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article by Pam Watson

Cool Gifts for Corgi Fans

Corgis are the best! You won’t find that much energy and cuteness in such a fluffy, lovable package anywhere else. If you own one of these amazing pups, you’ll never be in a bad mood

Obviously, you will eventually want to get some kind of unique corgi gift for your pet and this article will give you some great ideas about that, but let’s talk about corgis some more first. If you don’t know anything about the breed, you’re at the right place to find out the most important things. Let’s get going!

What’s so cute about corgis?

The most important thing about corgis is, without the slightest doubt, their cuteness. Just look at those pricked-up ears and friendly faces! Not to mention their short little legs and adorable behinds that they waggle every time they walk.

If you live in a house with stairs, just watching your corgi go up and down will make sure your home is always filled with laughter and happiness. They just have that kind of effect on people.

gift for corgi fans

Once you add a great personality into the mix, a personality that makes them loyal followers and great listeners, you get a dog that’s suitable for just about anyone.

They are friendly

Yes, a great personality means that corgis are very friendly, especially when it comes to children. They love to play with children and become very attached to them, protecting them every step of the way.

They are also fairly easy to train because they are one of the most intelligent breeds out there, plus they generally get along with all other dogs, no matter how big or small they are.

They are full of energy

Don’t let their fairly small size fool you, corgis are full of energy! If you lead an active life, they will fit in just perfectly. Long walks, jogs, or just being outdoors will definitely make your corgi happy. Don’t be surprised to see them sprinting around the park doing laps around other dogs.

Because of this energy, they are also quite eager to protect their family and fulfill what is asked of them. Therefore, they are actually quite good guard dogs and will alert you if there is any kind of trouble.

Easy to take care of

Taking care of corgis is also easy, primarily because they usually aren’t very picky eaters - they will eat whatever you put in front of them.

Furthermore, their fur is easy to maintain because it’s not that thick and their hair is not very long. When they shed, however, be prepared to see a lot of hair on the floor.

Cutest gifts for corgi fans and owners

As mentioned before, if you have a corgi (or any other dog, for that matter), you will eventually want to buy them some cute and unique gifts. We’re sure you’ll have many memorable moments with your pet and if you happen to catch some of them on a camera, that’s a great starting point for a nice corgi gift.

You can turn the pictures you have into various items that will be used on a daily basis and wow anyone who comes to visit. With gifts like that, it will immediately be clear that people are entering a corgi household. Here’s what we have in mind:

Custom pet portrait canvas

Pet canvas is a great gift for your pet because this format allows for some real creativity. Dog portraits on canvas are extremely popular and if you order a custom pet portrait canvas of your own, you will quickly see why.

You see, Woof Blankets can turn your pet into an astronaut, superhero, or a member of a royal family on a customized pet canvas of your choosing. The canvas itself is of excellent quality and you get to approve the final design before it’s sent to you, so you can be sure you will always be getting a quality product that will last you for a long time.

Professional artists are on the job here!

Custom pet blankets

Another great gift for corgi lovers are personalized dog blankets. Woof Blankets has one for every occasion, from Christmas to the 4th of July, but the most important thing is that your pet will take center stage on it.

The image is hand-drawn, which gives all personalized dog blankets an additional value, and the product is made of high-quality fleece to make sure your pet is always comfortable.

No doubt, when they get their custom pet blankets, every dog will love sleeping and snuggling on them and you will have something that is definitely going to be a conversation starter when hanging out with other dog lovers.

You don’t own a corgi? Use Woof Blankets gift cards!

Don’t have a corgi of your own, but you know someone who does? Just get them some Woof Blankets gift cards and let them choose the perfect corgi gift for themselves!

gift card woof blanket corgi

The gift cards range from 50$ to 500$ and are a great choice for every occasion, especially if it’s a corgi’s birthday or if you know that a new corgi is coming to your friend’s family. The cards are actually delivered electronically via email, which makes the whole thing much simpler.

No matter if they want personalized dog blankets or dog portraits on a pet canvas, the person you get this card for will easily be able to order everything, just remember that they are valid for a year after the purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are corgis so popular?

Not only are they incredibly cute, but they are very smart and friendly. And since they are relatively small, they are excellent family pets.

They are very loyal, but probably the main reason for their popularity is their wiggly behind and short legs that make them look adorable and a bit funny every time they walk.

Additionally, they are fairly easy to take care of and are actually the favorite breed of Queen Elizabeth II, who is rarely seen without them.

What are corgi dogs known for?

Corgis are best known for their unique physical appearance, which features short legs, pricked-up ears, and wiggly behind.

However, they are also known as great pets because of their personality which allows them to get along with just about any dog or human. They are very loyal to their families and smart, so they can be trained fairly easily. Furthermore, while they are by no means aggressive, they are always willing to protect their homes and loved ones.

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