How to Have a Dog Birthday Party

Celebrating your pet is essential to their happiness and what better way to celebrate them than to have a dog birthday party. If you haven’t had one before, you will after reading the very best dog birthday party ideas. Here is what we know dogs love the most and how you can incorporate these ideas into a successful birthday party for your dog!

The Sending of Invites

Dogs have the unique ability to sense a person’s intentions. This is why they have favorite humans, apart from yourself of course! Us this opportunity to invite all of your dog’s favorite humans and turn your dog’s birthday into a joyous occasion for him.

The Present

What we as humans look forward to most on our birthdays are gifts, so why shouldn’t your best friend get a great gift. The trick is to get him or her something that you can also benefit from. A ball for game of fetch a Woof Blankets canvas or a fluffy teddy ought to do the trick and make your dog’s day!

The Party Set Up

Make it special and set up a table with loads of dog-friendly décor. You can go crazy here by adding all of your pet’s favorite treats and toys. You can always add streamers to make for a colorful display and you can decorate the table and chairs, whatever you do decide to do, don’t forget balloons!

The Cake

There are some incredible dog birthday party ideas to use as the theme of the cake. Special caterers create marvelous creations all filled with nutrients and healthy ingredients that taste like heavenly confections. However, should you be unable to find a dog caterer, simply give your dog a bone with a bright red ribbon. This can be used as the centre piece of the table and work as a ‘type’ of dog cake.

The Celebration

Once all has been said and done, it’s time to get the party started. Play some music to liven the mood, do a little dance to show your pet that you are indeed celebrating him and that this is their day to shine.

The Memories

Encapsulate your dog’s big day by taking photos that will become memories. Take as many pictures as possible as they may inspire the following years dog birthday party ideas and even jog your memory as to what was the highlight of your dog’s birthday!

Your dog is your best friend. He is a forever partner in crime, a cuddle buddy and your fur child. Treat him or her with all the love you can muster on their special born day and if you don’t know when exactly your doggo was born, create a birthdate that you and your best bud can celebrate annually. After all, he is your child too!

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