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article by Pam Watson

6 Adorable Ways to Celebrate Your Pet on Valentine’s Day

Despite the 14th of February being a hooman’s day of a public display of affection, no one deserves more love than your loyal canine. In fact, you may secretly admire another or share a home with a loved partner, but so do you and your beloved pet. You both share the same roof, look adoringly into the soulful eyes of the other and you both enjoy Netflix and chill. So why not shower your four-pawed fluff bud and celebrate them in the most affectionate ways possible this Valentine’s day for pets.

A Playful Playdate

Does your fur friend secretly admire another? Why not arrange a surprise playdate with your fur child’s favorite friend by packing an outdoor picnic lunch for the two, a cosy little blanket for the park and a toy or two to play with to create the perfect dog Valentines Day!

A Valentine Exclusive Custom Pet Blanket

The ideal way to show off your pet is to publicly display them on a piece of artwork that has been recreated by a team of talented artists. Our Valentine Exclusive Custom Pet Blanket is designed according to your specification and only the most superior materials are used to ensure your Woof is eternally printed for your viewing pleasure. This great show of affection could work as a double gift, as you could gift it to the one you love and your pet would benefit from the joy it brings to your home.

The Satisfaction of Selection

Choose the ideal Valentine’s Day dog toys for your barking buddy but let your big guy do all the talking. Allow your pet the satisfaction of choose the best toy on Valentine’s Day, because who knows your dog better than you? He does! Valentine’s Day dog toys are made oh so much more special if you know it came from the heart and what it treat would it be if your pet could personally pick it.

An Intimate Spirited Walk

This dog Valentine’s Day is all about the love so make it known just how much you do love your pet. Take them on a scenic walk through their favorite play parks. Let them run free for longer than you would usually allow. You could even surprise your pup by packing in a special Valentine’s Day dog toy, something new and shiny that can be fetched.

DIY Rope Toy

Can’t do anything outdoorsy? Why not create something so sentimental, something that has your scent all over it, and something that makes for the perfect Valentine’s Day dog toy? This fun DIY rope can be played both indoors and outdoors. Grab some rope and scissors and get creative. Create your own play rope that your doggo will cherish but create the moments to play with your dog, they cherish these more.

Cookie Love for a Dog Valentine’s Day

Tease your pet’s taste buds by creating healthy dog treats for them this Valentine’s Day. You can find a list of cookie recipes that will not only be good for your dog’s health but also tantalize their taste buds on a special day, a Valentine’s Day for pets!

You don’t have to give your pet the stars and the moon, to them you are that and the center of the universe. All you need to do is show them that this Valentine’s Day, they mean as much to you as you mean to them by delivering a perfect Valentine’s Day for pets!

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To have such a masterpiece by my side every day is a gift for me and my memories with Rex. Thank you WoofBlankets for such an opportunity to recreate his image on a blanket.
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