2023 Birthday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers

If you, or a friend, are lucky enough to have a dog as your home companion, you will never celebrate a birthday alone. Your four-legged fur bud will be there looking at what you might think is the cake, where in fact it’s you. Okay, unless there are beef burgers at the table, he might be looking lovingly at those then! Regardless, if you are celebrating a birthday, with this 2023 birthday gift guide for dog lovers, you can also celebrate your loyal canine.

What helps most about this 2023 gift guide for dog lover’s is that if you know of anyone that has an upcoming birthday, perhaps a friend, sibling, or even Greg from the back office at work who has pictures of his dogs everywhere, you can sneak a peek at their most loved fur kids and get them something most memorable from this list. We got you covered, 365 days of the year, and the best part is that we are celebrating the most important souls in our world. Raise your birthday champagne to the best dogs and dog lovers walking through 2023 together, celebrating birthdays and special occasions.

But first…

Tips and Tricks to Buy the Best Birthday Gifts for Dog Lovers

For you to give a gift that comes from the heart, you need to follow a few steps before choosing one of these barking brilliant gifts that will never go unappreciated!

  1. Make sure there is a doggo in the picture. As long as they love dogs, you’re good to go!
  2. Find out what type of dog they have taken in to share their love with.
  3. Save their birthdate and buy multiple birthday gifts in case you forget a birthday.
  4. Give from the heart. Birthday gifts for dog lovers matter the most

    And who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Now you are ready to check out our 2023 Birthday Gift Guide for Dog Lovers.

    1. Custom Dog Blanket

    Double barking mad value here as this gift works for both a birthday pooch and a birthday person. Woof Blankets creates the most artistic version of your pup on a quality fleece blanket. You simply upload an image of your fur friend, customize the blanket by choosing a theme, size and image layout and then leave the rest of the work to the professional artists that recreate your pup on this personalized blanket!

    It’s a favorite and one that can be held close to you and your pup forever thanks to the superior quality products and materials that are combined to produce a luxury blanket.

    2. Custom Dog Canvas

    Looking for something a little more sophisticated than a welcome mat? Check out these Woof Blankets custom Canvases. What makes them so special is the picture of the pet pal you choose to display on the canvas. Thanks to the family of talented artists, your customized preference and your pooch’s perfection, you will be able to gift friends or family a unique piece of art.

    Customize the canvas by choosing from different sizes and themes, upload your pet’s picture and await shipment to arrive just in time for the ultimate birthday gift for dog lovers.

    3. Woof Blankets Gift Card

    Woof Blankets recreates your pets in the best way imaginable, on fleece blankets and quality artistry canvas products. Why not give your loved ones the option to choose and customize their Woof Blankets masterpieces into what they can appreciate forever. Four amounts are up for grabs, simply click on the value you would like to spoil your friend or loved one with.

    The Woof Blankets gift card is ideal for dog lovers with upcoming birthdays as the end result is something that can ever be replaced, making this gift card unlike any other, one with a personal touch and true love as a meaning.

    4. Dog Mom Long Sleeve Tee

    Nothing screams “I Love Dogs’ more than a winter cuddle shirt sporting the words “Dog Mom”. Choose from eight different colors and a size chart, to create the perfect fit. But if you can’t find the size, simply get a bigger one! Every dog mom loves an oversized sweater.

    5. Personalized Return Address Stamp

    Birthday gifts for dog lovers don’t quite say ‘personal’ as this customized dog stamp sporting the owner's return address. The stamp comes in an outline of a dog, choose your preferred breed and have the desired address created for an intimate gift.

    6. Dog Notepad

    This is a personalized dog notepad that sports the name of the dog’s owner and offers a personal touch to any scribble or note with a destination.

    dog notepad

    7. Custom Pet Leash

    A handcrafted and beautifully designed pet leash holder is the ideal dog lover’s birthday gift in 2023. You can customize the design by selecting the names of your pups as well as the wood and how many hooks you would like created to fit perfectly into your home.

    8. Big Stick Shirt

    This quirky animal and dog lover shirt makes the perfect Christmas present for that funny friend that enjoys some dog humor. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, the Big Stick Shirt can be the best gift of 2023, if you know that fun-loving dog guy or gal!

    9. Clear Vinyl Dog Raincoat

    A cute clear vinyl raincoat made for rainy days, but rainy days aren’t meant to interfere with walks. Buy this for the person with a very wet winter ahead and allow them to appreciate the thoughtfulness that comes with rain protection for their pup. This cool dog birthday gift comes in several sizes.

    10. New Pup Parent Card

    It may not be birthday related, but what if your friend were to receive a puppy for his or her birthday? This new parent pup greeting card is a great match to the package of dynamite they will be receiving. Moreover, you can personalize the card by adding the names of the new parents to be.

    11. Dog Songs: Book of Poems

    Read America’s number one bestseller; Dog Songs: Poems. Written by Mary Oliver, this book is a comprised book of intricate poems regarding our love for our beloved dogs.

    12. Matching Face Masks and Bandanna Set

    In a time where face masks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, you should think about giving a birthday gift for dog lovers that enjoy accessorizing. This set comes complete with a matching mask and bandanna set for the lucky doggo.

    13. Portable Dog Water Bottle

    This funky guy works as both a water bottle and a water bowl for those out and about walks you take to the park. The two in one bottle and bowl has a folded cap that functions as the bowl so when your birthday pal goes out on a run, you can give him or her a drink on the go.

    14. Harry Barker Biscuit Tin

    This trendy tin has been created by Harry Barker exclusively for dog biscuit treats. Buy a few of these birthday gifts for dog lovers and keep them as a present for those colleagues that are as dog-obsessed as we are!

    15. Natural Dog Shampoo

    Organic and necessary shampoo for any pooch that is loved and adored by his parents. Burt’s Bees natural Shampoo is made with oat flour and honey, two natural remedies to help clean your pup.

    16. Name Branded Dog Bowl

    Have your loyal bud’s name printed on a ceramic bowl featuring his or her name. A beautiful dog lover’s gift such as this makes for stunning house décor.

    17. Dog’s on Instagram

    A delectable and hilarious book, loaded with Instagram pictures of animals from all over the globe. It’s a funny book ideal for dog and cat lovers.

    18. Fat Boy Candle Holder

    Modern and cute! Ideal for a pet lover and made for those with a passion for modern art. Grab this birthday present and admire the fine craftsmanship of this Fat Boy Candle Holder.

    19. Dog Mom Cap

    Equip your favorite girl with the best mom cap, a must-have accessory for every loyal boi mom out there. This is a great buy for mother’s day, birthdays, and any special occasion for the woman in your life and mother in your dog’s!

    20. Bluetooth Dog Tracker

    The gift that just keeps giving! This is a nifty gadget that attaches to a dog's collar and pairs with a tracker app on your phone. Now your friends and family can keep track of their pups and doggos. The best birthday gift for any dog owner.

    Now that you have the list of 2023 best birthday gifts for dog lovers, you can really make someone’s day and even their animal’s day. Turn up the sunshine on your special people’s best day of the year and buy them something that matters the most.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best gift for dog lovers?

    Dog lovers are a special breed of animal enthusiasts, and finding the perfect gift for them can be a challenge. When choosing a gift for a dog lover, it is important to keep in mind their love for their furry friend and their passion for all things dog-related.

    What do you get someone when their dog does?

    Losing a pet is never easy, and it can be difficult to know how to comfort someone who has just lost their furry friend. One option is to offer a sympathy gift that acknowledges their loss and shows that you care. Some thoughtful gifts include a personalized memorial blankets or portraits, a photo album filled with pictures of their pet. A sympathy card with a heartfelt message can also provide comfort during this difficult time. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to be there for your loved one and offer your support during their time of grief.

    What to get friends who watch your dog?

    If you have friends who watch your dog, it's important to show your appreciation for their help and care. One option is to offer a gift that acknowledges their love for animals and their willingness to help out. Some great gifts for dog-sitting friends include a personalized dog canvas, a cozy blanket for their own pet, or a dog-themed piece of artwork. You could also offer a thoughtful thank-you note or a homemade treat to show your gratitude. Whatever you choose, the key is to show your appreciation for their kindness and generosity in caring for your furry friend.

    What do you get someone who loves animals?

    If you have a friend or family member who loves animals, there are many great gift options that can show your support for their passion. Consider a donation in their name to a local animal rescue or shelter, or a subscription to a magazine or online resource focused on animal care and welfare. You could also choose a piece of portrait or blankets their favorite animal, or a practical gift such as a pet pillow or a high-quality pet bed. Another option is to offer an experience, such as a guided tour of a local animal sanctuary or a volunteer opportunity at an animal rescue. Whatever you choose, a thoughtful and heartfelt gift can show your loved one how much you value and support their love for animals.

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