2022 Gift Guide for Cat Mom’s

Mother’s Day is a day where we celebrate the women that matter the most to us. But what if you are a mother to a cat, do you celebrate your cat or does your cat celebrate you? To take the confusion out of being the parent or being the one that is owned by your cat, why not celebrate the best way possible? Spoil those you love, cats or cat moms with these brilliant cat mom gift ideas.

Our 2022 Gift Guide for Cat Mom’s is filled with innovative, interactive, and thoughtful gifts, so you are able to spoil all the mothers you know! Whether it’s your aunt, a friend, a colleague, or someone that is simply obsessed with cats, you will have something that is not only special but touching. Check out these best cat mom gifts, but before you do, read up on our expert tips to choose the right cat mom gifts for those you care about!

It can be a time-consuming business, looking for the best cat mom gifts, but if you follow these simple tips and tricks, your days of tracking the right gift will be over and every present you buy will be simply purrfect on Mother’s Day or any other day of 2022 for that matter!

1 - Find out if your friend/family member/colleague is in fact a cat mom

2 - Obtain additional information on the cat for better cat mom gift ideas

3 - Find out how many cats your friend may own, this could impact your cat mom gift

4 - Buy additional good buys for cat mom’s to fill other special occasions of 2022

Now that you have some tricks up your sleeve, you will find shopping for cat mom gifts to be a fun opportunity to spoil someone you love!

1 - Custom Cat Blanket

Ideal for anyone who loves cats, Woof Blankets creates works of art each time on quality fleece blankets. What makes this so unique is that the fleece blanket shows off your pretty fluff ball. All you need is a picture of your cat, upload it and choose from customized settings to further personalize your blanket.

A team of talented artists recreates your pawesome kitten in the most magical way possible so that the ones you choose to spoil with a Woof Blankets fleece blanket can always admire their little ninja masters and their kittens can snuggle up in complete luxury.

The blankets are available in 3 different sizes and there are numerous themes to choose from, allowing you the pleasure of buying more than one and buying the perfect cat mom gifts for some very lucky cat ladies!

2 - Custom Cat Canvas 

Another fantastical creation that has been attended by a team of qualified artists to reinvent your clawed kitty, is the Woof Blankets Canvas. A delightful gift that not only touches the heart of its receiver but a work of art that can be enjoyed by all those that view it.

Upload a picture of the model cat, customize your canvas by choosing from 1 of 3 sizes and choose from many themed backgrounds to create your very own masterpiece.


3 - Printed Paw Necklace

A cute and thoughtful cat mom gift idea is this charmed paw print with a personalized name of your cuddly kitty engraved just below the pendant's paw or face. It’s a gift your cat mom can carry close to her heart, a paw-printed pendant.

4 - Cat Socks

A lovely small gift, ideal for a work colleague cat mom, these cute socks have writing at the bottom, personalizing the gift with some humor and style!

5 - Sling Bag for Cats

If you know of someone who is about to become a cat mom and may want to foster kittens, this might be the ideal gift for someone who will need both their arms free but also provide a protective hold on their little guy. This sling bag for cats helps cat moms be free while providing care for their pets.

6 - Cat Mom Mug

Ideal for the caffeine loving cat mom, this custom cat mug is created with love and carries the cat mom’s names of her animals on the face of the mug. It’s the perfect gift to remind her how much you care.

7 - Cat Night Light

Just because she is a cat mom doesn’t mean she needs to be old enough to be a mom. The perfect gift for your little niece or a great gift for any little girl, this night lamp sports the image of a Shiro cat. It’s a great gift for even the little cat moms.

8 - Succulent Plant Holder

If she loves her plants just as much as she loves her cats, this is the ideal gift for the cat mom you know. The plant holder is shaped like a cat and holds a succulent making for the perfect house décor.

9 - Cat Cheese Board

A novelty cheese board, ideal for any cat mom that enjoys her cheese and wine! This is a sentimental gift that comes in useful around the house and it’s a brilliantly designed idea.

10 - Cooking for Cats – Recipe Book

For the health-conscious kitty mommy, the ideal cook book makes a perfect cat mom gift. This book tells cat moms how to cook healthy meals for their kittens and take care of their diets.

11 - Wine Holder

Wrap your wine in the loving arms of a cuddle cat. The wine holder is designed to keep your wine and display it in a fantastic light, it’s one of the best cat mom gifts you could get for the lady who deserves her own love, all made from metal.

12 - Pearl Cat Earrings

Bling up Mother’s Day by spoiling your cat friend with the best cat mom gift in 2022. One of our favorites is these pearl earrings with golden detailed cat ears. Making them an elegant gift for any cat mom!

13 - Crazy Cat Lady Figuirine

Has she got a sense of humor? Does she love cats as much as a crazy cat lady would? This is a hilarious means to express your sense of humor. Put a smile on your cat mom’s face with a Crazy Lady Figurine, something she can keep forever.

14 - If My Pet Could Talk Book

You can spoil any cat mom with this personalized cat book that illustrates what her pet could say if he or she could talk. It’s a cute cat mom gift, one that touches the heart.

15 - Organic Grass Grower

Perfect for the cat mom that has no garden or perhaps resides in an apartment, the organic grass grower is the perfect cat mom gift idea for anyone who needs their pets to healthily digest their food and control fur balls.

16 - Jigsaw Puzzle

A dynamic gift for any cat mom that enjoys a bit of a challenge. This cat-themed jigsaw puzzle is 750 pieces big, just big enough to put the pieces together but not big enough for the cats to wreck!

17 - Pet Grooming Gloves

Remove pet stray hairs while giving your cat a massage that comes from heaven. It’s a grand cat mom gift idea, especially if you hear her moaning about fur all over her clothes. Think ahead and gift a cat mom with this innovative idea of pet grooming gloves.

18 - Ring Holder

If you know a mom that has an obsession with cats and she takes her rings off when washing her hands, the Zoola cat ring holder is just the accessory she needs by the soap dish. This pretty silver little cat acts as a ring holder and looks every inch of the modern accessory that it is!

19 - Stemless Wine Glass

A cute and quirky stemless wine glass sporting funny little sayings that include her passion, her cat, your cat mom friend, or family member would love this gift, especially if it's paired with a good bottle of wine.

So as you can see, the 2022 Gift Guide for Cat Moms around the world, is really something you want to keep handy. You never know what occasion, other than Mother’s Day, you may need it! Make someone’s day a purrfectly fabulous one and celebrate them and their fluffy masters.

20 - Woof Blankets Gift Card

If you are unsure of your cat mom gift ideas, or you can’t get a hold of images of your loved one’s four-pawed owner, you may want to consider a Woof Blanket eGift Card. This is one of the most thoughtful gift cards as it’s all about a cat mom’s love and appreciation for her fur child.

The Woof Blankets gift card allows the cat mom the opportunity to customize either a fleece blanket or a canvas, depending on her preference. The team of artists will adjust all the features according to the personal customization that your friend or loved one has chosen. It really is a gift that just keeps giving.

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