Smart ways to get your pets involved in your wedding day

If it's your wedding day and you'd love your pet to be a part of the experience, there are quite a number of roles they could play. Before picking just any role, you have to ensure they can tolerate the entire wedding atmosphere. This cuts across to hearing strange sounds, how they behave around strangers and so many others. When all these are established, you can easily decide what role would be suitable for your pet and how well they would handle it. Now that you understand the factors to consider before randomly picking a role for your pet, here are various ways to get them to be a part of your special day.

They Could Serve As A Ring Bearer

This is one amazing way to definitely get your pet involved. The best thing about this is the fact that nobody would see it coming. This might require some extra effort but it's totally doable. A few moderations and training here and there should do the trick. If you want them to learn faster, throw in a few rewards every time they get something right. Pending the size of your pet, having them wear costumes would definitely be the icing on the cake. 

They Could Simply Walk You Down The Aisle

This is a very important part of the wedding ceremony and your pet could easily make an appearance without any difficulties. Teaching them the basics is all that's required for this to work out. If that might not suffice, you can have them carry the bride's bouquet of flowers or they could even replace the flowers. When they have something to focus on, it's easier to keep them occupied and make them feel actively involved in the ceremony.

dog walking down the aisle

You Could Have Them Escort The Little Bride, Groom Or Even The Parents Of The Bride Or Groom

If you have a pet that’s always happy being around people then this would be a smart way to get them involved in the wedding. All they would have to do is walk behind the person you want them to escort. Note that they could get pretty excited when they see you and possibly go off-script. Someone has to definitely keep an eye on them to avoid any form of interruption during the wedding ceremony. 

They Could Be A Prop For Taking Pictures

If your pet would be comfortable having people around them then you should really consider this option. This way, they get to be in almost all the pictures and play a very active role in your wedding. To top this off, have them dress up for the occasion. This would have people smiling uncontrollably all through the wedding ceremony. 

wedding dog

Lastly, They Could Kickoff The Reception

If your pet gets super excited when they hear a particular song, you can capitalize on that to get them really involved. Have the band or DJ play that particular track and let them show their excitement. This can be used to usher your guests to the dance floor and get the party started. 

Pets hold a special place in our hearts and they would give anything to share special days with their owners. Either you own a horse, dog, cat, bird, a rabbit, duck or pig, these are ways to easily get them involved in your big day.

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