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article by Pam Watson

How to Prepare the Best Easter egg Hunt for Your Dog

Easter is one of the most celebrated festivities of the year and this is mostly because children cannot say no to Easter eggs! Well, we know how much your doggo means to you and as such, you would want to celebrate a do a dog Easter egg hunt. However, with human chocolates being out of the question and with us using Easter egg hunting for your dog as a metaphor, how does one set up an Easter egg hunt for their best friend? Check out our hot ideas here and celebrate chasing the bunny with your fur friend.

Hiding Treats in Easter Eggs

You can get creative when you are understanding how to do an Easter egg hunt for dogs and one of the best ideas includes hiding actual plastic Easter eggs. What you do here is go to your local plastics warehouse and check out the Easter eggs that are made of plastic. Create small holes in the eggs and stash them with your dog’s favorite treats. Remember to hide the eggs in plain sight as your dog will only be able to locate the Easter eggs by the scent and not the color of the eggs, as our favorite fur kids are colorblind.

Picnic Easter Egg Hunt

You can take your dog Easter egg hunt to the next level and create an intimate setting for just the two of you! After you have hidden your Easter treat eggs, you can set up a lovely picnic area with a blanky, allowing your pup the perfect spot to enjoy his treat. Looking for a picnic blanket, why not view the hottest range of customized pet blankets from Woof Blankets. Use this opportunity to create a custom pet blanket of your pet, designed by professional artists. You can set up a great picnic spot in your dog’s favorite park, creating a memorable Easter hunt.

*Pro Tip: If you own multiple pooches, ask a friend to tag along so that you can focus on one dog at a time, sharing the love and treats equally!

The Dog Easter Egg Hunt for the Apartment Pooch

If you reside in an area where it’s wet and you cannot access the outdoors, you will have to make do with having a dog Easter egg hunt indoors. Make it fun by hiding your pup’s favorite treats in more difficult spaces but ones that are accessible. Give your pet hints of the hiding places by indicating more at the beginning where the treats are hidden and gradually allowing your pet to fill in the blanks in an excited manner!

Picnic at Home

Just as you could picnic in the park, you can take your dog Easter egg hunt to your living room space and still enjoy the quality custom blanket design from Woof Blankets with your pup.

Come what may, sun or rain, your dog is your best friend, he is your child and she is your pup princess. We always treat those we love with Easter egg hunt spoils, but this year make a memorable happen for your pet pooch and prepare the best Easter egg hunt for your dog!

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