How to Get Your Pet Famous on Instagram

Instagram is becoming the go-to platform for pet owners as theirs can shine so bright and create a slew of followers, making them instantly famous. So how does one go about this? Find out to get your pet famous in Instagram and who knows, your pet may be the next Instagram public figure with thousands of followers.

Creating an Exclusive Instagram Account

First thing is first, create an account separate from your personal account with your tags being your pet’s names. It is wise to keep cats separate from dogs as Instagrammers all have preferences and as some millennials are cat people, the other percentage wants to see images of dogs rather than cats. Once you have created an Instagram account, created their tags, and uploaded one or two photos, you are ready to move onto the second phase of making your pet famous on Instagram.

The Instagram Bio

Write something fun and catchy here. For example, you could be writing this from your pet’s perspective and be barking madly fun with the bio. The bio is a short description of what followers can expect and who to expect it from, and naturally, if you want your pet to be famous, this should be coming from their snouts rather than yours.

The Templates

The trick here is to create a rather appealing show of your pets. You could take a page from Woof Blankets as the brand uses Woof Blankets Instagram collages to piece together a work of art featuring your pet on blankets or canvases. This will give you an idea as to how quality layouts are tailored together to create something as magnificently beautiful as your pets all on a portrait.

The Photographs

Take great pics on your phone. You don’t need to be a photographer to achieve this, you simply need a great backdrop and good lighting. You can use treats to coax your fur kid into behaving and sitting prettily, while others use meat dangling from their phones for close up’s.


It may become boring over a period of time, having to continuously snap pics of your pets and post them on a daily basis. The trouble with this is that it is necessary to do so in order to get your pet famous on Instagram. Here you have two options. When you are in the mood to take a pic, snap a few and only post some saving the rest for the days you would rather cuddle your pet than take pics. Your second option is to use an automated service that mechanically uploads photos for you. However, this is a paid for service and rarely used by beginner Instagrammers.

It doesn’t take much to get your pets famous on Instagram, it simply takes time, patience and devotion. Oh and of course, your purrty pet! They make the job fun, they get famous and you get to see just how many Instagrammers fall in love with your pride and joy.

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