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article by Pam Watson

Smart ways to style your pets with their custom blanket

If you have not gotten a custom blanket for your dog, it is time to get one made for them. These blankets are cute, soft, and cozy. They also have the face of your dog printed boldly in the center of the blanket. If you are wondering if your pet needs a blanket, they do. They are your best companion and they deserve it. However, dogs are just like us, they get cold and need extra comfort that a blanket provides to keep them warm.

Isn’t my pet’s fur enough to keep my dog warm?

It depends on the type of dog, the environment in your home, and the care your dog gets. While it is true that your pets’ fur will keep them warm, especially in winter, a blanket is that extra addition that keeps them warm, safe, and comfortable.

Ways to style your dog with your custom blanket

Like a coat on a cold evening

If you feel cold in the evening and need a coat, your dog probably feels the same way too. While you cannot necessarily wear a coat for your dog on a stroll, a custom blanket will enable you just that. Depending on the size of the blankets, fold it in two, cover the entire spine area and tie it around the neck region to prevent it from flying off. Remember to leave the picture across the back to wow passerby.

Style their sleeping area with the blanket

For smaller and overweight dogs, a little warmth will make them sleep better. While most pet owners want to force their dog into a dog sweater. It is uncomfortable and can make your dog too hot. A custom blanket is soft, lighter, but cozier. It does not add any uncomfortable weight on the dog and helps them to sleep better. And it will make average weight dogs want to stay in their sleeping basket to enable you to do the house chore uninterrupted.

Use it as a chair covering at your favorite restaurant

If you love dining out with your dog, you can use their blanket to cover the chair so that their paws do not damage the seats or fabrics. Custom blankets are paw proof and resistant to scratches. It is a better way to show off your dog, their new blanket but also protect the furniture in the restaurant.

Out on a stroll

Custom pet blankets come in different sizes and shapes. If your blanket is small, you can make it into a triangle and tie it around their collar like a scarf when out on a stroll. A pet blanket is also a fine covering for movie nights with your pet.

A pet blanket serves plenty of purposes but a custom pet blanket will give your four-legged furry companion a sense of belonging in your family. If you have thought of getting a pet blanket, get one made just for your dog today.

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Latest Review on Woof Blankets

To have such a masterpiece by my side every day is a gift for me and my memories with Rex. Thank you WoofBlankets for such an opportunity to recreate his image on a blanket.
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