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article by Pam Watson

Questions to ask before buying a pet

Pets, for instance, a puppy or a cat are adorable and beautiful creatures that you often cannot resist the urge to having one or more as a companion because of how lovely and amazing they can be. As appealing as it is to have a cute puppy or cat or any other animal considered as a pet, it is necessary to think it through and not rush into getting one. Taking an animal home with you as a pet requires a lot of commitment from time, space, materials, it is then important to make sure you are ready to be responsible for the pet you are taking before making the deliberate decision to take the pet in.

To be sure you are ready for this new responsibility, ask the following questions:

Can you afford this pet?

To be able to afford a pet does not only have to do with being able to buy it (oftentimes purchasing a pet is usually relatively cheap), it also involves taking care of this pet for its whole life. It's feeding, hygienic needs, health needs, wears all need to be met. Pets need to eat well, they need to be fed properly, they should also be clean to keep parasites away from them and to remain healthy. This animal you chose as a pet needs basic medications which can be quite expensive, also frequent visits to the veterinary hospital is necessary and the cost depends on the reason for the visit. Also, this pet needs to wear like collars, basic amenities like toys, litter, brushes, sponges.

buying pet

 Do you have the luxury of time for this pet?

You should understand that animals like attention and daily interaction. Dogs, for example, need a lot of interaction because by nature they always want companionship, cats too usually need daily interaction, they want to be played with. It is, however, important to ask yourself if you have the luxury of time to give your pet enough daily interaction.

 Do you have enough space?

If you want to get a pet, it is important to consider if you have enough space for this pet especially if you want to get a dog. If you want to get a cat, cats do not need large outdoor spaces. However, they need enough indoor spaces where they can have their litter placed, there is a basic rule to have like two litters for a cat.

You would not like to be in a fix whereby you have to gift or sell this pet because you do not have enough space for it, so do you have enough space for your pet?

Is your house safe?

This is an important question to ask as it is necessary to have your home safe for your pet. This is because animals are not expected to be immobile, they are curious and they move around a lot and it is important to have your house free of dangerous objects like wires, sharp objects, plastics, etc.

Do you have the patience?

Having a pet requires a lot of patience because it is needed to properly train these animals, for example, dogs need training on toy usage, interacting well with humans and other animals, potty training. So, if you are usually stressed from work or from your personal relationship it is advised to put aside getting a pet for a while.

These questions are very important questions to be asked before deciding to get a pet, ask them, answer them and decide if you should get a pet or you should wait.

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