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7 Pet Movies You Can Binge On With Your Pet

One way to keep pets indoors is to binge on movies with them, this way, you enjoy, and they enjoy as well. Here is a list of movies you and your...

Unlike your kids, your pets do not understand why you have been turned into a couch potato, these last few weeks. They would want to run outside because the sun looks good, and it doesn’t matter that the streets look a scene from Walking Dead.

Since you cannot talk to them and explain how a deadly disease has taken over the earth and while they are immune to it, you aren’t, so they have to stay inside, you have to find a way around this. Keeping them indoors will not be such an easy task, you have to keep them engaged, and especially if you do not have a yard they can play in.

One way to keep pets indoors is to binge on movies with them, this way, you enjoy, and they enjoy as well.

Here is a list of movies you and your pet can find interesting

Lady and the Tramp

If you have a dog and you are in the mood for some dramatic moment, cook up some spaghetti and watch your dog try to reenact what it saw in the movie. Just prepare for some significant cleanup later. But, hey, all you have in this critical season is time.

Hachi- A Dog's Tale

This is a movie that could make you cry, and it certainly could make your dog sad too. The good thing is, your dog would not be jumping around, it would instead sneak into a beautiful cuddle with you, and that is just perfect. We all need some comforting in these hard times, and if it comes from your dog, all the better.


Cats are natural couch potatoes when they are not trying to climb your face or snuggle up to where all your wire cords are packed. Keanu will make your cat a bit active, so you might have to do a bit more than cuddling and cord provision when you are watching this movie with your cat.

The fox and the hound

If your dog is not a loud barker, this is the movie for you. Because if you have a barker, your neighbors will call the cops on you and ruin movie night for you. There is a lot of running in this movie, so expect your dog to reenact this. Just make sure to protect your TV as often as possible.

The adventures of Milo and Otis

If you have kids and a dog, this is that movie that can have you all cuddled up in the sitting room laughing and telling in between scenes, with your dog making happy and exciting sounds.

All dogs go to heaven

This is more like a quiet movie, so expect some cuddling with your furry buddy when watching this movie.

Puss in Boots

In this movie, the story has cats walking on two feet. Your cat might want to try this or not, but prepare yourself for a good laughter time, your cat will make you laugh, and so will the movie.

What you should not do, however, is watch ratatouille with your cat, you do not want primal instincts to take over when you go to grab a coffee. The shops are closed, you can’t get a new TV this period.

But hey, you gotta make the best out of this. This movie time with your pet will help you forget the woes of this world, even if it’s for a few hours. We need that.

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