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About Us

We Love What We Do and It Shows. At we are obsessed with one thing: providing high-quality custom print that captures the special bond between pets and their parents.

You see, just like you, we understand the unbreakable special bond fur companions have with their parents.

A bond that goes beyond pet-master relationship. As you know, dogs are not just friends. They are family. They are a big part of your live.

Unfortunately, life happens. Events take you away from your precious, loyal fur companion – maybe you went off to college, got redeployed or the loss of your dear pet.

You can still enjoy the memorable connection you had with your pet by having us print a cute photo of your dog on a blanket which you can bring along while away – this way, you never get to miss them.

Or perhaps, you are not separated from your cute precious pet – you spend every waking moment with them our custom durable dog-face printed throws and blankets still works – a blanket with your pup face on it sure does strengthen the unique bond you have.

No matter where you are, we want to provide you with custom dog-face printed blankets that help you capture the unique and wonderful bond with your pets.

We take great pride in knowing we are doing our bit through our custom dog-face printed blankets to spread love, bring sunshine to your home and strengthen life-long bonds with our four-legged companions.

We are right here with you all the way: from choosing your favorite pet image (we know just how hard deciding which photo to use is) to uploading it on our website, approving your art and selecting a preferred background, we are obsessed with making your experience smooth, special and memorable.

Our goal is to foster a collaborative environment with our customers where together we create amazing products.

Once your order is placed, it will take us only a couple of days to work our magic. Expect your fuzzy, custom work of art to arrive wrapped in a beautiful box. Our customer delight teams are just a phone or email away, in case you have any questions about your order.