor. 

Burmese Cat

Burmese cats, also known as ‘Velcro cats’, have high levels of intelligence. They absolutely like to learn new tricks. They can also form strong bonds and thrive on socialization. Burmese cats are known to have dog-like personalities. The way they interact with other pets and children shows their intelligence. 

They are extremely adaptable and trainable. Give them interactive toys and puzzle feeders and see how they love playing. These adorable felines love climbing and exploring open spaces. 

Cornish Rex Cat

Another cat known for their intelligence and curious nature is Cornish Rex. Besides being inquisitive, they are highly affectionate. These felines can easily pick up tricks and enjoy exploring their surroundings. They are highly active and thrive in households with plenty of mental and physical exercises. 

Though their appearance can be slightly intimidating, their personality is just the opposite. Cornish Rex is known to have a loving temperament. They even do well with children and other pets. 

Havana Brown Cat

Havana Brown are highly intelligent cats who are extremely alert and curious. You will be in awe of their outgoing and playful nature. They tend to be social as well. You will see them using their paws to investigate their surroundings. 

They can be easily taught different commands and tricks. As they are very active, they are often in need of stimulating activities which will keep them happy and healthy.  Hence, try to engage them with training exercises and feeder puzzles. 

Bengal Cat

Bengal cats also have a reputation for being very intelligent. Not only do they learn tricks quickly, but they are also known for their affectionate and loyal nature. These cats are athletic, so they need ample space for exercise and mental challenges. 

You will be in awe of their distinctive look. Bengal cats are highly sociable and enjoy human interaction. They also love jumping and climbing and hunting small animals. Bengal cats are extremely friendly and possess a gentle temperament. 

Siamese Cat

Siamese cats have a reputation for being the smartest cat breeds. They are extremely chatty and energetic. You can easily train them to play games and learn tricks. Siamese cats can easily learn to play fetch and can even walk on a leash. 

You will see them communicating with their owners in their unique voice. Furthermore, they possess high levels of curiosity and are popular for their problem-solving skills. It is also their unique looks and social nature that make them unique. 

Korat Cat

Another extremely intelligent cat is Korat. In Thailand, they are also known as ‘Good Luck Cats’. Their lovely disposition is of prosperity and luck. You will love how attractive and loyal they are. Korat cats have a keen sense of observation. 

They are very curious and want to know about their surroundings. These feline pals also have great memories. They also have the tendency to use a hierarchy system if they are living in a group. 

Savannah Cat

Savannah cats will definitely be on the list of smart cats owing to their intelligence. Savannah cats are like mini cheetahs. They are known for their exotic look with spotted coats and are social creatures. Savannahs are known to be extremely loyal to their owners. 

They are easy to train as well. For instance, you can make them use the litter box, jump on command, walk on a leash, etc., through positive reinforcement and utmost patience. 

Scottish Fold Cat

If you want a smart yet affectionate and calm fluffball, Scottish Fold is the ideal one for you. They are popular for their intelligence and loving nature. They can be easily trained to do basic tricks. Scottish Fold enjoys problem-solving games and interactive play.

They love playing games that involve human interactions. You will love how easy-going and gentle they are. These feline pals get along with the kids easily and thrive as indoor pets.

Cats IQ Vs. Dogs IQ: Unraveling the Intelligence Debate

The IQ debate between cats and dogs is a playful rivalry that has been going on for years.  As animals are multifaceted, it is indeed difficult to make distinct comparisons between two species. 

While cats have excellent problem-solving skills, dogs are at the top of social intelligence. In terms of self-sufficiency, cats are great. The independent nature of the cats makes them highly intelligent. You will see cats finding ways to maneuver through the rough terrain and hunt prey. 

Cats possess more capacity for complex problem-solving than dogs. Dogs somewhere depend on humans for problem-solving. Dogs are known for their cooperation and teamwork with humans. Moreover, it is easier to train the dogs. Meanwhile, cats are less eager to learn commands. However, ease of trainability cannot determine the feline’s IQ level. 

Researchers examine the cerebral cortex of the brain to analyze feline intelligence. This part is responsible for the feline’s cognitive abilities. The cerebral cortex in cats is related to vision and movement. In dogs, it regulates emotions and has an integral role in the dog’s learning process. 

It is because of their independent nature that cats are considered smart. However, you cannot undermine the trainability of dogs. They can quickly learn tricks and can perform jobs like rescue and search.

Pro Tip: Nurturing Genius in Your Feline Friend

Before you adopt a feline friend, you must know everything to ensure the proper health and happiness of your cat. 

Tip 1: Ensure your feline pal gets adequate water and nutrition. Giving them a balanced meal will help them get all the nutrients and help them grow and develop. Avoid giving too many supplements or human food to them, as it can lead to digestive issues. 

Tip 2: You must schedule routine health check-ups to ensure good health. Regular grooming and brushing are needed to maintain the proper hygiene of the cats. Getting a physical exam will help you understand what is the best care for your feline pal.

Tip 3:  Keeping them active is a must to keep them away from getting obese. Exercises also help cats relieve stress and keep them in good shape. 


Cats are uniquely smart. Their good short-term memory, complex brain structure, and quick learning abilities reflect their intelligence. You must be careful about the emotional and physical needs of the cats, as some of the felines can demand more attention and mind-stimulating activity. As an owner, you should not leave any stones unturned to create a safe space for them to thrive. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What attributes make a cat ‘smart’?
  • Some attributes that are common in smart cat breeds are their power to quickly grasp emotional cues, learn and respond to names, understand social cognition, complex problem-solving skills, etc. 

  • Is there any specific intelligence test for cats?
  • No, there is no specific test that measures the intelligence of the cats. You can get an idea of how smart your cat is by just observing them over a period. 

  • How faster do smart cats learn tricks than other breeds of cats?
  • Some cats like Siamese and Bengals are popular for their problem-solving skills and ability to quickly grasp commands, which is why they are considered smart cats. 

  • Does the upbringing of a cat influence its intelligence? 
  • Cats are naturally intelligent creatures. However, the nature in which they are growing and the way they are nurtured both affect their behavior. 

  • Which cats are popular for their social intelligence?
  • Some of the cats that are known for their social intelligence are Siamese, Bengal, Abyssinian, Cornix Rex, etc. 

  • How good are smart cats in understanding their owners?
  • Almost all cat breeds are great at identifying the face, voice, and scents of their owners. They can even differentiate between a familiar and a stranger’s voice. Cats can also identify the emotional cues of their owners. 

  • Is it important to ensure more interactive playtime for the smart cats?
  • Yes, it is important to ensure interactive playtime for smart cats as it keeps them mentally and physically stimulated and helps them exercise and release stress. It also helps in relieving boredom and curbs behavior problems. 

  • Can I boost the intelligence of my cat through interactive toys?
  • Yes, you can boost the intelligence of your cat through interactive toys. Interactive toys help keep the cat’s brain engaged. The puzzle feeders and hunting feeders are mostly designed to stimulate the mind of the cat and awaken their natural instincts. 

  • Is it possible to train a smart cat breed to perform complex tasks?
  • Yes, you can train a smart cat, rather than any cat breed, to perform complex tasks. You must start the training process with something easy and by keeping the training sessions short. You also have to be particular about rewarding them.

  • How do genetics influence the cat’s intelligence?
  • Besides, nutrition and environment, genetics is another factor that affects the intelligence of the cats. Almost 13 genes have changed as cats morphed from feral to friendly. There are genes that affect the cat’s memory, as well as stimulus-reward learning. 

  • Can the intelligence of the domestic cat be compared to that of wild cats?
  • Both domestic and wild cats possess different forms of intelligence depending on their behaviors and habitats. 

  • How good is the problem-solving ability of smart cats?
  • Cats are regarded as one of the most intelligent animals that are capable of problem-solving and complex thinking.  They can be trained to perform complex tricks if the training period is fun and rewarding. 

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